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MAY 2023

ISSUE # 290


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Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina, Thank you dear Argentina goddess


Dancing around the May Pole Power Energy

From your Hostess of Light

Iceberg Consciousness




Hey ya’ll beautiful people if you are wondering why the heck you feel stressed and stretched like a Gumby and a little nauseous, like jet-lag, or bad oysters, Remember the energy that came in 5-5-2023 and still runs its course until Summer solstice. Be Gentle on Your-self, don’t inflate expectations of self or others, we are all onboard a planetary ship that sails on the winds of Change with the Universe at the helm.

  • (May-day honor the earth energy dance with the power of the maypole and its earth connection)
  • Haley’s Comet meteor shower
  • Full moon lunar eclipse doing the shadow dance with self Cinco de Mayo 5-5-23 energy (#55 The universe is changing your direction with your Souls permission. This change may be an answer to some long forgotten prayer.)
  • Wesak/Buddha Christ/ spiritual hierarchy celebration in Shamballa in Tibet mountains, 30 days of dispensations (Light blessings from the Master of Light) to earth from the Buddha, Christ-light and Spiritual Hierarchy (Ascended Masters)
  • The planet Pluto retrograde confronting deepest fears, settle karmic debts.
  • The planet Mercury retrograde is taking us on a journey back in time without magic mushrooms. Digging up buried emotions (not voluntarily)
  • Mother’s day Clearing and Healing (family DNA-collective clearing)

From your Hostess of Light We as a collective group of light-masters with planetary forgetfulness are at an spirited ‘point of reinterpretation’ of what we hold and know to be truth, what was given to earth as truth and the deepest truth that once lived in our DNA.  We as humans just do not know what to think about anything anymore.  The airwaves are full of static, satellite phones buzz, and your Spidey senses are ‘on mute’ and nature is not saying a word. The earthiness of this month smells of moss and fallen trees, all elements are quiet.   There are so many profound truths interlaced with more bull than the month of Taurus can shovel. Walk thru the forest of self with a light footstep and reverence, listen to the sound you cannot hear, but can taste.

Every day we are in awe of what transpires right in front of our eyes just like magic!  Within our personal light field is fluctuation after fluctuation; we all try hard to fine tune the channel using very human rabbit-ears and aluminum. We do not know who we are or who we are becoming as we quantum leap thru the outer limits passing the twilight zone. We have been so sure footed most of our time on Earth now we are slipping down a slippery slope that leads to a quagmire of invisible selections. Are we brave enough to go Where Angels Fear to Tread? Everything in all universes touches us on a subatomic level because ultimately we are all one Light. We as humans are both transmitters and receivers always trying to balance the incoming with the outgoing which is a full time job.

All of our sensory choices regular and Supernatural have amplified more than 500% since the 1960s. As we question the universe and the universe questions us we see further into time and circumstance than we thought possible. Every beautiful hair on your human head and body is both a receiver and a transmitter of the infinite, of the future, and of past possibility. Every blood cell is a solitary universe within a star nursery that seeks to be birthed.

Imagine every thought process as a quantum theatre filled to the balconies with both answers and questions; the seen and unseen. The human body is a living lie detector it knows a ‘deceiver feather’ when one fly’s by. Like a cosmic barcode the body, mind, living conscious-computer, searches its I-Ching lines looking for the most high truth at this point in time. For it has learned that truth comes in black white and ‘The Many Shades of Gray’. Sorting through a dirty garbage bin via karma and Akasha is exhausting and disappointing on so many levels. So many aspects of our Universal-self floats to the surface of our cell-memories as we all sail the ‘See’s of past quantum-entangled within Future Events. Everything escorts us into more choices more paths more places within our soul and self we have not traveled.

Our human body and sensories are on constant alert like a soldier on a midnight-watch. The ancient instinct within us and our humaneness raises its head, sensing a change to come; putting back its ears trying not to listen to what the earth is Whispering so loudly. Change comes, it always has!

All of life seems to be broadcasting misrepresentations whether it is your parents lying to you, a best friend, child or husband, you are very aware of the deceiver feather code that chimes like an incoming text message; you’re humanness always knows the truth as it stands bold-face beside a lie. Within all the truths and lies and dirty clothes lives a ‘stained heart as opposed to a sustained heart’ the dirty the good, the bad and the ugly always leaves a stain on the human soul even when it’s closeted out of sight and out of mind.

Iceberg Consciousness

as we wander purposefully through the Earth Experience we come to a conjunction of self and soul that asks us to look Beyond what we can perceive and see over the next mountain and walk into the invisible with all six earth senses ready to use. We of Earth are so much like a uncontrolled floating iceberg, just a tiny little piece of us shows above the endless tide of daily events, the rest of us is hidden in deep solid awareness below the emotional ley-line

 As the inner rudimentary fires of Earth shift into a place of transmutation the warmth of their essence will continue to Aspire as it reveals more that has been hidden, within time, within self,  within family history,  and within earth herself.Just like an iceberg we are so solid, so firm in our beliefs but what lies below the structure of our frozen frontal beliefs is yet to be seen. This summer ‘What is Frozen in Time’ begins to thaw at a measured pace that shows it’s true colors, its truths  and our true reason for being.

None of us want to melt under the spot-light in these times of unsolidified change but consider it a gift from the universe,  like an ice-artist sculptor that comes to bring forth the beauty of what is frozen and hidden in time, what lies just below the surface, Unveiling the icy qualities of what is very human of creation. A beautiful form is awakened gracing the frozen ‘ice and the eyes’ of humanity with what lies beneath. Think about the very vibration of ice water that has frozen in time. The stasis of its frozen geometry can reveal  so much as old emotions come to play freeze tag,   Think about the vibration of the Ice Queen in the children story how she tried so hard not to show any warmth or tenderness or defrosting, for that matter. Most humans absolutely have some Ice Queen DNA, as we all try so hard to block and freeze what hurts; We have an internal freezer full if ice-burned emotional left-overs.  We hide within self, within words, within our non-actions.

As we move forward thru the solstice the heat that so many dread, may come forth from the deserts of time blanketing all of us on a warm Summer’s Eve. Time and earth slowly bring to the surface that which has been cloaked and invisible. Like a Desert Mirage that kicks up its Las Vegas Heels, what we once thought was impossible has actually come into fruition.  We may not be able to touch the outcomes as of now but those molecular’ summer days of solidification’ and liquidation are ours for the taking.

The salty tears of the past are exactly the same as the salty sacred waters of the womb . The waters of creation and the Seas of Time come together and flow as a Mother Milk River calling to her young. What was Frozen in Time melts all its waterproof emotional layers,  coming to rest within the wishing well of the Soul.  A big ‘reveal’ comes shining like a disco ball mirroring all facets of who we think we are and who we are destined to become. A starry vision quest of sort comes to Earth asking you to see through matter, through time, through inner and outer circumstances, seeing the past thru the future.


These unusual stones come to give you the gift of White Dragon and all that encompasses. They appear mild-mannered and harmless, just a wee white stone with a dragon type outer skin with a little Chalcedony showing like a petty coat. As I looked at them I began to se the ice-blue hue that hung around them. The longer I held them the more I journeyed into a deep, what I can only call an inner earth ice-cave. Like a frozen white hole standing still in time I went deeper and deeper thru the most beautiful frozen patterns and geometries. (like when water was frozen and prayed over and it formed the most beautiful of frozen energies under a microscope.) When you are at the speed of light the old you tends to let go as the barnacles are scrapped off of you.  As the carousal of light parade seemed to finally stop, my eyes focused and fell upon a beautiful White Dragon, in all of her jeweled regalia, shining rainbows thru the ice caves of time. She was an Icey glacier blue-white, blended with the sharp and round curves of ice forming and un-forming. She looked at the rock in my hand and nodded in recognition and understanding. 

White Dragons are imbued with a type of celestial magic that allows them to travel between different planes of time, entering and exiting via secret places of power upon the stars and planets. They seek to imbue those on the higher path of white light with a powerful beam, a ley line of sorts, made of crystalline white light. This leyline of light supports the platform of ‘pure white truth’ (so much is tainted nowadays).These white dragons are aligned with the ‘Great White Brotherhoods of Time’. They are not just celestial dragons of cleansing and purifying, they come to cleanse the very cells of your biology, so your body becomes a perfect-clear ‘tunnel of love and light’. The white dragons then fill the purified cells with the highest vibration of celestial white light keeping all dis-ease at bay. They come to infuse your light quotient to a higher place of clear-knowing and clear-seeing. The white dragon comes to show you how to align ‘divine will, with human needs, wants and wishes.

White dragons are physically the smallest of the chromatic dragons. Like a compact and very fast sports car they exhibit spectacular speed and direction. They can appear in shades from white to grey and ice-blue. They exist in arctic environments, frozen places in time, frozen stars, and even white-wormholes, as all these places serve as excellent camouflage. White dragons are a little different than other dragons, their heads and necks seemed to blend seamlessly into one another, and their wings appeared clear along the edges. They have a flap of skin, called a dewlap, lined with spines beneath their chins. Their heads are very streamlined, and they have high crests atop their skulls. They also have a crisp, vaguely chemical odor

White dragon toes are spaced more widely than other dragons, their barbed claws aid movement on ice. Their very thin eyelids prevented snow blindness when observing arctic landscapes.  White dragons have exceptional memories, and will often hunt down those who crossed them, no matter how long ago it was. They were not as cruel as black dragons and were not as ferocious as reds, but they are still knowledgeable in combat. White dragons prefer to attack first, rather than ask questions later

They prefer treasures that glitter like the rainbow sun on the ice, loving diamonds and other light-filled gemstones; they also love polished platinum and silver, with mirror-like polished surfaces. Long ago the white dragon made a prophecy– ‘one day that he would return to unite all beings of Magic in a time when he was most needed,’ some believe that time has come.

Dragon-skin agate is a stone of transformation and transmutation. Dragon-skin agate is a rare variegated form of Chalcedony It is found in parts of the United States, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, and Africa. It is semi-translucent (like moonstone) and has unusual stone presences that give its surface a dragon-like or scaled appearance. This stone stimulates and energizes the root, solar plexus, and crown chakras simultaneously. It is an excellent tool for helping clear stuck emotional traumas. It has a powerful cleansing effect that will heal, balance, at the cellular level. This stone encourages courage and strength during demanding times just when we are ready to give up! The dragon-skin agate brings a sense of inner peace and inspires a harmonious and joyful approach to life. It can help us control our emotions, and open our hearts to experience of real joy, true love, and daily happiness while on Earth.


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I started working full time with the Dragon energy and Dragon-light a few years ago when I was healing my broken ankles in rehab/aka Hotel California for 3 months. Dragons were my saving grace and without them I could not have completed that powerful Initiation. I honor the dragon energy and I never take them for ‘granite’. The dragons of this time sequence and energy are not out to plunder the valleys or raid the KFC chicken coops, they are living light frequencies- fractals- geometries and stardust within a divine geometry. They know the lay of the land and sea thru time, guiding you forward dimensionally showing you how to dance thru time and power.

Earthen dragons of fire, water and air have always made me a little uneasy as they felt all consuming, commanding and not to be toyed with. I felt their power deeply which kindled many dragon memories. The dragon light that comes to this dimensional point of time is not demanding or heavy or slimy; it is graceful, soft, wise and sees past time.  Just like a cloud, a dragon can choose to be any form, in any place, at any time. Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide, they are keepers of great treasures and protectors of paths to realms beyond our understanding. Dragon shows us strength, courage, and fortitude.

As soon as you reach out your heart and intentions to the dragon, you are heard and answered. The dragon comes to remind us that there is a spark of Illumination in this earthy dimensional Gateway; A place that has no boundaries, a place that does not negotiate with time and space.  Dragon guardians seek to connect with those of a Dragon-Heart



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You do not have to be a ‘famous movie star’

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Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need. This heart felt foundation is founded by former professional tennis player Andrea Jaeger.

The universe moves in mysterious ways as it has sent the ‘field of dreams to meet the little stars, in the form of Kevin Costner joining forces with the legendary Andrea Jaeger (former professional tennis player) to help children via her foundation Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need.

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Contact Andrea Jaeger – Little Star Foundation


174 Watercolor Way  Suite 103B343

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


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