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February 2017

Issue 218

Over 30 years in publication and global distribution

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Created, Channeled, Written, Published and Copyrighted with Love by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

This newsletter is Spirit Driven and  has been in circulation since 1986.


The Quantum Awakening reaches a core group of millions of dedicated Planetary LightWorkers.

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This newsletter is lovingly crafted by Spirit any imperfections in spelling and grammar 

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Quantum Newsletters are lovingly translated into ‘Spanish’ by Suzy Peralta  from Argentina

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***From your Hostess of Light

***March of Sophia

***Standing up to your Shadow

***The Cosmic directional Buoys in time





From your Hostess of Light

In last months issue of the Quantum Awakening I posted my article from the Sedona Journal 2017 predictions issue like I do every New Year. Some questioned if it was channeled or not and why wasn’t it fully channeled? For those of you who do not know me personally, you do not realize that my entire day is channeled whether I am at the Post Office or the bank or the grocery I am a conscious channel of Light, that light is never turned off. It is a energy that flies on the wings of Shekinah the Holy Spirit.

Since I spontaneously started channeling in the early 80’s I have asked every day to be ‘used as a clear and perfect channel of Light for the highest aspect of all that was holy’.

I no longer have to ‘go under’ so to speak to tap into the universe and in reality none of you all need to do that either.  We are on a dimensional freeway, no tolls, no exits, and no speed limit has been set on our Light. In the early years we were a connection point and channel for the Light now we are the Light.  I can tap into any universal energy any place, any time and make contact, just as you. For where your thoughts and intents walk, the energy follows hand in hand and a magical connection happens. It is not a forced or contrived or exaggerated connection, it is natural.

In times of old we had to climb the sacred mountain, swim the holy sea, and eat manna for breakfast. We were not at a place to understand or contain our light and wear it as one with our humanness. Finally the world and science and religion have caught up with us and have proven everything we have held as sacred truth for eons of time.

We are now at a place of a great emptiness waiting to be filled with the new possibilities, the new truths, and the new unexplained. In that emptiness it gives us time to look around at the empty apartment inside. For when one becomes an empty holy chalice they are given a great opportunity.




A powerful and ancient call went out gaining entrance and momentum as it entered the chamber of the heart and opened a new place of light for the world to see. They came from all lands, they came from the seas, they came from the cornfields, they came from the deserts.  They came with open arms and ‘Open Hearts’ into a place of convergence creating a plateau of solid light held up with columns of the heart.

Millions of women reinforced the feminine pillar of all that was Good and Holy. The Divine She herself  rose from her ancient sleep rubbed her eyes and saw all the fractures and wounded parts of herself she had ignored too long. All the scars thru time had reddened and a planetary healing was needed immediately.

She called to herself, every ancient piece, from goddess, to Nun, to warrioress, to Priestess to healer to savior. She called from the mountaintops, the Valleys, and the sacred places of Earth. She called to all of her sisters of Earth, all of her sisters of the sky, and all of her sisters of the heart, to gather in momentum in purpose and power.

She called to parts of herself she had forgotten, that still existed only as a slight Whisper. She called to all that was dark within herself, her fears and her body. She looked up to the night sky, and called to all that had forgotten her and left her and her children to fend for themselves. She called to all that once loved her. like those that walked in the great goddesses named she demanded acknowledgment and answers.

Everything within and without the Earth shifted as a plate of light was grafted to the wounded body and heart of Mother Earth. never had she seen such an outpouring of love from her daughters, sons, and believers. As she  watched with great tears in her soul, the heart of Earth proclaimed in all her glory 'so it shall be done!'

Every feminine cell within the living body of Earth awakened to its power, not in a place of violence or muscle but a place of purpose and solidarity of light.  A cord of justice has been struck and resonates throughout the planet without pause. As this resonance is embraced on a cellular by all, a gentle compassion will take form and action.

Like the Dove of the Holy Spirit the message has gone out and will resonate creating a new configuration and paradigm of light. Not only will this chord clang like tinnitus in the deaf ears of those who do not hear, but it will stir the very gods of old themselves.

The pathway of distorted, concave, convex and convoluted energies have been shaped in this sinewy dimensional fissure, and now they demand to be straightened out. A cosmic cesarean birth has opened places in the earth that were not ready to be exposed and are still shaky of construction. A step has been skipped allowing an unexpected event to be birthed before its scheduled appearance. Earth has struck a cord of heart-truth that is being echoed throughout the universe like an opus of peace. Stand tall in your light; shadows only come to warp your point of view and keep you distracted, you have already crossed the line in the sand, no matter if the winds of change swept it away.



Standing up to your shadow

I wish on a star every night that those I love will have peace in their lives and hearts. I wish they could find happiness and financial security and maybe even love. Lately many have come to a Crossing in their life, a frozen river that seems to stop them from moving forward. For all of us no matter what form the learning’s have thickened and crusted around the edges. We are asked to move thru our boiling over fears directed by many artists of illusion.

We as a planet must all move through our fears into the future which is simultaneously decided and undecided. It is time we stand face to with what continues to steal our peace.  Like a dark desert Sandstorm that catches up with one no matter how fast they run, multitudes of granules of particles from the past rub against the skin opening Old Wounds, opening old loves,  opening old doors we did not knock upon. We've run so hard and so fast like Time Traveler's wandering we no longer recognize Who We Are or who we are becoming.

We are now At the point of turning within face to face with our personal darkness in whatever form or shadow dance it takes. We cannot progress nor heal as a planet with fear in our hearts. We are all filled to the rim with every flavor of fear, fear is broadcast every single minute of every single day. Fear camps out on the virtual cloud and like a raven swoops down to consume the weak. We are asked to stand in a place of valor and might, knowing that we are not subject to the whims or personalities of others.  

As our world becomes more virtual in nature and we all become connected in a collective earth-heart we will be able to surf the universe with our consciousness tethered only to this vehicle. We are no longer tied down or hardwired to earth as we once were. we are becoming the avatars of our life whether online or in the real world we are at a point of universal shift. Like a big ‘G’ gear in the rusty ole wheel of life, a new cog in time has been found.

Nothing in this world is one solid particle but trillions that agree to come together to take form. Taking shape like a flock of migrating birds, fooling the human eye, being seen, being unseen, having mass having none. Welcome to 2017 the particles can shift in a moments notice. You are no longer ‘the sacred-crow’ hanging in the fields of life, stop hanging on to the tatters of life and begin your journey anew, again with a new story that will fortify your souls longings.




The Cosmic Directional

Buoys in time

As we finally come to our next stop in time, we all seem to be stuck waiting on commands from the light. Crossing our fingers holding our breath counting to seven, we wait for the universe to wave us forward, like an intersection cop with neon gloves. Eagerly we await what we feel in the pit of our stomach is really big!  Searching our world, our reflections, and our intuitions for the cosmic directional. All the while Feeling as if our legs are leaden, keeping us in the land of the unformed and uninformed.  A place of no words, no actions, no foresight.  Licking our wounds, feeling like a trapped animal in a place of no escape.  Looking around us at the economy, the government, the world, and seeing that everyone is parked at the stoplight in a long line waiting for a sign.  Many get tired of waiting and attempt to make their own in the void. Like ground hog day the void will keep you running in a labyrinth configuration until it gets your full attention.

Who will save us, who will lead us, who will be our messiah our president our commander and chief?  We feel as if we are held captive within space and time, sitting in the chamber between heartbeats.  The silence is loud; the void is deafening and the mirror is shiny.  Stopping only to hone our wants and our needs we constantly look for the sign, the sky writing, the text. The posting that says, 'thumbs up, the water is safe, come on in. you can now cross the street of your life into the next phase of your journey.'  Did we just go thru that with the green hornet comet and one powerful snow moon leo eclipse?

A tiny voice within whispers," Wait just, wait! Pause take a breath for all is undetectable and embryonic of state.  Wait until the tide changes in your direction and finally reaches the seashore of your heart.  Do not rush into dangerous waters with what is unseen lurking below the surface.  Wait for life to unveil itself, in its fully formed self.  Hold onto the seed dreams within your eternal soul heart.  The fruit of the future comes from an unassuming plant.  Do not judge the new forms the Light messages will take

When your soul announces the bridge is safe to cross, Do not use excuses to become sluggish depressed and self-critical.  In this place that beckons weave the longings of your heartstring  into a vibratory tapestry of sub-atomic particles that are destined to find their way into a form that takes life. 

Do not sit as a passenger in your life.  Hold tight as you paddle through the breakers of your life to the peaceful yet powerful waters.  Let go of the fear of falling off of your flat-liner life.  Sail fully without fear of failure.  Follow the star chart of your destination with precision and then expect to land on new land that will provide even more than you imagined.

All of life it is but a wink, a blink and a nod.  Now sail on your beautiful boat into your unknown, unformed future. Allow your internal divine compass to innately sail you in the direction of your destiny.

The illusion of stillness seems hauntingly alive, and you fear being devoured by its vastness, as one who sails to the rivers end only to find a great waterfall.  Let go and allow the divinity within you to drive.  It is older and wiser and has driven since the beginning of time.   Allow the true self, the soul, the God within to move you in a direction of completeness.  The void has the ability to extract what is in your heart and assist you in birthing it into manifestation."







Mt Ida Arkansas Crystal Capital USA

Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, 2017


Your Hostess of Light at this event is Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

’The Goddess’ has been called to the land of crystals to give of her heart, her warmth, her beauty, and healing to the inner earth crystal grid, to the waters, to the sky, and to the Earth of Mt Ida Arkansas, the crystal capital of the United States.

A Conclave is defined as a private or secret meeting, an assembly or gathering, especially one that has special power or influence. That one statement says it all ladies!

Let the Crystal Goddess awaken within your heart, like a cocoon moving forward thru time into its destiny as a butterfly.


This will be a ‘Great Goddess Adventure’, just the first of many to come. J


In Ancient Greece Mt. Ida was known as the Sacred Place of the Goddess, all powers were magnified on this sacred Mountain. At its summit, the Olympian gods gathered while the goddesses kept the mountain itself sacred and holy. Zeus himself was raised on Mt Ida hidden by his mother to keep him safe. A powerful connection will be made between these two sacred points of land, light and power opening a doorway for a great healing to occur in the United States and then onto the world. The Goddess will bring the soft healing we all need like a healing mothers kiss on a boo-boo.

Not only will we have the power of the crystal grid itself but we will be located a short distance from Lake Quachita, in Mt Ida. A man made recreational lake filled with healing crystal energy and deep secrets of its own, Just waiting for your Goddess light to complete it.

Mt Ida Arkansas is 27 miles from Hot Springs nestled in old healing trees and ancient mountains. Many many moons ago my husband and I went to Mt. Ida and actually got our marriage license in the little city hall and then went on to mine twin flames (dark and light) phantoms at one of the local mines, It was quit extraordinary. Since then I have gone their several times and not felt that original magical connection.

In 2016 a great shift occurred whether we liked it or not, and many sleeping hearts awakened to a profound call ‘like Joan of Arc’, a soul stirring occurred.  The holiness within, sprang to the surface in a wellspring of power asking to be tapped and ridden. This great call stirred the sleeping goddesses of earth into attention. Awakened from a deep slumber of timelessness, the goddesses of old gave of their very power to the women and men that so marched in the name of what was good and honorable.

For this ‘Crystal Goddess Conclave’ I have secured a property that is 5 acres on a quiet cul-de-sac rd, in Mt. Ida Arkansas close to the therapeutic waters of Lake Quachita. On this healing property are several housing/ sleeping options. There is a big fire pit perfect for all things Goddess from s’mores to Peruvian Whistling vessels, drums, and crystal bowls.

Since on sight lodging is limited there are several affordable motels in the Mt Ida.Arkansas area from casual country to upper crust spa stays. Your choice Goddesses.  If you plan on staying on the property get ready for a cosmic pajama party in a ‘Ripley believe it or not environment’. This will be eclectic and fun-filled a ‘great goddess adventure’ that seeks to be fulfilled.

We will embrace all that the ‘Crystal Goddess Conclave” has to offer from mountains to crystalline water and all in-between. We will become precious vessels of healing in this small space of time that we all join hands and hearts.


Preliminary Schedule & Itinerary

There will lots of free time for you to go out on your own exploring the energies

Thursday, September 28, 2017 (check –in Goddess House after 2:00 pm/ or your motel rooms)

Meet and Greet Thursday Evening/ inside/ outside the Goddess house, around the fire pit/ (everyone welcome) lots of food, Appetizers, drinks, wine/ cheese etc served. Integrating the energy, activating the Goddess Grid, and blending with one another. it is real important to intermingle with each other before tomorrows activity


Friday Morning/ September 29, 2017

Fabulous Continental breakfast served at Goddess House

Light Circle together before we head out to Crystal Mine.

After Breakfast on Friday we go to crystal dig sight in Mt Ida, (as a group) to bless the land and mine our own sacred crystals. As a group we will become the Crystal Goddess personified leaving all the love she/we brought in her/our heart infusing the Arkansas crystal grid with pure Love and Light, allowing this powerful healing energy to be amplified on a global level, ringing thru out the world as one heart beat closer to peace! 

Friday afternoon, after we get back to our sacred spaces and clean up a little from all that crystal digging, it’s time for a Healing Goddess Lunch, with all homemade soups and bread and healing foods galore, that we have specially created for the goddess within you.

Friday Evening around the fire pit we will gather to align with the energy and the teachings of the stars and the ‘Portals of dimensional sound’ that the Peruvian healing vessels will open. Using our holy intent and breath we will invite in a great healing for ourselves and our countries. Activating the sacred geometry’s deep within the land distributing them to all sacred sites known and unknown, asking that all sacred geometries in the land  become balanced.


Saturday morning Princess Waffle and Parfait breakfast filled with fun and laughter for all and maybe a little sparkle.

Saturday After Breakfast we go to the waters edge, of Lake Quachita, as a group. (just a hop and a skip from the Goddess house), to do a healing ceremony and leave our energy signature in the healing crystal waters of lake Quachita. 

Saturday Lunch on your own, down time, whatever you need

Saturday Night Italian Goddess feast Vegetarian Spaghetti/ sauce/ Lasagna/ garlic bread/ soups salads/ and more!

Goddess Cupcake Bar after dinner for that late night boost before we go out and howl and the moon for the last time. Before we all head home to share the Light we have gathered

Saturday Night around the fire pit/ Come one come all Join fully in light and hearts, ceremony, play, and Love for the last night together.

Sunday morning/ check out 11:00 Continental breakfast and ending light circle before we all go our separate ways.


$444 for all includes your lodging at the Goddess House in Mt. Ida Arkansans, (space is limited and you will be sharing a space with other Ladies of Light /ear-plugs provided) all wonderful meals listed above, the crystal dig goddess style (the mine owners will supply us with tools included in cost) all ceremony, and teachings, the Peruvian Whistling Vessels, and much more!


For those of you ladies that wish to stay at a motel or other lodging

$188 includes all meals and activities listed above (except for lodging)

More to be posted soon about this event soon.





Amazonite Bears from Madagascar

Sky Lodge bear asks you to look up for what is about to come, what is about to be birthed from above.  The blue within the Earthen structure of the bear asks you to look above the current crisis and condition on Earth up to the heavens as a peak of correction. Sky Lodge bear ask you to speak your truth like a whisper from Great Spirit. Allowing yourself to speak into creation that which you seek to know, that which you seek to be, and that which you seek to see.

These gorgeous carved Amazonite Sky Lodge Bears come to wrap their azure- blue healing energy around you taking you to a safe harbor, an inner place of peace. The Bear is keeper of the dreamtime he strength sits in the North. It is the place of wisdom, prophecy, auroras, star people, and the ancestors. Bear stores the teachings of dreams until the dreamer finally wakes enough to receive their truths while awake. Bear stands sentinel over this sacred dream storage space where the ancestors sit in Council

Father Sky encompasses all that is beyond Mother Earth. The sky is an endless place, completely empty yet brimming with life. It is a place of possibility and hope. We as a people look to the sky when we can no longer see what is right in front of us. The sky like the ocean are  both blue holding deep endless truths yet to be seen.

The strength of Bear medicine is the power of introspection. Bear takes in all information from eight senses and goes to his quiet place, studies the information and then reaches his own informed decisions. Bear is a profound thinker and wonderful Spirit guide.

Amazonite a beautiful pale azure-blue is known as the lucky "Hope Stone". Amazonite is a stone of truth, honor, integrity and trust. It promotes kindness and practicality and is an excellent stone for men showing them how to give without regret. It soothes traumas (real and imagined) alleviating worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, and blockages within the nervous system. 

Amazonite protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves.  It balances the male/female energies on all levels. Worn as an amulet it protects against snakebites and disease.  In Egypt, it was considered a holy stone. Amazonite was also used on the shields of the Amazon women of legend. It aligns with the throat and the heart blending a stunning energy opening allowing one to be able to speak what has been in their heart. It is a great stone of healing clearing the emotional body on several levels.

Amazonite helps you receive inspiration from the heart soothing the brain.  Amazonite is often used by Seers and stimulates the powers of clairvoyance. It is a wonderful stone to place over a door to bring in new business. It is said to stimulate clarity and to enhance understanding improving one's ability to cooperate with others (we could all use this stone nowadays).



Blue Dream Orbs

These orbs are just beautiful and the blue- green hues unite into a nice healing that will help soothe the savage beast within. When I bought these orbs from Madagascar I could feel a day on the sea or at the beach, soothing and healing filling all the senses of the body with relaxation and acceptance. These orbs take one back to a place of safety, pre-birth on earth. A place that is round and full and healing. I feel the Arcturian energies around these orbs like an SOS to the stars that says send some us healing, some love, some hope don’t forget about me, in other words phone home!

Energies are so complicated anymore we don’t even know what planet we are on, the sites and sounds ands words of the world swirl like a drunk in a gulf casino. Too much input, too much shift, and sensory overload. I feel these orbs allow a reprieve from the overload as you align with the greatest place of healing within your own thought kingdom. These wonderful healers allow you entrance into your own state room.

All Apatite creates ‘a willingness to let go of useless aspects of life, people and objects’, as it simultaneously enhances dormant psychic abilities. This stone allows one to see the real truth within the matter being displayed. Blue apatite connects to a very high level of spiritual guidance that is not easy to come by. Being associated with the throat chakra, it allows one to speak truth, both publicly and to self.

Blue Apatite increases motivation ‘to know, to be, to do’.  It draws negativity from the ‘slacker self’. This stone clears confusion and frustration, reducing irritability, allowing knowledge to enter the crown chakra.  Blue apatite can stimulate meditative visionary states.  Apatite is attuned to the future, yet connects us to the past.  It stimulates a deep spiritual connection  to the Source.

Use this stone for exploring past lives and their karmic patterns. Blue apaptite is a perfect dream stone. This stone accesses the subconscious allowing for creative problem solving. One is able to see the multiple choices and levels of consciousness within the human being as they gain access to the Akashic records. Apatite has a very cleansing effect on the auric field; it is also know to suppress hunger; clearing past lives trauma associated with hunger and not enough food.

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The Chocolate Goddess

The Chocolate Goddess is a divinely inspired Chocolate Company that blends the power of gem and flower essences  with healing chocolate. Gem and flower essences facilitate healing on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  

The chocolate is a magically delicious vehicle of light and healing!

As I write this, I reflect on the number of times I've been called the Chocolate Goddess!   It was two years ago that Gillian of The Quantum Awakening suggested I merge chocolate with flower essences.  Healing chocolate, she called it.  The first year I declined - I wasn't ready and had other projects.   But she persisted.   After a long and rather arduous birth, they are ready and eagerly awaiting their journey to you!

These blends have been carefully crafted to assist you as you move forward on your path to higher consciousness.  They exact a particular effect in a very grounded way! They will work for, with you, guide and inspire you 
to bring about true healing in your life.

The Goddess Donna Gilbert, who is The creator of these healing confections, bridges the loves in her life. She is ‘A flower essence practitioner, an energy healer, Reiki master & intuitive counselor’ who receives her financial blessings as a ‘chocolatier’ and energy worker.  

These flower and gem essence formulas are infused prayer, reiki,  love and gentle healing.

Specify your choice of one pound box or half pound box of Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate with the formula you wish to purchase.  A message from the essences will be included with each formula.

Choose from -

Integrating the Divine Feminine/Masculine Consciousness

Manifesting Your Heart's Desires


The Eye of the Hurricane

Balance (a Chakra blend)

Celestial Assistance

Cost is $25 per pound or $16 per half pound plus shipping (to be determined by zip code).  

Please Pay by money order, check or credit card.

For details, more information and to place your order







Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee