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Free to good home with pasture and other horses 

Beautiful Mustang 8 yr. old rescue mare, named Astara.

Hey ya’ll I just recently had to put down my white Arabian Horse,  His companion Astara needs to be with other horses she has never been alone. It is time for her to go to a new loving home. She is grain and hay fed. If you are interested let me know, I just want her to be happy blessings Gillian. I live in East Tennessee.  Email 




Greetings Beloved Two-Legged Rainbow Warriors,

We are The Trailblazers, the herd of all horses. We invite you to walk through the door with us in our debut children's tale,

"There is More Than Meets the Eye."
We have lived our whole lives inside a big stable, so we could not fathom anything so beautiful and wonderful as nature existed. When a horse called Raku began telling other horses about the wind, the flowing waters and the lush, edible greens she knew as a filly, we thought she was crazy. More and more horses resonated with Raku’s message, but we refused to believe what we could not see with our own eyes. This all changed one night when our Great-Great-Great Grandmother Winifred reminded us, with a grandma’s tender love, that “There is More Than Meets the Eye."
If you resonate with our message, you can learn more about us, read The Prophecy of The Rainbow Herd and/or order our book for $22.22 at
In joy and love, Winny & Fred




Imagine..... a chocolate company that blends the power of flower essences with chocolate for healing.  That chocolate company would be called ‘Heavenly Confectionery’.

My name is Donna & since 2004 I have owned a chocolate company called Heavenly Confectionery.

Several years ago, Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences.    Healing chocolate, she called it.    I initially declined.   She persisted.   It's taken a while... but Healing Chocolate (aka - Flower Essence Fudge) has been created and awaits its journey into your mouth and heart. 

Flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional & spiritual levels.   Chocolate is a delicious vehicle!    These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you.    They will work for you, guide & inspire you to bring about a positive change in your life in a very grounded (and delicious) way.   With the help of celestial angels and goddesses, I am the instrument in creating these healing confections.   And it's a privilege to bridge the loves in my life...  I'm a flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor and I'm grateful to be able to make my living as a chocolatier. These flower essence formulas are prayed over and infused with love and gentle healing.

When you order please specify your choice of one pound box or half pound box of Dark Chocolate fudge or Milk Chocolate fudge with the healing blend of your choice.   Your Exquisite box of Heavenly Healing chocolates includes ‘A message from the Angel of each essence you order’.

Essences to Choose from –blended with dark or milk chocolate 

  •  Be Balanced (a Chakra blend)
  •  Celestial Support
  •   Freedom!
  •  Integrating the Divine Feminine/Masculine Consciousness
  •  Manifesting Your Heart's Desires
  •  The Eye of the Hurricane
  • more Healing blends are being birthed as the Universe deems

Cost is $22 per pound or $12 per half pound  plus shipping  USA only

Go to  or send check or use credit card.
Email me at for more information or to place your orders.

Or, you can go to to place an order.



My name is Brigette and I am a Marriage and Family Therapist offering in person, video, and phone sessions for California residents. I know the world can feel overwhelming and stressful, especially during recent times. But you do not need to go through things alone. I work with clients to listen, support, uplift, and assist one to heal one self. I approach my work from a place of compassion, curiosity, and non judgment.
I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation and can be reached at 925-732-5512. Email
My therapist profile with more info is listed on 




This is a wonderful new company aligned with the highest quality CBD and the very best price ($29.95) on the internet for this type of quality product. The co founder of this company is my dear friend for over 30 years, Victor Knight. This man holds the highest codes of Honor and I trust him implicitly. I use Peace River CBD every day and fine it to be a very high vibration of healing.

From Victor:...As co-founder of, I myself highly endorse this healing product. i have used this God given herbal supplement for almost 3 years. Initially taking for inflammation, then immediately discovering its incredible properties to balance and calm the mind as well as bringing equilibrium to all bodily functions.

While I fell in love with all the wonderful attributes that CBD brings to the table, I was not in love with the price, nor the dishonesty in this industry. We founded this company to provide a completely transparent informative base and deliver at an affordable price.

CBD can’t help you if you can’t afford it!

Peace River sells the highest quality, organically sourced CBD that can be found in the USA,  1,000 mg for $29.95.(this is not a typo) We can do this because we have cut out all the middlemen and have no store fronts, just E-commerce based.

CBD is derived as a distillate from the hemp plant and now fully legal in all 50 states per the 2018 Farm Bill Come to Peace River CBD at


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