The Quantum Awakening

Cast your net of light far and wide gathering together all that has separated in thought deed and destination. Bring forth the Heavenly bounty of Harmony peace and togetherness. Let go of the need to be fractured as sea Glass that has not smoothed its edges.

The order of light gathers like the Clans on a full moon Victory celebration. A calling can be heard in one's heart one's actions and one's future; A calling that is as loud as a banshee on a stormy Irish night.
The band of light plays a new song but are you too busy texting to listen with your heart? The Cavalry of light has taken long to arrive but perfect timing is divinely instructed.

Seeing and feeling ethereal Warriors of Light in the distance broadens our heart and forces our sword downward. Like a battle-weary Warrior we are greeted with a great love and thankfulness for holding the fortress of light on Earth until reinforcements were sent. This does not mean it's time for a vacation this means that we stand shoulder to shoulder with a power that is unseen yet felt within the human dialogue and heart.

Life has finally become a precious commodity and it is that very quintessence that you stand up for and with. Each Discourse on all sides of the farmer's fence is mumbled like a room full of people that speak with their mouths covered.  Just like the Tower of Babel all is separated and literally unheard with the ears. In this planetary channel of communication one must send their light before their words as an envoy light moving past the boundary of the five earthly senses.



From The Quantum Awakening & Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
produced by Julie Coningham