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September 2021   Issue #270

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Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina.  Thank you dear Lady of Light.


From your Hostess of Light

Fears drift to the surface

Create and Enter portals of Choice

Timing is always universal choice

Magical Merlinite

Cosmic Classified

From your Hostess of Light As we exit the summer months we enter places of deep pools of emotion, like leaves changing color in the fall, we are not prepared for the transformation as we enter emotional seasons. All places and times seem to merge together in a collage of feelings that cannot be ignored or driven away. Spontaneous eruptions of tears and fears come to the surface as we walk forward into more shifts and awakenings.  We weep and mourn for things that have not even occurred, yet we see them clearly as if they are ghosts of the future haunting our days.

The biggest part of being human is feeling. All the senses of Earth wrap around each other in a perfect heavenly DNA spiral. Feeling is what makes us human and yet at the same time very Holy. We are blessed in our construction just as all life on earth, no matter where its origin. We as human try to run and escape the feelings by whatever means is available and deemed necessary. The escape plan usually turns around and bits us in the spiritual butt.

We should have figured it out by now, but we as humans cannot escape emotions and feelings no matter how far we fly or how far we drive. During this coming cycle of shift we will feel the Presence and Light of the ‘Great Comforter’, the one that holds the hearts and hands of Earth, saving every tear, washing away every fear. Like the Presence of a beloved Mother never leaving the side of her earthly children, always being a guardian and protector, this Light comes to help.

We all keep holding good thoughts and doing good deeds, trying hard to kick the karma cops out of our lives.  We follow all the rules of light and life playing accordingly. We accrue blessings that seem to fall into a sinkhole not to be retrieved so easily. Karmic interruptions of life and others keep us on bended knee praying for all outcomes to be blessed. What do we as a planet need to do to get the big bad wolf to leave this place and time! It seems like karma is quickened, time is quickened and our nerves are shot. We seek the sweetness and simplicity of life. We feel time running past like a ‘sixties streaker,’ loose, free, and unrestricted. Our personal and family dramas are self-consuming as emotions run amuck, making a muddle of things. Free-will seems to have left the building as the lights of Vegas dim.

It is not that we are doing anything wrong; we are probably trying too hard.  Like a smart phone dialing a 1950’s phone number, no matter how hard you try there is just no connection available. The nanoseconds dance by as you question your ‘human ability and divine right’ to intervene on the behalf of those that need it.  There is not a wrong or right way but there is a more effectual way to move thru these changes. As Emotions spring forth from the inner abyss of the heart, Hand over what is heavy in your life and heart to that which we once sprang from. Whatever your beliefs let go and allow what is Holy to drive this segment of the divided highway of your life.

Fears drift to the surface

As we all move thru the restructurings of Earth and her People, we come to a deep chasm full of prehistoric fears. Fears that have been like a jack in the box, jumping at us when we least expect it. Survival Fears float to a surface that runs deeper than time itself.  Fear of life and death, fear of no control over anything, from the government, to the weather, and the future. So many baseless Fears drift to the surface, like an inner tube that refuses to sink. Why do these thoughts and fears rise to the surface now? What encoding do they hold that needs released for the greater good? What are we being forced to let go of?Everyday some unpredicted disorder is tossed our way. Whether it comes from a work situation, a family member, deep space or the ocean, every day we all deal with new players in our personal field of life. Many have become fatigued as they fight battle after battle. One thing after another steals our peace, leaving our bodies on high adrenaline alert, the sailor’s loop, and dread tightens around our very human necks choking our vision of the future.   

We try hard to honor each other, following the ‘golden rule’ but Fear steals our peace and harmony. Fear lowers our immune system and leads us not into greener pastures. Fear also activates us to take action, it gives us a strength and courage we did not know we had. We have within us the strength to survive and adapt the courage to move thru the darkness and find the Light, the nerve to go deep into our soul-light, like a pearl diver and retrieve the treasure within.

Create and enter portals of Choice

Within the vacuum of Time and Space, there are those who move thru zero point into a place where matter and antimatter co-exist. It is the place where the positive and negative collide, destroying and creating simultaneously. It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It is home to the creational forces that can bend and shape worlds with a wink!

The ancient texts have always insisted humanity was destined to “become as gods.’ According to ancient legends, such beings are to return at the beginning and end of each time cycle. The truths written by the ancients imply that earth was meant to evolve beyond its present form.  Particles of infinite light come forth from the center of the Milky way. Within the very word ‘center’ lives the word ‘enter’. To find the center of the universe you must first Enter You!  Exist at a point of time that seems both probable and impossible.  Exist in timetables of elements that force natural laws to bend.. Hidden within all are truths that seek to be freed.  Evolution is not a puddle but creek that seeks to be a river. fly beyond the boundaries of space and time ‘Create and enter portals of Choice’.

Timing is always Universal choice


What was once sought is now freed into expression of resolve.  Truths that were once hidden unwrap themselves in the schematics of this new timeline.  Energies that went un-harnessed now entrain themselves.  Duality of purpose seeks a partner as Earth dances around with her upcoming choices.  We are at a Point of No Return as one that passes through the green pastures of life seeking a safe haven in a world of illusion.  We all sit at a place of less resistance as the time doors open to show us new possibilities.  As we sit looking out our window of time, with our minuscule view turned up to maximum clarity, we begin to truly understand, that it is not fate versus free will, it is fate and free will hand in hand, like Hansel and Gretel  New Time passages announce what has been obscured will now be seen. Doorways that were once dormant now open, no longer waiting on the Skelton key to unlock them.

This new living healing energy cannot be bridled or yoked. Hold on tight to all you once dreamt was possible.  Just like the birth date of a baby, timing is always universal choice.  Dancing in the arms of one’s own dreams allows one to find their true beat. Time asks you not to give up on what lives in your heart and your dreams.  The Universe has placed within you a seed that cannot wither, nor falter, nor be sown under.  Earth and all her inhabitants are at a point that demands that every thought be clear and concise. No more random ravings and musings by people that wallow in fear; No more grace for the mistakes by those in power as they look for ways to polish their souls silver. 

Every individual upon Earth has the opportunity to ask for divine assistance, for divine intervention.  Many allow themselves to be washed about in a cesspool of public fear, as they try to cling to the slippery sides of their life.  Move your heart and your energies up to a safe place. Those that wear a higher light will be asked to go beyond what they deem suitable or possible. You will be given instructions from the Universe within the pitter patter of your heartbeat that asks you to exceed anything you thought you could possibly do or accomplish.  You will be asked to become the Hosts of God, that have no fear.

So many of Earth have chosen not to change, not to move forward, not to believe and not to trust, anything or anyone,  even their own counsel.  So many of Earth have given up, having not seen their absentee land owner.  There is nothing to do but float during this time period.  Choices cannot be seen clearly the future is foggy from this point of view.  It is up to each and every one to hold your light, above the watermarks of life.  Do not falter but continue walking forward for there is an end and beginning to all storms.

Magical Merlinite

This is one of my favorite stones and I am glad to have it again. This stone is quite commanding and more than a little demanding. (Like Merlin himself) it is pushy because it sees your inner power and potential and like a good teacher comes to remind you of that. Like a guardian stone it asks you to use it or put it down for another to gain entrance into its knowledge and wisdom.  This is a no nonsense powerful healing stone. 

Merlinite is a volcanic stone from Madagascar. It is a plutonic rock that forms deep in the earths and oceanic crusts. Merlinite is used for unveiling the darkest features of our inner hidden self’s. It forces you to recall past memories and patterns that you’ve kept hidden, exposing those dark spots on your inner sun. shining light on how  they have contributed to your deepest motivations. It also helps you see how your dark- self intertwines with your God-Light. This stone heals the darkness within and allows us to act with a higher light and heart.

Merlinite energy literally grabs you and pulls you down towards the Earth, helping you to focus and overcome daily interruptions. This is a magical, intuitive and spiritual stone, a teacher stone that demands your attention. Merlinite is a powerful stone with the ability to remove veils of illusion on all dimensions. When the veil is removed it opens a door leading to deeper intuitive spiritual wisdom and contact with the higher realms.  Merlinite connects to a realm of mystical and magic for the sole purpose of spiritual development. Merlinite knows the universe will provide you with the exact experiences, people and lessons you need to ascend thru your earth life.

Merlinite also attracts blessings and powerful magic into the life of any person who dares to carry it. This stone allows us entrance into shamanic and spirit territories. Recollections of wizards and alchemists from the past and future are revealed using this stone. Merlinite triggers the memory of one’s inherent magical and mystical abilities. It can open psychic channels and attract teachers from other planes of light, enhancing dream states. Merlinite allows you to experience richer psychic visions and dependable psychic protection.

Having this stone with you will help soften your aura and replenish your vibratory field, thus furthering your understanding of yourself and how to access ‘your unique characteristics’. This stone helps with past life regression connecting you with past lives in dreams or deep meditations. It brings foreword past experiences that need to be healed in this lifetime. Merlinite unifies the spiritual world with life on earth.

This demanding magical stone allow for fluid transformation. It shines the light on you and what you are made of, allowing your real self to be seen. Merlinite may reveal one’s deepest soul motivations assimilating the shadow self, bringing it into the light. All magic has light and dark and one must be an ‘alchemist of the heart’ to tame that dragon. Like getting a visit from a future self, would you believe and listen? This is one powerful ally to have in these shifting times.



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Beautiful Mustang 8 yr. old rescue mare, named Astara.

Hey ya’ll I just recently had to put down my white Arabian Horse, sananda, he was the love of my life, but he was in a lot of pain. I watched his beautiful horse spirit leave as he got his wings of light and joined the Light of Pegasus. His companion Astara is confused and scared and needs to be with other horses she has never been alone. It is time for her to go to a new loving home. She is grain and hay fed. If you are interested let me know, I just want her to be happy blessings Gillian. (better pix soon she is camera shy)  Email 

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Imagine….. a chocolate company that blends the power of flower essences with chocolate for healing.  That chocolate company would be called ‘Heavenly Confectionery’.

My name is Donna & since 2004 I have owned a chocolate company called Heavenly Confectionery.  Several years ago, Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences.    Healing chocolate, she called it.    I initially declined.   She persisted.   It’s taken a while… but Healing Chocolate (aka – Flower Essence Fudge) has been created and awaits its journey into your mouth and heart. 

Flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional & spiritual levels.   Chocolate is a delicious vehicle!    These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you.    They will work for you, guide & inspire you to bring about a positive change in your life in a very grounded (and delicious) way.   With the help of celestial angels and goddesses, I am the instrument in creating these healing confections.   And it’s a privilege to bridge the loves in my life…  I’m a flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor and I’m grateful to be able to make my living as a chocolatier. These flower essence formulas are prayed over and infused with love and gentle healing.

When you order please specify your choice of one pound box or half pound box of Dark Chocolate fudge or Milk Chocolate fudge with the healing blend of your choice.   Your Exquisite box of Heavenly Healing chocolates includes ‘A message from the Angel of each essence you order’.

Essences to Choose from –blended with dark or milk chocolate 

  •  Be Balanced (a Chakra blend)
  •  Celestial Support
  •   Freedom!
  •  Integrating the Divine Feminine/Masculine Consciousness
  •  Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires
  •  The Eye of the Hurricane
  • more Healing blends are being birthed as the Universe deems

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