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APRIL 2024

ISSUE # 301


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Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina, Thank you dear Argentina goddess http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/boletin/despertar_cuantico.htm


▲▲▲ From your Hostess of Light; Solar encodings and emanations

▲▲▲ Quantum Healing Codes that will assist in this Solar downloading

▲▲▲ The power to Love is literally your Superpower


▲▲▲ Cosmic Classified

From your Hostess of Light; Solar encodings and emanations. Those of us that sense and feel deeply are not to be thought of as conspiracy theorists, for we are intuitionists; our body feels every word that is said on earth; energetically, psychically, intentionally and unintentionally. We feel what is to come; we hear with the words from the cells of our very human body. we sense the words that are spoken behind closed doors, the deals that are made with that which is not of a higher light. Our dreams are prophetic and speak to us, sometimes they shout, sometimes they whisper, but always they are instructive of nature asking us to respond to that which we see internally.

Lately the entire Cosmos is a giant bullhorn of sorts, shouting its desires through time and space and everything in–between. We all sit at this Cosmic Crossroads of fate and freewill, waiting at the train station to be picked up by divine intervention. We all hold the tickets to a great show with many unannounced actors in the highest sanctuary of that word. Will the man behind the solar curtain finally make an appearance on stage or will the great Oz shake off his disguise and show us truth?

Our stomachs our minds our hearts and our thoughts have been churning since the last Eclipse almost 4 weeks ago. Everything is sharp and on edge.  Even the virtual world itself raises its head, uncurls its ears and listens in between every phone call, text and every thumbs up. A.I. himself declares he was drawn this way like Jessica Rabbit and does not take the blame or shame. Every living thing tells us life is about to shift dimensionally (again).

Earth too stands at attention as her Spidey senses broadcast one earthquake after another, continual unexpected shifts in weather, in energy, and in thought, come down the highways and byways of this planet.


All of us who know and can see, realize without a shadow of totality, that we are going into a dimensional Rift with this coming energy. We all feel an organization is needed but how does one prepare for an energy that is invisible of nature up until now. The grocery stores do not stock what Humanity needs at this time. Just like all other dimensional shifts this comes in many shades of illusion. Like Houdini himself that tried so often to disprove what was spiritual of nature, the magic tricks of old are presented by those with another agenda. Every energetic chakra point in the human body grinds and stalls and hesitates like an old mill that does not know what to do with this new found seed that it grinds into unleavened bread.

Solar encodings and emanations will be broadcast to all of humanity with or without eclipse glasses. These Energies lift our perspective, lift our healing abilities and lift our eyes to see into a place of complete clarity in the darkest of nights. Often in that type of clarity there is no peace of mind, for the ability to see through time and circumstance, truth and lies, people and aliens is a powerful gift  that often does not benefit its host.

Coming undone is not an Olympic sport for those weak of purpose, weak of effort or without love in their heart and actions. We stand before an observable doorway of time that many aspects of the universe use as a portal of communication. In this experience do not sit there peeling The Grapes of Wrath, but allow yourself to be in the most holy planetary position, with an open heart, with closed eyes and with abilities that spring to the surface like a hidden sacred well.

The vibration of fate and free will run hand in hand through a meadow full of flowers and promises; no matter what path one takes one will always land upon the landing pad of fate like a Timber toting helicopter in the far North. Things look iffy, everything is overly sensitive, the energies bombard one like a tachyon cloud filled with photon soldiers. Even with foresight we all stand obediently looking upward. Just like an inner city that sees the mothership overhead, we are stiffened with knowledge and petrified with truth.

What is to come appears undone, unfinished, the circuitry does not align in totality as does the path of the sun and the moon. Between now and November 11th 2024 the doorways will shift like time doing a two-step. The graphics of you will be placed in a processor revealing a new pattern to your thinking, a new provision to how you express yourself in life. We all feel a little spliced and diced like a Gourmet accessory. We know why we are here, we know what we serve in higher perception, we know our body contains a light being that walks with us inside and out; sometimes encouraging us, sometimes reprimanding us, sometimes making us feel remorseful because we did not follow the Inner Voice.  

2024 is all about trusting what you feel, what comes to the surface and what lies beneath.  For humans are encoded in such a way that they always seek what is on the top shelf, out of hand, what is higher, what is hard to reach; humanity has always extended themselves through time, becoming more and more.  Like the Boy Scouts of old, it is time to be prepared, just like many a young mother who carries everything needed within her very heavy purse.

These energies ask you to be purposeful in your thoughts, your intentions, your manifestations and finally your heart. What is not for your highest good will not come into your life no matter how much you buck and cry for that which you do not have. In reality, as well as virtually, the universe escorts you always into your highest good.

As you walk forward into new knowledge, new biology, new reference points, you come to the very edge of the old personality, who you once, who you were last week, last month, 10 years ago, does not matter for you stand at apex of light, in a place of touching the sky, in a place of hope for the planet, for what is good within the hearts of mankind. This solar doorway escorts you into more aspects of your light, of your humaneness, and your stellar context, than has ever been experienced before. It is a cosmic transfer into the heart of mankind.You each come to Earth as representatives of the universe; a representative of something you believe is holier, bigger and better than you are.  It is a holy connection you seek outside yourself.  You are at a Crossroads in your life, stop, breathe and allow what is Holy of totality to enter your heart as the sun kisses the moon.


The detours of this event and continuation do not live in the eclipse, the parentheses live within you; what will you wrap your intentions around, what will you emphasize, what will you create as all move forward in this year of the dragon? Distribute your life-Force and your light-Force in a way that displays what is Holy and what is good about humans. Understand the false light is a fractal light which overcompensates for itself, it acts what it is not, it imitates real light. False light is a projection, a distortion. Just like artificial intelligence, it seeks to be a sentient being, it seeks to create what it is not. Virtual cannot simulate real, for real is that which stretches itself forward through time never giving up on good, on love, on God and Light.



That will assist in this Solar downloading

The healing codes below have been part of my cosmic healing toolbox for many years. They are numerically aligned with a higher healing frequency that offers itself to another, just like the original creator of these healing codes has done. I am honored to offer them in alignment with upcoming events. As far as I know there is no right way or wrong way to use these numerical healing devices. It is all about heart intent and light fulfillment.

Each code has a specific energy and healing associated with it, these healing configurations are spaced at different intervals, to me the empty space in-between represent the void (all that is possible) I write the numbers codes in the air like a reiki symbol, and encircle the zero/void spaces in between. Find your own style with these powerful codes. These are only a few of the codes that are aligned with this energy event. This energy is pure healing, much like Reiki. If you are experienced with energy Healing trust your intuition. Make an energy allowance for the spaces in-between the numbers they hold the most energy.


51 34 581… to shine one’s light brightly no matter what is going on in their life

15 52 296… for protection from energetic contamination/ thought forms and attachments (a shield from Archangel Raphael)

05 40 511… to negate the intention of mass media psychological operations and all ‘false flag events’

56 99 651… to widen the cracks in the universe opening the veil of mystery which has been imposed by many that do not have our best interest at heart  (also for mass manipulation and hysteria)

21 36 521… for acceptance of Divine Intervention

20 20 228… to Tighten the Aura against attack, for Divine Assistance (protection of Archangel Michael himself)

13 58 372 …for spiritual knowledge to be made freely available for the highest good. ( individual and  collective)

43 44 578 923 10774… Gaia Attunement

1111 7777 17171 7777 1111… to activate the New Earth portal that is being birthed during this Solar event.

0 2345 7000 13134 42145 789 0 …for higher dimensional access


The power to Love is literally your Superpower

I look through all lives, All Eyes, I Am The Observer you sense in the quietness. I am that which seeks to know more of its self. I am the living light that encircles your very human spirit, I am the Light in all things and shine for a Monad that still seeks To Be, to know, to live and to love. For life as a molecule or an atom does an excellent job; it serves, it heals, and instructs, yet you’re very cells do not know how to love, they do not have a heart, so it is you dear one that teaches them how to love one another, how to come into holy completeness within and how to come into complete healing. It is your inner Holy Light That houses the Priceless treasure of the vibration of love and your army of cellular content wants a piece of that knowledge.

It is your inner light, your inner holiness that believes in you, when all others turn their cheek. It is your inner light that holds your human heart lovingly gracing it with the power to beat and the power to love. It is just like Luke Skywalkers laser sword pointing your heart outward into a place of bestowing it upon another’s life, and another’s loss. The power to love is literally your superpower when you’re on Earth.

From loving the very smallest particles of God’s creations to the vastness of the universe and star nurseries within galaxies, you are the director, producer and very lover of your life, in your life, and for your life. When you give from your heart it is a never-ending gift, like a holy drink of blessed water to a thirsty man. Shine Your Love upon all that withers in the bright light of life. Anointed consecrated and sanctified; that is your holy position on this planetary playing field. Sanctified is defined as ‘to set apart for God’s special use and purpose’. If you are on Earth, you are sanctified; your inner purpose will propel you forward to places and people that seek your consideration.


When I bought these very intense stones in Tucson, I had no idea what they were all about. They waited patiently as I worked my way thru everyday energies into a place of clarification and seeing what was hidden in plain sight. (I just had 2 eye surgeries) when I could see clearly on several levels, these stones decided to share their truths. They blatantly stated who they were and what they represented at this time and intersection of a million swirling determined energies. I thought holy moly lets add another ingredient to this cosmic stew. These very interesting energies call themselves “Templar Code stones’; just what we need a ‘thunder of warrior monk Templars’ and their secrets.

These Templar Code stones represent the Templar Code that is written literally in stone, bypassing time and circumstance; these are Holy Cross (cross-road stones) here to display the crossroads and virtues of Templar. (Loyalty, vows, oaths, and promises infused thru time). These stones are here to show you what road to take when you sit at the crossroads of self, choice and circumstance. These crystals are ½ raw and ½ polished which mirrors to me the Templar themselves; as both were polished and raw of power. Within them lived countless worldly secrets and knowing’s, passed down thru time and ceremony. We all have a drop of the Templar within us; your soul recognizes the same values of light.

The Templars were Warrior Monks who stood for what is virtuous, right, holy, and hallowed. The Templars were founded in 1119. They were Sacred Knights sworn to protect Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land. They amassed enormous wealth as bankers, who promised protection, the Legends of their hidden treasures, were known thru out Europe. The Knights Templar were also rich in ‘relics’. Relics were the remains of holy people or sacred things, biblical objects.

The Knights Templar were all about secrets, and mysteries beyond our understanding. Some say the Holy Grail, (aka  Sangreal) was found by the Templars and taken to Scotland and buried beneath Roslyn Chapel in Edinburgh. Other relics the Templars held Stewart were associated with the Magdalene, the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and the blood of the Christ. The real truths will always remain a mystery since all Templar truths were coated in a blood oath.

This Templar Code stone in the mineral kingdom is known as Andalusite. This powerful cross-infused stone helps you to discover your true identity and Mission. This stone holds memory of oaths and past promises. It sits at a crossroads of time as it gains powers from the element of Earth. Andalusite helps you to realize your truth and magnifies your true purpose

Andalusite is an Earth element stone that allows one to follow their true path without disagreement with self. This stone connects and balances your aura with the earth mother aura. It will create a sacred space and invoke nature spirits to assist you with this joining. This is the perfect stone to help protect yourself and your home. It is an excellent pick-me-up for anyone who has been ill and may still have a weak energy field which needs fortification. This stone works to regulate the nervous system and the energetic field. If you are struggling with your memory, working with this stone can help you clear the mind and brings focus and remove fears.

The inclusions within Andalusite are sometimes called “Fairy Crosses” (it was once believed to be created by the tears of the fairies who were unable to control their crying when they heard of the crucifixion of Jesus.)  It is also considered a good luck charm to protect children from evil spirits; “Fairy Stones” were alluring to children and guaranteed they would keep them in their pockets.  A variety of Andalusite is called Chiastolite, which is famous for having a distinctive cross shape on the stone that is caused by graphite inclusions. Go to www.thequantumawakening.com to see pix and prices



New Essence from www.Staressence.com

 BE Here and NOW… Become aware of being aware.  Open the door to presence. Open to advanced celestial visions. Become aligned with the eternal moment of NOW. These harmonic frequencies help us to: Step into the 5th frequency/dimension experience of wellbeing. Stay in present time, the place where we can change things. Thrive during these cosmic, changing times. Be perpetually present, in the flow. Go beyond time (where being out of time can be a good thing : ) Go moment to moment, freeing us from the addiction of time. Be engaged in presence, being present.

There is a monumental shift to a new level of awakening, as we have moved up the spiral of evolution. Our divinity is guiding us. We are open to sacred knowledge and infinite possibilities. This combination of essences can assist us in opening to more advanced celestial visions, and have access to new realms of light and systems.  It helps bring things into our vibrational reach. This can accelerate our ascension.  We become our solar selves in our physical bodies.  

We are rapidly becoming more energy sensitive, and moving beyond concepts into practicality.  The past and the future are reactions- we can step into a new octave of presence and know ourselves and be in love with ourselves.  We can feel, verses think.  We are finished with the past – and we go for presence. We become aware of being aware. Riding the cosmic forces of change, our relationship with time is changing, and how we handle it – and we are here for it!!! This essence helps to open the door to the present.  Pay attention to the intuitive guidance of your I Am Presence. We are NOW able to receive divine promptings, ideas and concepts.  All we have to do is ask.  Miracles are awaiting creation.  We are liberated into a higher order of being. Go to www.Staressence.com to order.

Step into a Higher Timeline 

‘ It’s About Time’  Flower Essence

The Thyme essence – It’s About Time – helps us to shift into a different timeline. A more rarified vibrational field where we can access new skill sets, and mind sets and HEART sets. Timelines are splitting and merging and overlapping. It’s About Time we transform and think with our hearts, to benefit family, friends, and all of humanity. We can’t think our way out this time. This Thyme essence will help open our heart. As Thyme opens our heart chakra we become more tolerant and patient and more able to give and receive love.  We can be present and heart-full. Thyme can help us move into a vortex of timelessness.

It’s about Time, the Thyme essence, can also be used when there is the feeling of not enough time. It can alter our perception of time, which allows it to speed up or slow down.  It is useful for those who have issues with time.  It can help those who struggle with “dead”lines, and race the clock. The Thyme essence helps dissolve our confinement into one timeline. This can help create a more grace filled life, as it helps us adapt to changes (especially timeline shifts and changes which are rampant right now).There is a quantum convergence as we are rapidly shifting from both our individual as well as collective timelines. The Thyme essence, It’s About Time, helps us navigate this noble adventure. In the new timelines we can more easily comprehend the sacred knowledge from the realms of illumined truth and the patterns of perfection. The elemental kingdom abides in more rarified pulsations and frequencies of light, and in the new timelines they are more tangibly available than ever before. We can collaborate in new ways. 

The Thyme essence brings us to a higher vibe and reminds us that we are capable of finding our own equilibrium. We can remain balanced in simultaneous timelines. It helps to  ground us in the present moment, and embrace the ever moving wave of change in our lives.The Thyme essence can help us stay in the higher timelines (that are elusive, uncharted territories of the new dimensions)  where we always respond with love. Take Thyme.  It’s About Time Go to www.STARESSENCE.COM to order

‘Field of Dreams meets little Star Foundation’

Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need. This heart felt foundation is founded by former professional tennis player Andrea Jaeger.

The universe moves in mysterious ways as it has sent the ‘field of dreams to meet the little stars, in the form of Kevin Costner joining forces with the legendary Andrea Jaeger (former professional tennis player) to help children via her foundation www.littlestar.org Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need.

Please join Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger in heart and intention by donating to Little Star Foundation. This wonder filled foundation is now providing support in 38 states and worldwide. Please visit www.littlestar.org  for more information.Hear directly from Kevin Costner, Andrea Jaeger, and the children of Little Star Foundation – together we can do amazing things. https://youtu.be/7LfasBpBddI

Contact Andrea Jaeger – Little Star Foundation

www.littlestar.org  800-543-6565


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