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AUGUST  2022

Issue #281


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From Your Hostess of Light
*** Coming full multi-dimensional circle
*** ‘Nine Lords of Time’
*** 8:8 Solar Lions-Gate 2022 Virtual Gathering of Light
*** The Lords of Karma Clearing set
*** Crystal Concierge Service

From Your Hostess of Light
Coming full multi-dimensional circle is like riding your personal carousel (merry-go-round) with all your other time self’s present and accounted for. This is the place of Gathering all aspects of your light and life, a place where wisdom dwells, a place where hope resides, a place that knowledge sleeps. Within the circular conch of creation live all placements of you. Like Humpty Dumpty and the Straw-Man on their first date, lots of pieces are missing from that relationship. These missing pieces fly through time and space holding tightly to each other like a Hay-devil on a windy farm day.

Imagine the universe giving you a surprise party on your next cosmic birthday inviting to the party every part and role that you ever played through time space and circumstance. This is a ‘A come as you Were’ party so to speak. Coming together to blow out a million timeless candles, after making a wish on them; Coming together to break bread and sup upon the past in all of its many flavors. This is what the summer of 2022 will bring you.

Imagine yourself under the stars of the past, drinking Templar wine and partaking of Rennes-le-Château cheese, rounded out with a baguette made with holy water from a Paris church arcade. Imagine the love and power and strength you felt from that lifetime entering your-Self of the now Imbuing it with the same qualities within your current spirit and heart.

Allow all aspects of you to meet and mingle at this cosmic cocktail party, showing their shiny side and all that en-tales. It’s time to look like you are on the inside… all sparkling light and magic. Ask that the many lights of you shine thru all circumstances and reality like an ancient lighthouse that never gives up.

Allow this deep karmic healing to occur within all ranks of self and soul. Actively ‘Become your Best Light’ then go out and find clothes that make you feel and look like you are wearing magic. You are an Ambassador of Light an Emissary of Love it is time to re-enact that promise and walk in that beautiful space of light. Allow your beautiful multi-dimensional light to shine thru everything that lives in your heart.


Whoa Nellie!! This is a hold on for dear life kind of month. It’s like walking into the greener pastures of life and mounting the first horse you see, right see riding it without constraints into the eye of the hurricane. Even Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane with both quiver at that thought. Like the friendly Neighborhood Watch what was, what could have been, and what could be comes knocking at your very human door. Like an old wagon train movie we are asked to encircle our unhealed karma as we enfold within ourselves.

What was surrounds us fast, coming out of the wild blue yonder, sending arrows into our heart and memory piercing what was so concealed within. Allowing what has cemented in our soul to drain of its darkness and to heal through the light of a new day and a new choice. We are in a intersection of swirling time healing karma. What comes knocking on our back door is our own image. time and all of her faces fold as we all are invited to galactic high tea.

You sit in convergence with all your little selves each one representing a part of you that needs to be healed. Without fear it is time to attend your personal karmic Broadway show, seeing all aspects, playing all parts, looking straight into the eye of what still hurts through time. Trying to Clear what comes to mind and heart through every karmic direction you feel vulnerable as the human senses are overwhelmed. Prayers are sent via messenger to the holy realms but the cavalry does not seem to be coming. Alas, it is time for you to stand up to what is in your face, to confront all that is asking for your love forgiveness and healing thoughts.


As we all step fully into this summer vortex the darkside greets us at the gates of change. We enter these powerful days of light that shine a great cosmic luminosity sending solar joules into our body mind and spirit. As the light increases on this planet of duality and polarity the darkness also joins the party without an invite, doing its best to interfere casting a shadow in the Long afternoon light. It comes right up and knocks on our door trying to push into our lives, like a big grizzly trying to wake up every hair of fear and darkness on your human head.

The thought of Jesus in the desert battling with his own darkness comes to mind, but I would say after a few rounds with the darkness in that heat and turning several cheeks, he too was ready to kick ass and take names, as well, remember he was a redhead. The darkness that tries to penetrate our light is like a snake in the grass that enters without anyone knowing, waiting for the perfect moment of weakness to strike knocking one off balance like a small boat in the wake of an ocean liner. It challenges everything we are and everything we believe. The darkness brings out your very worst side showing its underbelly and what lies beneath, as your cosmic hackles take a stance. Even the holiest of God’s angels will not put up with a frontal attack on what is light hence the flaming swords. This summer as your Light and life increase with goodness and heart, do not answer the door to the boogey man that comes knocking, (via email, text or unfriending) asking you to be afraid of life, love, earth and everything you hold dear. We have gone thru to much to bow down to any fallen light form, Stand up tall to all that is dark and cast your own beautiful light upon anything that wishes you harm or distress.

‘Nine Lords of Time’

We herald from the Stars beyond the stars, we live beyond the place of the great attractor in your universe. We hold keys to Time Gates that are given issuance to open in every cell of the living universe. The Time Gates were created to occupy a space which holds all that it serves. As the Time Gates are opened and time flows equally in all directions, what once served you will be released into a time-flow that moves away from you. Everything that you have held on to emotionally, physically and mentally is now given a ruling of release.

The opening of these Time Gates herald a deep and great healing. The walls in your heart, in your life, in your thinking – have served you well. They have kept you looking at the same memories over and over again, never refreshing what you once dreamt to be in the past, always bringing the heavy burdensome darken past into the very raw now, on the way to the immediate future. Time was birthed to keep you dimensionally safe, until you were ready to expand your creative perimeters. As the constructs of a holographic self-imposed invisible wall is released you are free to fly home into your original source.

It is time to heal. It is time to release the pain in your heart. It is time to let go. It is time to forgive. It is time to love, deeper, fuller, more beautifully than you ever have thought possible. The Time Gates have held your thinking in a formatted structure that has served humanity up until now. As long as you had the security of the four walls and the ceiling to rely upon, you were not afraid.
We the ‘9 Lords of Time’ give you these truths as a time key that unlocks the doors to the future. Often you only see linear time and there appears to be no escaping anything. By moving your awareness into a flexible future, you will find that the time will take you out any situation you so desire, into a credible future. This is done by lifting up your thoughts and moving you out of the painted corner of your thinking.

Time doors and time knowledge is inching its way towards all of the ancient and modern artifacts of Power. When a time door is opened, it affects the molecular spin of the entire planet. Even though you are moving as fast as you can in your mind, your actions you will appear to be cartoon like moving in slow motion. Everyone perceives time differently. The molecular spin of life has slowed to look at itself, Revealing where there are rips and tears in the time sequences. Planet Earth is being issued a declaration that it must move its awareness out of the past and move forward into a future that has been seeded for them. time, as you know it, is under construction. And a rerouting is in progress.

As the sands of time slide through the portals of all that is sacred, seen, and unseen, humanity’s hope is unveiled in a full spectrum of possibility. As Time begins her journey back towards herself, her place of preference, she asks you to not give up on what lives in your heart. The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot die, that cannot be sown into another’s pocket. The Universe has placed in you a time mark that asks to be viewed under the microscopic eye of your true heart. The unknowable becomes seen in the Halls Of Time. That which has been emptied, now becomes full. Freeing itself from definition. There is nothing to let go of, you are simply free to explore all that you are. A realm shift awakens from a long slumber to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet, embrace and finally become one again.

8:8 Solar Lions-Gate 2022
Virtual Gathering of Light

With Gillian MacBeth

Sunday August 7, 2022
Starts 1:11 pm eastern standard time to 3:33 pm eastern standard time

This is a 2-part virtual workshop
with a small timeout in-between each 40 minute segment
Cost is virtually $33.00


This powerful numerical configuration activates the ‘infinity portal’ escorting us past all previous limitations into a place of amply. The infinity portal is a gateway into all that is possible. This is pure spiritual atomic energy in action, an ancient unending power source as received via our sun. 8:8 is about embracing your divine legacy in its multitude of forms, using them for the betterment of the planet and mankind. This is a Galactic Activation of stellar proportion. Time has quickened her step and everything Shifts again and again as does our very fragile connection to the universe. August 8 (8-8) is where ALL possibility meets undiluted power. It is a celebration of light that escorts us home thru the 8:8 Solar Lions Gate.

This virtual workshop which will be held in two 40 minute parts on the same day, (August 7, 2022) with Gillian will be Power Packed with some much needed light activation, deep healing meditations, energy work, and other teachings from Spirit. As the vibrations of the 8:8 Lions Gate comes forth via the month of August, the human body bucks at the thought of housing more light, downloading any more encodings, or receiving any more cosmic truths. The energies of the 8:8 Stargate come to smooth out the earthly static cling and release a volcanic like tension that has been building up. The tiredness we all have experienced lately comes to slow down the aging process as the ancient energy stirs in the deep emotional layers of our heart.

Just like celestial acupuncture on this 8:8 doorway we receive injections of knowing that cannot be explained away. We seek the passion to do, to be, to believe, and to create without a shadow of doubt. All buried landmasses within our consciousness come to a place of buoyancy, circumnavigating our linear flat-world thinking. Do we finally stand up for what we believe or what believes in us? As the invisible light from Sirius is felt, our humanness surges with hidden memories. The invisible light from the sun behind the sun spreads itself over our lives like softened Irish butter.
Emanations from the light behind the Light rearrange our brain waves, readjusting the thinking patterns that have kept us hostage in an elliptical orbit. The Solar Lions Gate via the sacred places on earth rises from her enigmatic stance and sets free what has held back.

This will be one power packed virtual gathering of solar light and heart. And I am really excited about connecting with each of you. In this 2-part workshop will cover lots of eye-opening topics that will be sure to lift us up to the next level of truth and light. We will be working with all levels of light transference and teachings, using the vibrations of the timelines for creation and manifestation. We will awaken the solar light body with an infusion of light as we will also actively send light into the healing now and circumstances on earth that need backing. We will ride the time waves as we meet our future and past selves in order to heal. To reserve your space contact Gillian

The Lords of Karma Clearing set

The universe has been bugging the heck out of me to get these KARMA CLEARING SETS ready to go, but I have been busy doing my karmic wash as they pointed out all the stains, in case I did not notice. The Lords of Karma are my ‘go to’ cosmic associates for clearing what ails me in person, place, and thing or time event. I love these energies and have been working with them for over 30 years. They may not have the same affection for me but I hold them in my heart as my galactic partners and allies.

The Lords of Karma share their wisdom and guidance of The Cosmic Laws of Cause and Effect and how those laws interplay with humanity’s evolution. They are Celestial beings who are the recorders of karmic actions. The “Lords of Karma.” are a body of eight ascended masters who are assigned the responsibility to dispense karmic justice and to adjudicate karma in all of its forms with a large helping of mercy spread with non-judgment. All souls must pass before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth, prior to any embodiment. It is important that you treat the Lords of Karma with great respect, never argue with them and always say thank you I assure you ‘they do not have a sense of humor.’

Your mercaba orgone Pendulum is made with Lapis Lazuli which is a stone of great protection. The stone works as a shield from psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. It brings harmony and self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth. Lapis Lazuli assists one to speak their truth and inspires confidence. It is believed to relieve insomnia and anxieties. This stone stimulates the desire for knowledge, real truth and understanding. A stone of truth this stone encourages honesty in the spoken and written word. It reveals inner truth in all of its glory without holding back or compromising

Your mercaba pendulum is created with Orgone which is the life-force and vitality that fills our bodies. The air around us is charged with electrically filled particles called Ions. Ions are positive or negative. Too many positive Ions will cause an imbalance in our bodies which drastically increases the aging process. Free radicals damage cells. With Healing negative ions from Orgone we can transform body mind and spirit back to its original divine state. Orgone does not require belief or conscious attention in order to work. This has nothing whatsoever to do with belief. All spiritual pursuits can be stimulated and amplified using this energy. Each one of these powerful orgone lapis pendulum merkabas was created in a copal resin. Copal or “Colombian Amber” is less than 1,000 years old and has not yet fossilized. Copal will eventually become Amber as it ages.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit/Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light (wheels within wheels), which is a vehicle to transport Spirit/Body from one dimension to another. The Merkaba enables us to experience expanded awareness, connects us with higher consciousness and activates our Divine memory. The Merkaba is based on the Sacred Geometry of love. It activates opens and clears the Heart Chakra. When our Heart is clear, we are one with the Universe. Mercabas are also used to travel to other dimensions. The mercaba is an ancient symbol of balance and peace it enhances and protects the aura and increases the Light Quotient. A fully activated Merkaba looks just like a deep space galaxy. The Mercaba is a force field of Light that surrounds the physical body and outer bodies. it enables us to experience expanded awareness, and restores access and memory of the Universe. The Merkaba breathes, as it pulsates, it draws energy into your center and radiates that energy back out. Merkaba contains sacred geometries and structures of light. The Merkaba is a ‘shape code’ that allows one to move between dimensions and commune with other civilizations of Light. Go to to see pix and prices

DNA Karmic clearing statement (state karmic block you want to clear)

Spirit please locate the origin of each of these Karmic blocks and negative programs. Take each and every level, layer, and cell of my being to this origin. Analyze and resolve it with Gods truth and divine healing. Come forward in time healing every event based upon the foundation of the first, until I’m in the present filled with the most high light and truth, forgiveness for myself /forgiveness of every person place circumstance and event which contributed to this negative program. With total forgiveness and unconditional love I delete the old from my body mind spirit, and DNA memory, to be cleared and healed thru all time and space, life and light.

Crystal Concierge Service
Coming Soon New Virtual Crystal Consultation

Hey Ya’ll I have been a crystal clearinghouse for the last 30+ years. Every crystal I have ever received or sold or given away has always given me a gift and a profound truth that stays with me to this day. Throughout the years with the Guidance of Spirit I have gifted many of you with extra crystals, stones, etc., each gift meaning something to you and you alone. The universe always picked out the exact healing stones/crystal you personally needed for healing it was amazing to watch.

Each crystal and healing stone on Earth has been imbued with a great treasure that seeks a host to reveal its inner truth beauty and bounty. With my ‘Crystal Concierge service’ I will intuitively, with the help of the Universe of course, pick the perfect crystals/stones for you that will assist you in healing on whatever level your soul is asking at the moment. I will give you written insight into the reason for picking said crystals and information about their healing abilities. I will include clearing processes and clearing statements as needed. This is a unique service and I think it will open doorways of healing and love for all of us on every level.

‘Crystal Concierge Service’
***COPPER SERVICE cost $33 for 3 handpicked crystals/stones includes shipping USA
***SILVER SERVICE cost $44 for 4 handpicked crystals/stones includes shipping USA
***GOLD SERVICE cost $55 for 5 handpicked crystals/stones includes shipping USA
***PLATINUM SERVICE cost $77 for 7 handpicked crystals/stones includes shipping USA
***DIAMOND Service cost $88 for 8 handpicked crystals/ stones includes shipping in USA.

Email me at for more info.



Beautiful Mare Free to good loving home with Pasture and other horses

Astara is still waiting for her new home, those of you that have wanted her live many states away too long a ride for any horse. Astara is a sweet mare, she is lonely and needs to be with other horses as her best friend got his Pegasus wings. I am not able to deal with another horse so It is time for her to go to a new loving home. She is grain and hay fed. If you are interested let me know, I just want her to be happy.  Email Me

PEACE RIVER CBD Liposomal Formulation CBD

This company is aligned with the highest quality CBD. They have recently upgraded to Liposomal Formulation CBD  The co-founder of this company is a dear friend of mine for over 30 years, Victor Knight and I trust his energy implicitly.  I use Peace River CBD every day and find it to be a very high vibration of healing. If you have tried CBD in the past but felt no effect, there may be a good reason why that happened.  The cause was likely the CBD product you were using, not you.  New research has shown that our bodies absorb only about 5% of a serving of CBD.  As technology in CBD advances, Peace River is now introducing a new Liposomal Formulation that has almost immediate absorption for a remarkable 85% bioavailability!  And they have peer-reviewed independent clinical research to back it up. CBD can’t help you if you can’t afford it! Peace River sells their organically sourced Liposomal Formulation CBD for only $39.95. But it contains 60 servings in a bottle versus 30 with traditional tinctures! That’s double the value and 17x the bioavailability with any other CBD products you can find.

CBD can’t help you if you can’t get it into your system! Come to Peace River CBD at Use this coupon for 15% off your entire order: NEXTGENCBD


Imagine….. a chocolate company that blends the power of flower essences with chocolate for healing.  That chocolate company would be called ‘Heavenly Confectionery’.

My name is Donna & since 2004 I have owned a chocolate company called Heavenly Confectionery.  Several years ago, Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences.    Healing chocolate, she called it.    I initially declined.   She persisted.   It’s taken a while… but Healing Chocolate (aka – Flower Essence Fudge) has been created and awaits its journey into your mouth and heart. 

Flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional & spiritual levels.   Chocolate is a delicious vehicle!    These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you.    They will work for you, guide & inspire you to bring about a positive change in your life in a very grounded (and delicious) way.   With the help of celestial angels and goddesses, I am the instrument in creating these healing confections.   And it’s a privilege to bridge the loves in my life…  I’m a flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor and I’m grateful to be able to make my living as a chocolatier. These flower essence formulas are prayed over and infused with love and gentle healing

Cost is $22 per pound or $12 per half pound  plus shipping  USA onlyGo to  or send  check or use credit card.
Email me at for more information or to place your orders. Or, you can go to to place an order.


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