The Quantum Awakening

A great doorway of global healing opens like a Golden Gate that has held back a 10-story tsunami. We are flooded emotionally holding it all back like the hoover dam, to the point of almost drowning in our feelings for self, for others, and for Earth. Like a wall of wailing, liquid emotions flood the planet and her people filling them to the rim and overflowing into a Cascade of Great Healing. All are as wounded animals that have licked their wounds too long in the cave of self not showing others how tender their injuries are.

Angels that have been immobilized for eons of time stretch their matrix-like wings after a long stay in the outer Heavenly Realms waiting for the call to action like a star wanting to turn supernova that finally says “I give” after experiencing too many Cosmic 2 by 4's and brought to its Heavenly knees. We too scream uncle as our Cosmic arm is Twisted into a place of listening.

Like the kingdom of Sleeping Beauty we too are dazed by political fairy dust that adds icing to already deep primeval fears. The Angel's come in multitudes of shapes expressing their gratitude as they search for those they are assigned to assist. Great Walls of Emotions collapse in municipalities of time placements one didn't even realize they were in. A 360-degree healing occurs within the biology of humanity. The Angels of matrix proportion come to wrap their wings around Humanity and let them know they will be lifted from this misapprehension of time and circumstance.

Every single person on Earth has an Achilles heel, a tender spot in their soul that needs to be addressed in order for time to heal and right itself. We as a planet have Quantum Leaped into a quagmire of future possibilities that do not belong to us personally. Sliding in and out of dimensional fluidity will soon become an Olympic sport as we all learn to stand on the paddle board of shift and paddle into the future.

Sometimes Karmic leakage sticks to the floor of our soul no matter how high we try to lift our thoughts. Our hearts opens like two Wide Doors to all the sadness and despair around us feeling what mother earth feels every minute of every day. This is an initiation of unparalleled proportion. We want to Heal,  ‘If only healing did not hurt so much’! Walk forth with hope in your heart keeping a love filled eye upon the future that has been seeded by Divinity and placed by angels. Get your heart and words going in the right direction, you have to say it before you see it!






From The Quantum Awakening & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
produced by Julie Coningham