Wizard Flame Crystals


‘Wizard Flame Crystals’

These powerful and very magical crystals call themselves ‘Wizard Flame’ Crystals. They speak to you young wizards of Earth, teaching the innate celestial ability to create and shape energy into any fashion you desire. It is time for you as a earthly young wizard to transmute limiting patterns that have kept you less than for eons of time. It is time to change the heavy metals of your life into pure gold.

The Wizard Crystals teach that we are one with ‘ALL’ things. From the sands of time thru the Hall of Records, to the inner earth and outer earth realms, all is created from a single spectacular Livingness that has found its way into a multitude of forms. The very same energy that flows through the entire cosmos flows thru you.  Upon your birth, you were given the keys to the kingdom. Genetically you hold the codes of a divine light that can unlock all doors.  You were born to be a wizard.

When one lands into a place of knowing, one stands in the field of all possibility, planting a self-assured seed of hope without a shadow of a doubt. As a wizard one allows others to make mistakes without judgment. Never sitting in the position of ‘mightier than thou’, but watching from the sidelines with an open hopeful heart. A wizard allows the winds of change to blow thru them without fear. The internal flame burns away the dross to reveal ancient seeds that have been forced open by the fires of transmutation.

Wizards study the workings of the Cosmos and label the forces that they observe as God. They translate the absolute truths of God into earthly application. They can both interpret God’s Will and intercede for the sake of others. They have heightened sensitivity to God’s presence and mediate between Man and God.  Wizards are aware of their enormous power and use it intentionally and deliberately, with a purpose.

Mystical wizards know the energy that flows through them can take them right to where they need to go in thought and deed.  True Wizardry is a pure discipline incapable of deviation, proof positive of its innate superiority. Wizards know that they need a physical body to influence the cosmos and thus choose to extend their life on earth searching for answers. These powerful, beautiful and very magical Wizard Flame crystals come from Brazil.

A Wizard believes every single word he speaks for it can be no other way…

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