The Quantum Awakening

I look through all lives, All Eyes, I Am The Observer you sense in the quietness. I am that which seeks to know more of its self. I am the living light that encircles your very human spirit, I am the Light in all things and shine for a Monad that still seeks To Be, to know, to live and to love. For life as a molecule or an atom does an excellent job; it serves, it heals, and instructs, yet you're very cells do not know how to love, they do not have a heart, so it is you dear one that teaches them how to love one another, how to come into holy completeness within and how to come into complete healing. It is your inner Holy Light That houses the Priceless treasure of the vibration of love and your army of cellular content wants a piece of that knowledge.

It is your inner light, your inner holiness that believes in you, when all others turn their cheek. It is your inner light that holds your human heart lovingly gracing it with the power to beat and the power to love. It is just like Luke Skywalkers laser sword pointing your heart outward into a place of bestowing it upon another's life, and another's loss. The power to love is literally your superpower when you're on Earth.

From loving the very smallest particles of God's creations to the vastness of the universe and star nurseries within galaxies, you are the director, producer and very lover of your life, in your life, and for your life. When you give from your heart it is a never-ending gift, like a holy drink of blessed water to a thirsty man. Shine Your Love upon all that withers in the bright light of life. Anointed consecrated and sanctified; that is your holy position on this planetary playing field. Sanctified is defined as ‘to set apart for God's special use and purpose’. If you are on Earth, you are sanctified; your inner purpose will propel you forward to places and people that seek your consideration.







From The Quantum Awakening & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
produced by Julie Coningham