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December 12:12,  2023

ISSUE # 297

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and copyrighted with Love. 33+ years of service to the Light. This newsletter has been in circulation, hard copy and online, since 1986 and reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary Light-Workers.  One to one, light to Light.  Feel free to share this information with credit given

Quantum Newsletters have been lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta from Argentina, Thank you dear Argentina goddess


From your Hostess of Light with Love♥

The Soul Precipice

From finite to Infinite



2023 ‘Christmas Crystal’ Gifting from Quantum

Christmas Magic, Mother Mary, & Miracles Made Manifest 1212 Zoom Workshop

Cosmic Classified

From your Hostess of Light with Love♥ Let The True Light of the Season Radiate thru your every Act of Kindness. Do Not Doubt or Fear or Allow the external hectic energies to control your every emotion. This is your time of Light; this is a time of Miracles, participate, wear it well. Become the master of your fate by making higher choices that move you into a space of true freedom and liberty. Be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you, for you are the creator of that universe as well. Let your soul and self-point you in a new direction that will support and enable you to be all that you can be. Stop fighting the currents of your life and drifting from drama to drama. Spend your time and energy wisely in your creational mode which runs full speed ahead all the time.

Become that which you yearn to be in your Most High Heart. Become the picture in your mind as you embrace the higher credenza of purpose. You do not insult God by trying to be a better anything. Plan to be a better human with unlimited potential. Listen to the signs and hear the future as it beckons your attention. Within each intersection of time is a panel of choices. At that point of insight and inner-sight let your heart be the one to choose with purpose and pure intention.

Each kindness that you do travels thru space and time touches everything on its way back to God’s Heart. This holy time of year give to those who do not expect it, Give anonymously, with zest, give as God! Give of your silent prayers, give without thinking, give naturally. This is a time of miracles walking among men, looking for a place and heart to land within. This season of Light expect a miracle or two displaying their wings for you. Expect your family to be healed and forgiven of all past sins and injustices. Expect your life to run smooth and bountiful. Expect the good to come looking for you; expect to be the favorite child of a loving Universe.

See the time between now and Christmas 2023 as a well-lit pathway to a new land in time. Use this gift wisely promoting your own dreams in thought and action. Believe in yourself as you believe in others and watch the Christmas Magic dance thru your life. Let the wishes of your life be granted and stop holding them at bay. Create to your full potential and then stretch that ability a little more every day. You were born to do great things, remember that child.

Each and every day listen with your heart. Follow your light as it connects with person place and thing. Follow your light as it directs you like a light-house beacon into a place of heavenly choices. Ask to choose higher and wiser, in a place of love and then stand back and watch the miracles be birthed.

The Soul Precipice

As one sits and Ponders the universe in the early dawn of a new day one goes inside to see the place that holds the Hope Chest of humanity. A place it is filled with the dreams that may not be fulfilled this lifetime due to one circumstance or another’s Karma. When one sit’s in this place with their regrets, their shortcomings, their musings they come to a point, a soul precipice, a Universal Cosmic point of knowledge at the bottom of an earthly exclamation point!  If multi-dimensional existences, parallel worlds, and other selves exist simultaneously throughout time without stopping, why is it we must rest on our hunches, sit on our hands, and trust others to draw our lives? For the multi-verses have no regrets. For every inch every thought every want or desire is lived to the fullest in ‘Another Place, Another Time, Another frequency’ of You. The U that did not make that right turn, or finish school or marry your high school sweetheart, the you that had 12 children and not enough shoes.

When you do not find what you seek in this dimensional form, in your heart of hearts, know that it is being fulfilled in ‘Another Place, Another Time, Another You.’ Your unrequited wishes have been dimensionally fulfilled. This should be a point of comfort, and a point of realization, that not all dreams are fulfilled here in earth time. Do not be sad for what you do not have in the here and now, but embrace the learning that the void created and the dimension’s fulfilled. In this Dimension you may not have your soulmate but you have so much love and so many soul-friends that you could start a country of your own. In this Dimension you may not have the perfect house, the perfect life, the perfect anything, but know in your heart of hearts that your wishes are never empty.  They have life. There is no space in this universe or any other that is not filled with the completed light of God. It takes a multitude of forms but every form has a divinely orchestrated purpose.

If you want to become the authentic self then you have to believe deeper, stronger, and harder, than any other multi-dimensional aspect of you. It is time to stop whining that you are too-scattered/ to over-worked, too poor, etc to fulfill your mission or even your-Self.  Call all multi-dimensional aspects of you together; stand in the center of your Soul as a ring-leader look at Each aspect Heart to Heart and discover the totality of you. Each Multi-versal aspect of you has a need, a want, a deficiency, and a Gift, that was refined by the original you. in 2024 you enter the Soul Precipice. At this point of spiritual reference we will learn to fly, or shift, or become one with the precipice.  we as humans are going to learn to drive our abilities at a higher point of Light and understanding. Learning from all the life on earth how to become more while not becoming less.

From finite to Infinite

We gather as a broadband of fine-lined streaming Light from finite to Infinite. We stream our hearts desires, our prayers and our secrets forward through time releasing them eventually into full flight. We as you are Sons and Daughters of Light, Time Warriors. Like leaves on the Tree of Life we are Family, as we extend ourselves branch by branch. We all have been out on the proverbial limb for far too long and seek to be lifted safely by the fates that know and love us.

We ask that the earth be lifted to a place of power laced with wisdom. Opening All the books of prayer, the manuscripts, the copper Scrolls, to a place of revealing revelation in its highest form. Let the mouth of the sacred places open wide and speak with wisdom.  let the falling stars seek your pocket to land within as the weather of  many partly cloudy closed hearts clears. Everything of Earth was conceived in another place, another time, far from this galaxy. The very Cosmos itself breathes earth in and out on a daily basis. Everything on Earth is star-seeded. You are the very spice of life that changes the flavor of the entire Cosmic soup in this part of the Universe. Beginnings and endings are moot points in a world that does not see 360 degrees.

Everything and everyone of the universe seeks to understand Earth, at the very same time that Earth seeks to know all the other planets and stars, up close and personal. The director of the solar system asks exactly who has left the building and who has entered on a new stellar scale? Symbols beyond time are drawn in the Fine Line of sand that divides all of us. The fates of all species lives within daily choices that are numbered and singular of event. The very stars are entwined within the DNA of the Tree of Life.

Gearing up your newly accessed psychic abilities in this up-coming initiation of illumination demands undivided attention.  Developing newly found psychic muscles is not for the weak of purpose. These new psychic muscles demand one Walk In Between Worlds, between thoughts, circumstances and proposed outcomes.  You can no longer sweep under the interplanetary rug what is in plain sight and needs addressed. Stand in your light as doorways of possibility open, close and revolve all around you.

Hear The Call of the Wild within, as you embrace more of who you really are.  Within you lives all universes; Within you lives Hope not just for Earth but for all life in all universes. In order to accomplish this Mission and soul service you must Shuffle the cards that life has given you and deal yourself a higher hand.  Like a laser wand of Love see the very sticky molecules of the current situation reconfiguring into a better possibility and future outcome. Continue to infuse all life on earth with Hope and healing, truth and wisdom, and eternal love.


We dedicate our home and the ground it stands upon to Divine Presence. Infinite love blesses everything in our home. The walls are filled with light and our home becomes a sacred Temple of Love. Our home is an energy Vortex that links Heaven and Earth. Whenever we are away from home the memory of our home brings joy to our minds. Every leaf, tree and blade of grass that’s around our home is saturated with the Creator’s Love. All who enter our home are blessed. When we arrive home we immediately feel the presence of love. We honor and respect our home because when we come home we enter our holy Castle.

All of our furniture, dishes, clothing and appliances are filled with light. We offered daily gratitude for This Magnificent Mansion of light and mentally hold images of angels watching over our home and all the gifts it contains. Our physical dwelling reminds us that our home is divine presence. it is always comfortable safe and reflects Divine Abundance, we rest peacefully as we sleep in our sanctuary. When we are at home the cells of our body are rejuvenated because of the vital energy of Love that radiates throughout our home. When we rest or sleep in our home our physical and energy bodies are nourished and we wake up feeling healed, refreshed and Youthful. We feel deep contentment when we are at home. We will continue to love, honor and bless thus holy space filled with Divine Love.

2023 ‘Christmas Crystal’ Gifting from Quantum


This Christmas gift someone you love with the perfect crystalline power piece. Thru out the years I have collected some very powerful crystals that seek to be activated and placed with their perfect crystal caretaker. Most of these crystals are genuine works of celestial creation.

I have been a crystal clearinghouse for the last 30+ years. Every crystal I have ever received or ever sold or given away has always given me a gift and a powerful truth. A gift I didn’t even know that I Needed. Throughout the years I have gifted many with crystals and stones each one meaning something to the receiver. Each crystal and healing stone on earth has been infused with a Great Light and Mission. They are treasures that seek someone to reveal their inner beauty and bounty. I will intuitively, with the help of the Universe, pick the perfect Christmas crystal for the person you seek to enlighten.  The cost for said power piece which includes mailing in USA is $33.00 it will come with information about the crystal and its use. Email me for more info.

Christmas Magic, Mother Mary, & Miracles Made Manifest 

12:12 Zoom Workshop

With Gillian MacBeth

DECEMBER 10, 2023 / SUNDAY 12:45 PM to 3:00 PM EST USA Cost $29.00 includes video

To Register email Gillian 

This workshop is filled with Magic, Miracles, Meditation and MARY

The vibration of all that is Mary comes forth bringing untold gifts setting the ‘table of light’ in this holy month bestowing countless blessings of plenty upon Earth. Like all Feminine hearts that carry a vast light Mother Mary has never given up on mankind. December 12:12 has always been an energy date that has been close to my heart it holds the Mother Mary energy of pure love and deep compassionate for all that is upon earth.  Her energy can be felt all over the world in various forms and displays grottos in the mountains, prayers flags on the cliffs and love in the flame of a candle. 12:12 holds every shade of Marion Blue that has graced this Earth and wore a mantle of pure peace in the mist of chaos.

I love doing this workshop because it is filled with so much love, laughter, reverence and mystical light. This workshop comes as a reminder that there is a place of peace that allows entrance only thru the portal of the heart.  Like a child that magically enters a snow globe this Workshop is about bringing the magic of all that is Holy into the cells of all that is human.  Become a living Christmas light in this season of magical wonder; feel the twinkle of magic in your soul as your child of light awakens.

2024 ‘RE-SOUL-LUTION’ ZOOM WORKSHOP with Gillian MacBeth

December 30, 2023 Saturday 12:45 pm to 3:00+ pm EST

To Register email Gillian 

In this workshop we will cover every little thing you Need ‘to do’ energetically, physically and spiritually to insure you have a Love-filled, Power-filled 2024. More info to come….




Step into a Higher Timeline with Thyme ~

Thymus vulgaris  ‘Arklantis’ Flower Essence

The Thyme essence – It’s About Time – helps us to shift into a different timeline. A more rarified vibrational field where we can access new skill sets, and mind sets and HEART sets. Timelines are splitting and merging and overlapping. It’s About Time we transform and think with our hearts, to benefit family, friends, and all of humanity. We can’t think our way out this time. This Thyme essence will help open our heart. As Thyme opens our heart chakra we become more tolerant and patient and more able to give and receive love.  We can be present and heart-full. Thyme can help us move into a vortex of timelessness.

It’s about Time, the Thyme essence, can also be used when there is the feeling of not enough time. It can alter our perception of time, which allows it to speed up or slow down.  It is useful for those who have issues with time.  It can help those who struggle with “dead”lines, and race the clock. The Thyme essence helps dissolve our confinement into one timeline. This can help create a more grace filled life, as it helps us adapt to changes (especially timeline shifts and changes which are rampant right now).There is a quantum convergence as we are rapidly shifting from both our individual as well as collective timelines. The Thyme essence, It’s About Time, helps us navigate this noble adventure. In the new timelines we can more easily comprehend the sacred knowledge from the realms of illumined truth and the patterns of perfection. The elemental kingdom abides in more rarified pulsations and frequencies of light, and in the new timelines they are more tangibly available than ever before. We can collaborate in new ways. 

The Thyme essence brings us to a higher vibe and reminds us that we are capable of finding our own equilibrium. We can remain balanced in simultaneous timelines. It helps to  ground us in the present moment, and embrace the ever moving wave of change in our lives.The Thyme essence can help us stay in the higher timelines (that are elusive, uncharted territories of the new dimensions)  where we always respond with love. Take Thyme.  It’s About Time Go to www.STARESSENCE.COM to order


‘Field of Dreams meets little Star Foundation’

You do not have to be a ‘famous movie star’

to make a difference in a child’s life

Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need. This heart felt foundation is founded by former professional tennis player Andrea Jaeger.

The universe moves in mysterious ways as it has sent the ‘field of dreams to meet the little stars, in the form of Kevin Costner joining forces with the legendary Andrea Jaeger (former professional tennis player) to help children via her foundation Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need.

Please join Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger in heart and intention by donating to Little Star Foundation. This wonder filled foundation is now providing support in 38 states and worldwide. Please visit  for more information.Hear directly from Kevin Costner, Andrea Jaeger, and the children of Little Star Foundation – together we can do amazing things.

Contact Andrea Jaeger – Little Star Foundation


174 Watercolor Way  Suite 103B343

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459


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