The Quantum Awakening

You hold the key to every doorway within all existences.  You hold the key to all the gifts that the Gods yearn to bring to you.  You hold the key to all the distress that you yearn to receive.  You hold the keys to the hard learning's, the easy learning’s, the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of the staircase of self.  It is you dear ones that procreate, recreate, un-create, and create for yourself on all levels of time, of thought, and of experience.  Within the realm of all possibilities is where you sit, where you weave, where you sculpt, where you pre-design, and re-design.  Within the realm of all probabilities is where you breathe, where you think, where you believe

You are the grand design that you yearn for, you are the prosperity that you seek, and you are the love in your life that you pray for. Only then will you come into the fulfillment of a promise to all levels of self, probable, dimensional, past, present, and future.

Underlining all of the design that you have sculpted for yourself are reasons.  Reasons that you create chaotic relationships.  Reasons that you limit your receiving, and your spending.  Reasons that serve you as you create the offering of being healthfully challenged.  Until you understand the reasons that you do to yourself what you do, you will continue in the cycles of destruction and disruption. 

Understand that your design is holy and hope-fully created.  You are not designed on the whim of a Creator that knows not what it is weaving. You are designed creatively and create-fully on purpose, with purpose, in purpose.  There is nothing about you that is haphazard.  You sat with the Creator of All That Is and you designed this life, this body, this hair color, this face, these organs, this illness, this desire, this love, and this sadness. 

As you stepped into the physical body, birthed through the tunnel of Love within your Mother, you stood wide-eyed at this conjunction of time and space looking at everything with delight, not censoring your experience until you were told “NO” over and over again. Believing in the magic of life until you were told that you could not fly, you could not swim as a dolphin. Until you were told you were not invisible, that you could be seen. Until you were told love hurts, life disappoints.  Then you looked at this beautiful world with tears in your eyes and you cried.  You proclaimed, “why am I here if I cannot do any of these things that I KNOW I can do?"  In sadness you then turned away from the harsh world of reality and sculpted your truths  in silence.  You sculpted your imagination; you sculpted time, you swam  in and out of daydreams, and fanciful  thoughts.  You told no one about the visions, the visitations, the fairies, the angels, the aliens, or the giants.  Some of you gave in to the world and lost hope, telling your little brother or sister, “Santa does not exist.  Christmas is a lie.  Fairies are not real.” Popping the bubble of everyone that still believed.  As you spoke these things you felt a pain in your heart that went deep into your soul, because you remembered when your bubble of believing in the same was popped. 

As an adult you allow the corporations and the conglomerations of your world to pop your bubbles.  You allow declarations of government and people that are supposedly in charge to pop your bubbles.  Deep inside your heart you still believe in the magic of life.  Do not believe in what is external for it is fleeting, and momentarily will be gone.  One day your news announces this and the next day it becomes invisible to be found no where in paper or print.  Where has it gone? Did it un-create itself in the night?

You are a being of such vast power beyond your ability to remember.  Each thought that you have represents a nuclear explosion of self.  Seventeen (17) seconds of that thought gives to you a new creation that you are designing specifically for yourself.  Do not worry if no one chooses to create a place of harmony and love and opulence. They will when their eyes are opened from the long sleep of denial.  They will when they are ready to change their world of hate into a world of love. 

Keep designing and sculpting a world that you believe in, a world that is full of love, a world that is full of medical miracles, a world where all people tell the truth even if it is not comfortable. A world that is filled with possibilities and probabilities that goes beyond your imagination.  That world begins with your thoughts and your belief.  When you believe there is a cure for cancer, there is.  When you believe there is world peace, there is.  It does not matter if you see it just believe it, no matter what.




From The Quantum Awakening & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
produced by Julie Coningham