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Blessings Gillian


About the Crystals from Quantum

For many years now some of the most unusual beautiful and powerful stones have found there way into my hands and home. They come fresh from the Mother Earth, underground for millions of years waiting for this exact time to be found. I am always amazed at the energy they hold and the job they come forth to do.

Quartz enhances energy by absorbing, storing, amplifying, balancing, focusing and transmitting. It channels universal energy. Quartz  enhances thoughts, as they to are a form of energy. Because it directs and amplifies energy, it is extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. Crystal is also beneficial for storing and retrieving information of all types, as information is a form of energy pattern as well. Quartz is a Master Healer  an excellent all purpose healer, It amplifies healing energy.

The crystals that The Quantum Awakening has for sale come from several wonderful sources in Brazil.  Basically I am a conduit for these crystalline energies. Each batch of crystals has a unique energy signature that you will not find explained anywhere else. The information I channel about each type of crystal is new and is only about the crystals that I have for sale. I keep them dormant in the dark basement until they tell me it is time to be birthed and what information and alignment they hold. sometimes I have  several 1000 kilos of crystals just waiting to awaken.

The new crystals that come from earth are here to give us a helping hand in holding those higher vibrations. They hold energies and have great memory value.  It takes 10,000 years to grow one inch of quartz crystal so you can imagine what some of these beauties have to say?

Even though these stones are from our earth proper many have unknown properties and substances in them that cannot be determined by spectrometers or other devices. I feel that these substances are from the stars and hold a little peace (piece) of our original home. 

When you buy crystals from Quantum they come lovingly packaged.  I will never sell you a crystal that I do not love myself. If I find a crystal that does not align with the energy it will find itself as a gift to one of the crystal grid holders, to be placed on the earth or given as a gift to someone that is need of it.



At this time we have over 3000+ of you that are holding the crystalline grid pattern of healing with intent for the earth and helping to balance the shifts she is putting the people through.  Each one of you has a role to play that is completely different than the others. Your unique vibration and the blending of the crystal energies create a portal of light that has your personal energy signature. Each one is aligned with a particular energy event and doorway. 

Many of you that are  caretakers of these crystalline energies are feeling moved to buy for others. Part of being keeper of the crystalline grid of light is to expand and move the energies outward as a web of light. 

You may want to give away some of your favorite crystals or buy a few extra to hold for others. I always honor you as beautiful beings of light and will all ways be generous of nature and light to you. Sometimes I include extra crystals or give a generous discount. I would like you to 'pass it forward' to others and be generous of heart sealing that into the crystalline grid as well.



I want to thank all of you who continue to buy these crystals that seem to ask a lot of you financially. It is important that you understand these are intelligent working crystals they are not play pretties to sit on a shelf they are to work for you as a person, a country, a world. That is there job.

Every crystal you have bought from me has a mission and an assignment. They need and want you to use them to upgrade your life, your health, your money your dreams that is why they were birthed at this time.

Speak to them like you would a dear friend tell them your troubles and let them cleanse the worry from you then set your intentions using them place your unpaid bills in between two of them, place a picture of a loved one your worried about under them, place a picture of the event or place you want to go near them. You do not have to be a grid master to use the stones you have bought from me.



I have little grids set up all over the house one for those that have donated to me as a thank you blessing energy, one for the store and any blocks there, one for people I am worried about health wise, I could go on and on. it is very simple ALL YOU NEED IN THE INTENTION. 

The crystals are posted in accordance with universal timing, energy decrees and my multitasking schedule.  all is divinely orchestrated, trust me on that.  crystals are sold in order I receive emails, remember one mans morning is another mans bedtime.

The reason I do not use a shopping cart on my site is because I want to feel and connect with the person who will become a part of the Crystal Activation Grid. I am not just selling crystals I am a conduit for setting up a light grid with every crystal that finds a new home via the Quantum. A web of light is woven from your heart to my heart, to the hearts of all that hold a part of the Crystalline Activation Grid.

These stones want to pay for themselves and put no financial stress on you whatsoever. They can easily fulfill their contract to manifest ten times what you paid for them, I am living this exact truth on a much higher scale that you all are


Gillian, The Crystal Whisperer


When the crystal groups are small I do not send out emails. trust your intuition and check the webpage now and then, a crystal may be calling you.