The Quantum Awakening

The energies of an early and unpresented  spring come like an unexpected surge on the lower coastline of self. A great agitation stirs the soul as the windmills of old begin to turn in the opposite direction, whipping the air into a new dialogue with the self and soul. Feelings deep and hidden rise to the surface as the body responds to unseen stimulus. All chakras are open as these whirlwind effects create their own emotional weather patterns.  

past retrograde emotions ride the surf like an expert. Underwater earthquakes shift the landscape of that which cannot be seen. Anxiety springs forth from inner thoughts, what are we feeling that we cannot see? Who lurks right outside our peripheral vision? The human body is the largest psychic receiver we have; every hair is as an antennae, every cell as a transmitter. What is the body telling us that we cannot see with our human vision?  Changes occur lined up like dominos on a park bench? Who has the strings of our life and what role will we play as the curtain is drawn? Time unrolls itself so that we can see deep into our cellular memory,  viewing a past that we do not want to repeat.

The blueprints of what will be, are hidden in shades of gray as they await the choices of what appears to be a hung jury. Who protects the innocent, who protects the not-so-innocent, is yet to be seen. The battle fields are emptied in an attempt to halt injustices but exposure only shows more. Trust in God, in heaven, in right, and what is good about earth is questioned to the Nth degree, Platitudes supersede plenitudes.

All beliefs whether right or wrong pull at the wobbling hologram of earth changing propulsion and intended destination. What is hidden within us skims the surface of our every interaction and thought.  The dream fields merge and mesh becoming like fine silk, as we all are whipped up like a frozen drink with no umbrellas.  Sleep time is like a nightly 3 ring circus, changing the circumference and diameter of what is deemed normal.  We enter places in our consciousness and memory so deep we are afraid of losing ourselves and never making our way home again. Like a dream that is alive and vivid we observe the nuances and the secret code of what the Universe is trying to tell us.






From The Quantum Awakening & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
produced by Julie Coningham