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March 2019

Issue #243

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***from your Hostess of Light

***Crystalline Expo. Knoxville TN Saturday, March 23, 2019 

*** Don’t subscribe to that which does not know its self

***Spring Blessings

*** Family reunion of cosmic proportion

***Ancient Healers conference

***’Lady in Blue’ crystals

***transmission session with Gillian

*** Cosmic classified


From your Hostess of Light

 Every day we are being given a chance to move into a higher awareness and perception, allowing entrance into extensions of the higher self, soul Light and 5th dimensional selves. We are being pushed past the boundaries of all that we can imagine. At that point, the edge of our imaginings, is where the true you, the true light and power begins. Do not settle for what is. What you see around you are trappings of every thought that you have entertained from your very first breath on earth. Energetically you have activated dormant extensions of your soul into a point that no longer grieves what has passed, psychically align yourself with what is yet to be seen.

Imagine yourself sitting upon a warm sandy beach looking at the waters horizon. At the point that you imagine the ocean has ended per your human sight, stretch your perception to go past the flat earth. See with the godly part of your ocular abilities. Sea with your mind.  Stretch your view of what appears to be the end and extend it out until you see the edge of the future. Most people scamper about, brooding over their next dollar, anxious over their next love, success, and their next failure.  Being lost in thought with every choice creates a quagmire, in black hole, vacuum, and  default creation.

Humanity as a whole has grown complacent in its desire to expand. You are what you think every moment of every day. You wear your thoughts and fears in your outer energy field and all of earth responds to that.  if you think that you exist beyond that ocean horizon – you do. If you think that you can hear a soft sign a hundred miles away – you can. If you think you can hear the thoughts of the birds calling to spring – you are able.  

This next leap in faith is one that would make grass green with envy. For if you properly prepare for this step of attunement, then all else will seem immaterial. Each one of you that sits within the field of these words is aware of who you are. You can act humble or you can reveal the vastness of your being in its true colors.  Think it is so or it cannot be completed into manifestation. If you think you can beat disease, you can. If you think that you are aligned with a great windfall of financial blessings you are. It is your right as a human to believe.

Imagine that you can see 10 miles away as the eagle that soars the blue skies. Act as if that you can feel Mother Earth pulsing under your feet giving you directives in the next rung of your journey. Pretend that the wind brings you information for your ears only. Stretch yourself dear ones. Dimensionally you are merging into your full humanness. The Universe bends down with the hand of God to scoop humanity close to its breast. The light that you seek, the truth that you seek comes to find you.

Don’t subscribe to that which does not know itself

So many are still hanging on for dear life to what was and what should have been what could have been. Let’s face it dear ones, the tide lines have shifted and you can no longer sunbathe upon the shores of old self. You are the wizards and handmaidens of the light.  You alone hold the magic of ever changing possibility. The outcome of all action is innumerable and cannot be counted upon.

 In these times of change many have lost sight of the shore and thrash about drowning in a tidal pool. When the winds of change blow, you can ride them soaring to new heights in delight, or allow them to keep your tired and exhausted always fighting the force. You now come to a place of struggle or release. The struggle tightens the grip, the release relaxes what binds us, and we are freed from the snare that entraps us.  We have been flying against strong winds for far too long; we have forgotten that we can change direction in flight, and let the aft winds support us. That which has been against us now supports us.

Don’t subscribe to that which does not know itself. Subscribe to that which houses all knowledge without the limits of time.  The presence of magic is alive and lives in the light. It is seeing God with a child-like wonder in all things and all outcomes. Believe in that which is not seen but can be felt in the heart. Recapture what was once a given.  The universe leaves secret instructions at every turn of your day. Become investigative in nature; seek to see what lies in plain sight. Communicate with a deeper face of nature. She calls to you blindly to share her experience, as she changes costumes and acts.

A natural rhythm needs to be established as you walk the sacred path of life, not as a stranger, but a partner. See the magical qualities of life and step back from that which overwhelms you. Nature is a great healer, look at life from a different angle, and make your choices accordingly. When you see beneath the surface, you see with the eyes of God. See with a great hope and a deep knowing. Become a seer of what is invisible to the human eye but not the human heart.

Spring Blessings

Finally the blessings of spring make themselves known. First in tiny increments, then a few more particles, then soft breezes that seek a heart to fill. Favorable energies finally ‘come a knock’n’ at our doors. This year those who have never put an ounce of effort in our direction, will bring a bounty of unexpected provision in serendipitous ways.  In 2018 you were asked to climb and climb and climb again; above fear, above emotions, enduring deep water and debris.  You watched your world change its landscape right in front of your eyes, happening in moments not decades.  You felt helpless to change the outcome of what appeared to be fated.  You were stretched and pulled about like a shrunk sweater. You have changed forever never to return to who you once were.  You sit perched on a new olive branch of heart awaiting a signal from Noah/Noaa, it’s safe to go home. A mighty surge of blessedness washes upon earth souls escorting all to road of recovery and reconnection. As with all beginnings they must be experienced within the inner corridors of the heart.

The Blessings of this year travel to every shore on earth, in waves of Love.  The more thoughts you have of blessing self and others, the easier the Light connection will be made.  Thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude beckon this wave of blessedness; thoughts of negativity repel it.  The fruits of all past labors of life and love can be now tasted.  What was once thought to be lost is found! Energy spent in helping others was placed into a universal account that has accrued mighty proportions. Nothing was ever lost or wasted.  All actions of inherent goodness have been recorded and accounted for by the Cosmic abacus. All time spent in kind thoughts for others has been exponentially lengthened and multiplied beyond earth’s ability to count. A great amount of heavenly rewards finds itself headed for earth and those who have never stopped trying.

Family reunion of cosmic proportion

We enter a phase of light that demands our attention and our heartfelt letting go of what still entangles us like chicken wire gone awry. We feel like Briar Rabbit allowing the thorny entanglements to keep us separate from a place of peace, a place of receiving, and our accrued blessings while on Earth and in earth form. As the energy begins to encircle us like a family reunion of cosmic proportion and multidimensional cousins, we are asked to ingest many past enzymes of what we still feel was an injustice. Letting go of the haunting Past, in our Dna, our words, our family, and our bloodline, through time and space.

As Earth rewrites herself into a simpler code of acceptance all the snares and entrapments of past thinking’s now come to a place where they cannot cross the line in the proverbial sands of time. The holy Waters of all that is love, now ask you to purify with a deep sigh of relief. Every living person on Earth holds the truth that lives deep in the fabric of their soul. A truth that is so interwoven  that they could not separate  themselves from it. A truth that is sharp like a sword but gentle and loving like a mother’s touch.  As we all expand the horizons of what we perceive to be truth; past truths are set free to become one with the all that seeks to become more.

Truth is a living entity that shapeshifts information, aligning with the evolution and elevation of the various  human needs. Truth is different for each species.   Within the human DNA 144 strands of Galactic truth wind themselves around the very core of our being. As we evolve into a place of seeing truth from a higher perspective and different angle the puzzle piece of life move into new positions. Truths scampers by us as a fleeting specter. Truth speaks to us from the molecules within the water that we drink, the food that we eat and the air that we breathe. Truth has become a cruel mistress as she shifts and turns like a sharp Mountain Road taking us to the edge of what we know our self to be and what we will become in the future.

How do we as humans with ancient codes of Honor deal with the fact that truth molts around us, as all lets go of the ‘white feather of Justice’, stripping us naked, within that truth. Truth has been our friend for many years on Earth as she evolves and sheds her skin of the old paradigm we wonder how we will fit into our ever-changing world.

When we were children our parents often lied to us to keep us from danger and to keep us in a place of believing in Magic. As we grow in future and stature we come to a place that shows us that many of our feathers of Truth were plucked from a different bird, some mythical creature obviously. As we come to the vibration of 20/20 we will be given hindsight, future sight, insight and access to that which is out of sight. Many of the truths slip away without even being noticed. Some of the truths dance in front of us seductively lifting veils teasing us, other truths wave goodbye without remorse.

Whether this world is real or an illusion or a Collective dream-field does not matter we must play with, in, and upon her giving our best, Giving our all, Giving our highest heart intention. Whether this is our one and only time on this Earthly paradise or we spread our self-thin throughout the Galaxy does not matter. For we as a species are asked within our divine blueprint to give 100%, to believe 100%, to be 100% light and invested in our future. At that place within a great Deluge of truths, an emotional tsunami is created and we are asked to release what we once so believed that now weighs us down.  Like a child that releases the belief and the magic of Santa, we are asked to set free what was cemented in time as our truths. Throughout all time we have given a hundred percent of our heart, mind, body and soul to that which we believed.  The feather of Truth has many layers and lacey aspects that overlap one another; there are family truths, lovers truths,  historical truths,  neighborhood truths, and Country truths, planetary truths and so on.

As the 5th dimensional galactic human is birthed in 2020 a biological evolution will occur that allows all that was perceived to be human and lesser to fill a place and seat of Honor. Finally Humanity will reach a place of realizing and remembering the purpose of existence. Why this changes you wonder? This code of realization was written into the diagrams and the blueprint of humankind as a Fail-Safe code. Gravity, electromagnetics and other forms of energies tied to the old policy, shift, they do not follow the rules of earthly engagement or physics. Systematic laws are fragmented and repositioned as space, time and earth amend each other in a very noticeable fashion. Energy is transferred back and forth thru time and between stellar points of power. Humanity releases the need for spatial order as it dances to a new echo of time.  Electro and bio-chemical imprints have been transferred into sacred housings.

A great gift awaits those that have been strong enough to stay on the path of light during its involution and evolution.  The gifts of what is holy will come to a place of saturation and ripeness. Light consciousness from an freestanding source will be transmitted allowing a higher intelligence to be imbued upon those that seek to know.  Old ways of thinking will be dissolved and many out dated limitations with them.  New believes will generate at an excelled speed giving life to all thought and words. An arc of light will be used to join other star intelligences that are aligned with the new Christ codes.  Divine seeds that have been afraid to sprout now take root in this higher ambiance of light that houses a deep universal love.  By living in a place of light wearing a garment of love humanity will be able to move past the space time fence to a place of new energy codes which will bring a fulfillment that cannot be attained any other way. 

“Lady in Blue Crystals”

 These beautiful blue hued crystals had a very large presence at the Tucson Gem-crystal show this year. I saw them out in the short-lived sun and I stopped breathing for a minute, like I was remembering, them absorbing them. They seemed very familiar and even though I did not know there story I knew the presence of the Holy Mother when I saw it. As they began to reveal themselves I was awe stricken with their very real story. They called themselves ‘Lady in Blue’ crystals.

The mysterious “Lady in Blue” is part of Texas religious history.  Around 1620 the Jumanos People of Texas said a woman dressed in beautiful sky blue had appeared out of nowhere speaking to them in their language. She had taught them about the Christian faith and told them to ask for baptism from the Franciscan missionaries that were to come in the future. Maria de Ágreda, also known as The Lady in blue, was a devout, Spanish Nun, who first appeared as an apparition to the Jumanos in West Texas. She never physically left her convent in Spain, but was able to travel mystically to different locations in America, to spread the word. This humble nun, who had visions, could describe the new world very accurately where the Jumano Indians lived.

Maria apparently had the gift of “bilocation,” with God using her as the Blue Lady to bring His message of goodwill filled with love, compassion and hope for the Jumano Indians. Reports through the centuries have indicated that the Lady in Blue was seen in what would later become West Texas, near San Angelo. From 1620 to approximately 1631, records show that the Lady in Blue made more than 500 apparitions to the native peoples, who were fascinated with her appearance and her great love and compassion. She brought love thru time and space to these humble people. 

Fray Benavides wrote about her story of bilocation to the Indian tribes of the Southwest:The first time she went was in the year 1620. She has continued ever since .She gave me all their words and signs she had learned from them. She knows Captain Tuerto (the one-eye captain) very well, having given me his personal characteristics and that of all the others.

The unusual way in which the gospel message arrived in West Texas fascinated and puzzled the missionaries who came to the new world after Sister Maria had made her mystical visit. The Franciscan monks were often approached by native peoples who asked for baptism claiming that a woman in blue had come to them and preached in their own language. This lady was known to the Jumanos as The Lay in Blue.

Maria’s story involved myth and mysticism. It is a story of God using extraordinary means to show love to His people. Entering the monastery in 1620, the Sister began having mystical experiences almost immediately. She was often seen in deep trances or levitating. Having nothing to hide, she told her fellow nuns and friars how she was “transported by the aid of the angels” almost daily to settlements of strange people in a strange land – the native Indians of New Spain. Among these, she identified one group called “Jumanos.” In her altered state, she appeared and ministered to these people, teaching them in their own language, and urged them to get baptized.  The word of her mystical abilities quickly spread. Sharing her stories, Father Sebastian Marcilla documented many of her experiences and travels, The dedicated Franciscans were the first to spread the gospel to the Pueblo Indians in the 1600s. Nuns were not allowed in New Mexico until the 1800s.

Blue Chalcedony is a reserved crystal, delicate and mystical, ethereal yet rock-hard. It has an alluring, soft blue translucence with a perceivable movement within the stone.  This beautiful blue stone invokes a stillness and silent reverence. It is a very comforting blue stone and speaks of spirit and faith. Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure, perfect for magnifying its powerful blue crystal energy.  Look at it to soothe and restore calm to conscious mind.  This beauty sooths all layers of self thru time.  Chalcedony is a powerful stone that asks one to must measure their words. It has a  gentle radiance as it absorbs negative energy and disperses it immediately so it does not move to someone else.  As a stone of peace and peace-making, Blue Chalcedony encourages stillness and calm in the home for those at odds with one another. It can be used for telepathy and transmission and is a powerful healer and cleanser. Blue Chalcedony is considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians.

‘Transmission Sessions’

with Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The word transmission means “across, beyond, through” and that is exactly how these sessions can be defined. They are not just your vanilla box reading or session of truth, they are an experience for the soul filling you with pure light and healing  Each session is uniquely tailored for your light and life.  Each healing sound and each channeled word, is for your light, your body, your heart and soul.

Your ‘Transmission session’ will be a ‘remote session’ aligned with your soul light and soul purpose. It will be recorded and a link will be sent to you via email. just click on link and you can download your session to computer, cd, usb….THIS IS NOT A PHONE READING.

Sessions are approx. 1.5 hour + long/ recorded/ Total session cost $144 

*** clear the energy field thru healing sound. Peruvian Healing vessels and crystal bowls

***karma releasing/clearing technique 

*** DNA healing / clearing bloodline

*** insights and truths from Gillian 

*** Channeled message from Gillian and your Teachers of Light

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