‘Ziggurat Temple’ Stones

Ziggurat Temple Stones

Marrakesh Picture Jasper


These stoney beauties are living Auruvedic architecture they were birthed in Marrakesh. Within these Magical Motif lives countless doorways of time. Like a revolving door through past lives these stones come to engrave their way into your memory with their every changing pictographs. Their sacred themes shift and changes like sand dunes in a haboob. These stones open your eyes to what is hidden in ‘Plain Sight’. However like one who reads tea leaves personal interpretations will vary with each stone.

These sacred places stones were found near a ley-line that connects many sacred places extending thru several countries. As you hold these pulsing energies their truths begin to come to the surface in a visual display of many living illustrations. I’ve been working with these stones for months and they continue to surprise me in their truths and teachings. They seem to change and change to fit what I needed to understand.  Showing me memories etched in time that wanted to shout out their truths.

The Mind heart and intention of every person on Earth is plucked from a different godly string within the music of the spheres.   The cosmic schematics and Google Map within each human heart guides one with a plate full of options. The magnetics of the human heart internally know its final destination yet chooses to taste the many paths and flavors of earth. Like all of you I’ve been going through lots of Cosmic choices that are narrow and sharp. Major life choices, major heart choices, choices one does not want to make at any age or time. These forks in the road scream interference by the ‘Fates’ as they scoot us along toward our true soul path. All of our choices must be tempered with power and wisdom for the good of all. These stones come to help us understand and bring to life the inner picture of upcoming possibilities.

These magical stones call themselves Ziggurat stones. A ziggurat itself is the base on which a Temple is set. Its purpose is to lift the temple and get the temple closer to the heavens. The Sumerians believed that the Gods lived in the Temple at the top of the Ziggurats, so only priests and other highly respected individuals could enter. The Mesopotamians believed that these temples connected heaven and earth. The Mesopotamian ziggurats were not places for public worship or ceremonies. They were believed to be dwelling places for the gods and each city had its own patron god.

This is a powerful unassuming stone full of surprises, and lots of information. This little beauty allows our natural intuitive abilities to communicate with pictographs. This modest picturesque stone is called Marrakesh picture jasper and is found in Morocco. It opens a connection between earth and other galactic doorways. Marrakesh Jasper reminds us to celebrate and honor life. Even if we do believe in reincarnation this is still our only time in this place and time.  Like water under a bridge time does not repeat itself in liquid order. This stone attracts like-minded people who become loyal and trusted friends, as well as helping to renew old friendships that had been lost.  It has strong grounding and calming qualities.

Marrakesh Jasper resembles a beautiful painting and looks like someone made brush strokes in browns, grays, and blacks giving the stone some very extraordinary markings. Like a Nazca lines or a crop circle this stone speaks loudly and with purpose.  I can tell you personally the dreams and sleep time have been very peaceful with these stones in the house.This stone has a cleansing, balancing effect on the auric field. It removes negative energies and returns them to where they came from.  Jasper is used for dream work. It simplifies dream recall, and encourages a sense of self-awareness through the dreamtime. Native Americans thought jasper had both magical and healing properties and used the stone to connect to the spirits.

These sacred stones come in two forms one is a temple platform stone, to be used as a healing placement and a place for prayers. The second is called a temple tile, smaller and more compact for working with.

Ziggurat Temple Stones

 Ziggurat Temple tile Stone Only (weighs approx 3-4 oz. each/ approx. 3″/  Cost $19 includes shipping USA  (20 of these left)



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