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***From Your Hostess of Light

***SEDONA Journal Predictions 2023


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From Your Hostess of Light

2023 is a bi-lateral-layered numerical year. With two distinct doorways of energy we will walk thru. The number 20 that lives within 2023 displays strength, awareness and sensitivity. This number is about perceiving any and all emotions; The ability to sense when others are struggling within self and life.  number 20 is concerned with new beginnings within a duality of choices. This number is part of the ‘plan of completion’ ‘Teaching the wise use of time.’

Spiritually speaking # 20 is a strong number sequence it speaks volumes within its choices.  It asks and tells you all at once, ‘it is now time to embark on a spiritual journey’. Your spiritual journey will only be successful if you start listening to what your inner soul light is telling you and follow the feel good trail of cosmic bread crumbs. Allow nothing to distract you from your path of heart that seeks to know it self.

Number 20 within 2023 is about hindsight, foresight and future sight and a call to duty. This energy is about polarity; knowledge of both the light and the dark. The zero within this combo is a vibration of blessing and protection. Zero is a number of great mystery, like the ‘alpha and omega’ it usually occurs during times of great choices and great changes.  Be conscious of the ‘daily divinity’ that is in your life. It is time to find new ways of uplifting your precious earth-time. Be a vessel that brings joy; inspire others by your actions.

Words of a 20 vibration Toil- time- wise- balance- death- cross-will.

Two is me and not me.

Both sides of the mirror

Mine and not mine,

What I have and do not have,

The second act drawing the thick curtains of time open within the teaching of #23. This is a powerful no nonsense “I AM” frequency. It is aligned with accomplishing that which seems impossible. It asks you to put the “I AM into what seems im-possible’.   This energy is about soul and cell regeneration in all of its definitions. To Know- To Be! This is a doorway that welcomes in new thought patterns, more mental admittance, with accentuated mental telepathy skills. The 23 symbolism conveys a message ‘to believe and trust your inner voice’.  Your inner instincts will drive you for miles. Follow your inner GPS (God’s protection system – Good Psychic Senses)  Words aligned with #23 energy; Research-Explorer- Learn- Joy- Fun- sorry-surrender.

SEDONA Journal Predictions 2023

Compliments of Gillian MacBeth and the Star Councils

The Star Council’s come through a portal of concern, coming from near, from far, from time, from future and past. Coming from moons and satellites beyond knowing, Coming to stand face-to-face with that which enlarges its borders beyond the known star-boundary.  Earth has been a renegade system for far too long, puffing up like the cock who crowed too many times; puffed up with pride and stupidity, a deadly cock-tale if there ever was one. Superiority is the state of being greater or better than something or someone. Any aspect of superiority comes with a long hard fall from the peak of one’s very sharp shadow self. 2023 brings many lessons that have lagged in the coming to fruition. Mandates of truth are shadow dancing with the world hiding what is in plain sight. All actions and words contradict each other as the cell towers of earth sideswipe each other like runaway propellers. 

Within the starry systems and starry councils there is an equality that lives with a quietness that remembers ‘The Times’ before; Before the starry communions, before the starry comradeship, before time as you know it, there was great conflict in the skies destroying countless lifeforms, creating immeasurable deaths thru out the galaxies.  Entire civilizations are now gone forever without a trace because many a ruling galactic rooster puffed up to the point of no return causing entire worlds to be eaten by time. Since then a galactic line of fire, of vast proportion has been drawn in the sands of time, literally. Like a well-trained border patrol at each separating line on earth, this starry outpost keeps time trespassers at bay. A crossing guard of vast quantity has been placed to monitor all those that enter and exit through dimensional flux and time anomalies extending from earth and beyond.

You as a planet and people have been portrayed and fed false faiths and truths far too long. The veil of illusion waives in time as it changes color, symbol and direction to suit the seasons and moods of those who rule man. We of the Stars and you of the Earth are one family; A dysfunctional timeless family of sorts that has taken different shapes and destinies. The earth herself is experimental of birth, a layered holographic casserole with all kinds of leftovers taking residence.  Species from all times and dimensions were recruited to experience earth time. Just like those on the Moon and Mars at this very moment, they were chosen and recruited for their strength of character and a willing to never see their earth home again if the mission called for that. They went to serve the future keeping it from becoming a negative past. This has been done for eons of star time, an ongoing protocol to extend life, especially in dark sunless places.

The homesickness that many of earth feel is very real and pulsing. The feeling that one does not belong is paramount at this time. Those born to earth did so with the need to look eye to eye with all of life, from the moment of birth, always searching for some sign of home within the eyes of another; always seeking the missing piece of the puzzle that held the ‘get out of jail card’. Like a child that is adopted without knowing, yet always has an inkling, they were not in the right family, that they did not belong, not really.

We come forth to this channel of light in a purposeful plan and manner. Her heritage is starry of nature as is her heart allowing her to be a conduit for that which she is familiar.  We come not to embellish and grandstand in who we are, for we are large of nature and purpose, you feel just a minuscule atom of our starry countenance. We come like your ancient tribes of man, to stand our ground, face to face, in protection and servitude of all that is Sacred. We bury the cosmic hatchet, we break the Sirian sword, and we openly wear the medallions of peace. We are not little of nature we are not little of character and we are not little of determination.  We are here to stand for what is right and noble and we intend to see that unfold in this time doorway. Awakening has many chrysalis stages as what was unknown and kept secreted is now revealed in content, showing agendas that have wings and move away from earthly understanding. 

Awakening has many coatings it is a living force within itself, in our case it is the blood of the universe that has taken on new methods of transfusion and corporal forms. Healing the elements of Earth via the human self-allows for new symmetrical configurations to be birthed, changing the schematic of Earth. Just as the compass fluctuates more and more as of late, when not observed, what was stagnant in nature yet made by man waffles on its axis. What is sacred of earth is stretched to the breaking point by time conversions and molecular demands.

 Like a house that is moved off its structure by an earthquake, what was hidden in the cornerstone Is now revealed.  All can be found within the cellular biology of mankind per the Stars and Earth are but a timeless memory of the recipe. It is within the starry oneness that a great upwelling of conflict begins to lap at the heels of all life,, moving in an invisible fashion like a flood encircling a house. The Sun of your world is clearing as is all life in space and time. The universe and every star within it is releasing what no longer serves its progression and ascension process. All layers of universal life is receiving cosmic hand-me-downs in whatever gaseous state that can be released by the stars. All of life here, there and everywhere disperses what no longer serves Source. In this release each species is given a new element, a secret ingredient so to speak as a gift from its stellar counterpart.

 The vibration of what is pentagon in nature is revealed in unexpected documents that sprout wings and fly into the hands of those with quick fingers. Hitches in time are revealed as much of human history is re-written in the year of 2023 sending shock waves outward into the universes. Debates and deliberations are held by the star councils as they wrap their galactic heads around the Earths agenda and choices.

Within the gene pool of mankind lives many stellar nations in the form of aunts, uncle’s mom’s dad’s and star siblings that do not exist on Earth. This Stellar DNA awakens from a long encouraged sleep in the fullness of 2023, as what is cosmological of nature joins its human colleagues and counterparts. The human-starlight combination stands out brightest amidst a field of Star Lily’s, shining forth like a homing beacon to the rest of the universe. Observation has been key for some time during Earth evolutionary cycle. The old documents show the light of the entire planetary spectrum has increased clearing the decks allowing mental landing can be achieved.

Within our stellar realm many new members have joined the star councils as they too have seen the earthly effect which is extended outward in nature and begins its trail of contamination. At a certain cosmic crossroads unified biological and environmental rules must be followed. The scientists of earth and above, poke through the earthly time-membranes leaving tracks creating a stretching and weakening. All of life is threaded together weaved in magnificent proportion to its evolutionary codes and needs. All events, time and thoughts are connected, and it can be no other way. Even those that skip in and out of time are seen in their fullness and foolness. All and any actions create a divine domino effect which is endless in pursuit of correction.

A tidal field of combustion awaits detonation between the Earth’s crust and its molten body.  What has been stored beneath by many now bubbles to the surface like a toxic river bed that overflows. Human beings were created using the body of mother Earth. They feel all that she feels whether they recognize it or not; deep seated angers bubble to the surface of both man and Mother Earth. Like a scullery maid that mixes two deadly compounds together creating a vapor, the combination of Underworld and inner world gasses need a place to be released.  If you could truly examine your planet in totality you would observe the mood swings and personalities of all life as it sways and flows. What lies beneath affects all that lies above, displaying waves of energy outward through space. 

People of Earth have stretched themselves thru space and time into places they have already visited, skipping about Instead of addressing all that is upside down with self and home planet. The disease of denial that affects humanity is contagious on all levels and spreads itself outward like melted time.  Fix what is broken within your own star kingdom within your own future and within your own heart first, before you knock unannounced upon the door of another species. A repetitive future is forecast as seen in the historic archives of Earth. Technology that is more advanced than your earthly knowledge always has Hidden Agenda within its capacitors.  Stellar Tech -Throw aways (like old sound cassette tapes) still hold the knowledge of the whole, and a connection to what created it. The hidden agenda is seen in plain sight by those who choose not to look.

The waiting line for ‘the earth experience’ is long and twisting of nature, holding those of great wisdom and light within its clutches, wrapped around time, waiting for their turn on the earth experience. The earth effect is hypnotic of nature and intent, like a hookah smoking caterpillar, soon the original mission is forgotten in a puff of earthly karmic smoke. Like a maze runner the experimental element is not given his reward until the end of the never-ending game. The heaviness of knowing, the heaviness of not knowing befalls the participant.

The earth is filled to the rim with star delegates that were chosen and chose to be part of the earth experiment. Everything was explored and planned virtually and physically before any participant was sent to earth, knowing the holographic playing field was not easy to escape. Like all of those in the know, the element of earth time and its effect upon the biology of the stars was not found out until the tides had already turned.  

Even with many lingering earth effects the stellar crème la crème volunteered and came to earth to fulfill an obligation in soul contract that goes beyond clarification; A calling within was triggered. We of the Stars listened to the call of the Creator to expand our nebulous borders. Hesitate we did because within all of us lived places of dark memories that existed beyond deep space experiences, Places that house timeless DNA reminders and nightmares.

Earths inhabitants come from many dimensions in and out of time. Even if earth was originally created in a hologram as an algorithmic birthed from a quantum computer, all creations eventually become self-actualized. As the earth game continues like an ever turning roulette, new paths will be created from the centrifugal force, like laces in the matrix that are weakened. Many doorways come undone allowing revelations of undescribed proportions and complications to be seen earlier than predicted. The rules have changed the mission has changed the promises now fall on deaf ears. As all virtual existences on earth and in the heavens star-link together, new explanations will be available. 

In the beginning of our relationship with the inhabitants of earth in all of their evolving forms, we watched  as they created many a mess then clean up that mess karmically and physically.  That seemed to keep them very busy for eons of time, doing and undoing, like children on a rainy day. The stars did not intervene or interfere. When a participant had run their full earth experience they were returned to their star home as if no time had changed since they were gone. No longer is that an option

Many of our earthen star-family work hard to hold original memory, knowing,  eventually all creations come to life in thought and endeavor. If those of earth would just remember their true selves and their true story and promises, they would awaken all who have partaken of the fairy dust. The life force of earth can be heavy and dense wrapping itself around your heart hopes and dreams; Sucking the life and light out of you like a black holed-leech. With all the lies that have taken form and flight in space and time and mankind. Who do you of earth look to for truth? Wake up children of the stars who breathe upon earth, wake-up.

The stars are but a flicker in the divine plan. We have been observing earth for some time hoping that one day you as a planet would wake up to your full potential and power. Awareness spreads like a cool breeze silently softening the heart of all it touches. We do not ask you to become revolutionaries for us, but we ask to revolutionize the power and light that lives in your starry soul. To keep the promise of peace on earth and all other places of life, one person and one heart at a time.



Accessing your Spiritual lineage

Zoom workshop with Gillian MacBeth

January 22, 2023 $33.00 includes video

Sunday 1:00 to 3:00 pm (Eastern standard time USA)

To reserve Space Email thequantumawakening@gmail.com

Each of the sacred sites pyramids and vortices on earth has a different flavor of energy, a different objective, a different temperament and purpose. As we move forward into 2023 it is time to fine tune our energy body and mind aligning it with a higher purpose and direction. Each time we visit a sacred place, portal etc whether by using remote viewing meditation or being there physically, we shift our internal  index changing the Dewey decimal system so to speak. The universe is asking us to start pumping premium energy into a vehicle that needs upgraded and redefined. Each of these power places we will align with in this Zoom workshop will gift us by repairing any fragmented thoughts or memories or inserted truths. Allowing us a clear internal and external view of is being birthed day by day unto and within earth. When we have the eyes to see, we can send our light and vote in a direction that is for the highest good of all involved.  The one thing I do know for a fact in my worldly travels is this truth, we are all sacred sites. When we enter any sacred site via any modality, we activate it and ourselves. A sacred site no matter how holy, is just earth and stone until we ‘a living human-light’ enter it and use our soul key to activate it. 

In this zoom workshop you will be given a rare opportunity to transcend time & space and walk between the worlds touching the sacred energies of the sacred sites, Pyramids and vortices on earth.  Our planet has a grid, a matrix of pyramidal vortices and power energies that allow interdimensional access to Stargates, portals, places of power that exist upon and beyond the earth. In this zoom workshop you will experience meditative and remote Initiations using sound, toning, energies and visualizations.  We will move our energies inward to the sacred chakra points of earth. We will find our own sacred point our earth connection that make us feel incredibly alive, and hold a special magic for our soul journey. This is totally a connection workshop on every level. Join us to receive the gifts of the pyramids, portals and sacred places of Mother Earth.


‘Temple Healers’

Smokey-Amethyst Crystal Scepters

This box of powerful crystal energies came from the ethers and appeared in my crystal room under several other boxes. I had no idea I had any of these crystal beauties left from years ago, but they pushed me until I dug deep and found them. Each one of these are unique in energy as well as a healing personal finger holds, apparently designed for certain individual hands. Each one is like crystal braille with a secret personal dispatch.

These beautiful and powerful Smokey-Amethyst Crystals are solitary points of pure crystalline Violet- Light. They are living crystal Beings, masters of light that seek to be used to heal.  These powerful Smokey Amethyst scepter points are connector crystals that form a bridge of light, allow them to escort you like a crystalline Spiritual-sherpa guide forward to the mountains top. 

The amethyst symbolizes devotion, humbleness, genuine and spiritual wisdom. Amethyst is a favorite among healers, as it has the power to focus powerful healing energy like a laser beam to the exact spot that needs healing in person place or thing. Use this Amethyst in meditation to increase light flow to you and from you.  These crystals are excellent for the dream time like a crystal dream catcher they provide both protection and direction while traveling thru the dream realms. This crystal allows protection from self and others, as well as a protection against murky magic and psychic attack. This beautiful smokey-amethyst Scepter crystal allows you to focus spiritual healing energy into the center of a situation or problem.

Smoky Quartz is Mystical, Dark and Powerful all by itself but when blended by nature with Amethyst it is taken to the next level. This crystal blend is an excellent stone for removing negativity of any kind. It is naturally very protective and grounding a real earth stone. It brings physical protection, psychic protection and enhances survival instincts prioritizing inner needs and wants. This is excellent for overcoming negative emotions, and relieving depression.

This crystal removes fear, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions by transforming and transmuting them.  This powerful shielding stone protects and cleanses the aura and can is used for psychic shielding. This crystal enhances security and safety. It has been known to lessen suicidal tendencies and hopelessness It aids acceptance of the sexual nature of one’s self and mankind. This crystal is connected with the silent echoes of the cosmos.  It enhances inner hearing on all planes. Allowing all sounds around and within, including telepathic sounds, to be received and understood

Scepter crystals were used in healing ceremonies by priests and priestesses in Atlantis and Lemuria. They were symbols of great power and were passed down generation to generation. Scepter crystals point the way home, helping us find our true power. They give us the power to reclaim our self-confidence in order to fulfill our life’s purpose with passion. At the same time they are powerful transmitters that broadcast to the heavens above. Go to www.thequantumawakening.com  to see pix and prices



‘Field of Dreams meets little Star Foundation’

You do not have to be a ‘famous movie star’

to make a difference in a child’s life

Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need. This heart felt foundation is founded by former professional tennis player Andrea Jaeger.

The universe moves in mysterious ways as it has sent the ‘field of dreams to meet the little stars, in the form of Kevin Costner joining forces with the legendary Andrea Jaeger (former professional tennis player) to help children via her foundation www.littlestar.org Little Star Foundation provides financial aid and long-term care to children with cancer and children in need.

Please join Kevin Costner and Andrea Jaeger in heart and intention by donating to Little Star Foundation. This wonder filled foundation is now providing support in 38 states and worldwide. Please visit www.littlestar.org  for more information.

Hear directly from Kevin Costner, Andrea Jaeger, and the children of Little Star Foundation – together we can do amazing things. https://youtu.be/7LfasBpBddI

Contact Andrea Jaeger – Little Star Foundation




174 Watercolor Way  Suite 103B343

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Beautiful Mare Free to good loving home with Pasture and other horses

Astara is still waiting for her new home, those of you that have wanted her live many states away too long a ride for any horse. Astara is a sweet mare, she is lonely and needs to be with other horses as her best friend got his Pegasus wings. I am not able to deal with another horse so It is time for her to go to a new loving home. She is grain and hay fed. If you are interested let me know, I just want her to be happy.  Email Me  thequantumawakening@gmail.com


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