Vatican Stones

Vatican Stones

The dark lives within all that is light and the light lives within all that is dark; creating an eclipsed shadow dance, confusing the senses which then feeds the black wolf of distrust.

These Vatican stones will lead you through the archives of what is hidden and sequestered from the common person. Are you ready to walk the halls of your holy memories with only your own light to illuminate the way? These stones come to escort us into places of timelessness; into doorways of seeing and truth that is finally uncovered. Under most holy places in the world lives time tunnels and catacombs of the past, dirty little secrets that will eventually float to the surface as Mother Nature exposes that which wishes to be seen.

The Catholic Church itself has always acknowledged the supernatural and the other-worldly, whether they publicized that or not. They know very well the secrets of time they have deliberately hidden in plain sight. Within the Vatican lives a plethora of time records and sacred power relics, all contradict what is known to be. What is hidden deep within the catacombs of the past comes to knock on the door of our memories, as what we thought was truth shapeshifts into a new version of itself; the old hologram changes its light geometry, as false truths fall off the platform of the past. Vatican City is the world’s smallest independent state, nestled within the heart of Rome. It is the spiritual and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church and has been for over a thousand years

These Vatican stones, like all living black holes, display Entrances and Exits in time, presenting pathways between dimensional corridors; Showing underground intersections of time that has slowed down enough to be observed.

These powerful stones show you the dark places and indentations in all of us as we are escorted thru time, seeing our doings and un-doings. Use them to crack the ceiling of the past, releasing that which has stayed concealed, allow them to pepper the walls around the fortress of what is still dark and forbidden within your world and life.

The Vatican Secret Archives is the central repository in Vatican City that houses all acts dispersed by the Holy See. The pope, as Sovereign of Vatican City, holds ownership of the material preserved in the archives until his death or resignation, with possession passing on to his successor. With (53 miles) of shelving, much of the archives are underground in a two-story, fireproof, reinforced concrete bunker

Within these Vatican stones Is all that has been hidden from self; the dark within the light and the light within the dark, each reflecting a healing polar opposite.

This Vatican stone is known as Agni Manitite, Offers us a ‘Holy See.’ It was formed when a meteorites crashed into an island volcanos in  Indonesia, heating the surface of the Earth enough to turn it into liquid; the volcano then exploded and the mix of meteor and volcano/ obsidian exploded far into the sky then fell down to earth forming these powerful stones and creating this otherworldly connection. This stone is a rare find because most agni manitite is now underwater in Indonesia. This is a grounding and protective stone that creates a shield around you so you can move forward with assurance. It encourages spiritual awakening and transformation by shining a light on that which is dark and hidden within the self, the world and all that entails. This stone is said to speed up the vibration of light display. It increases energy levels and connects you with your power source in “warp speed” reminding you that anything is possible when you’re cosmically connected.

Agni manitite is a stone of direction. It inspires you to take the lead in life situations. This magical stone lifts your imagination and adventurous nature to new heights of exploration.  Keep a piece of this stone on your altar, desk, car, etc; is very protective and guiding and will increase your psychic abilities. There are many benefits to this stone, including initiating the dream recall state and helping one to acclimate to the New Earth Portal that was birthed on 4/8/2024.

This stone releases that which does not fit your soul or mission orders.  This black beauty has the ability to ground Light for the Healing of the Earth. As with all meteors and tektites this stone is a time traveler, coming from deep space alighting on earth. These stones are both heaven and earth dancing a stellar sacred geometry before landing in a timeless embrace.

VATICAN Myths or truths?

The Chief Exorcist of the Vatican Performed 100,000+ Exorcisms Father Gabriele Amorth served as the chief exorcist of the Vatican for 60 years, and performed approximately 160,000 exorcisms. The exorcism rite, has been performed by various Popes over the years. In 2018, BBC reported that the Vatican welcomed 250 priests from across the world to an annual Exorcist workshop.

The Vatican Helped Nazi War Criminals Escape the Allied Forces After the victory of the Allied Forces in Germany the Nazis were forced to seek refuge outside Europe. Thousands of Nazis escaped to South American countries, specifically Argentina, Chile, and Brazil. Harvard researcher Gerald Steinacher wrote a book that shows travel documents pointing to the Vatican having helped the Nazis travel.

The Vatican Made Money from the Holocaust The Vatican was also involved in helping smuggle Nazi looted art, gold, and other property belonging to Jewish families. Bernardino Nogara, the financial advisor to the Vatican is believed to have been a Nazi spies. He instituted a horrifying scheme that allowed the Vatican to invest money in Italian insurance companies that kept the assets from the life insurance plans of the murdered Jewish families. Since the Vatican was an investor and not a direct insurer, they did not need to return any of the money made using the scheme.

Scandals of the Vatican Bank The Vatican Bank also called the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR) has been involved in numerous scandals. The most controversial is their dealing with Hitler. Gerald Posner, a historian, points out that the Vatican received Church Tax from Hitler every year. A substantial amount of money was paid so that it cannot be tracked by western banks. The IOR was used to store billions of dollars, the details have never been publicly revealed.

Vatican-leaks A book named ‘His Holiness’ was released in 2012, which is based on the leaked secret papers of Pope Benedict. The private documents were leaked by Benedict XVI’s own butler to the author, Gianluigi Nuzzi. After reviewing these documents, an internal investigation was held. The investigation revealed that individuals who were not from the Vatican were blackmailing gay bishops. Pope Benedict went on to resign from the Papacy due to this scandal.

The Apostolic Penitentiary The Apostolic Penitentiary is a secret tribunal that investigates so-called ‘heinous’ crimes. It was supposedly found in 1179, and was kept secret until 2009. Only the pope can grant absolution to people brought to this tribunal. The sins include attempting to assassinate the pope, a priest exposing the sin or identity of a person who has confessed to them.

Jesus Does Not Exist There are reports that the Archives contain communication between Emperor Nero and Saint Paul regarding the existence of Jesus. Some believe that the Vatican is hiding proof that Jesus Christ did not exist.

Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life Vatican holds proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life, in the form of extraterrestrial skulls. Some sources say that the Archives contain proof that the pope is conspiring extraterrestrial beings to implant everyone on Earth with computer chips.

Three Secrets of Fatima The controversial Third Secret of Fatima is believed to be a secret document hidden within the Archives. In 1917, three children from Portugal received prophecies, one of which was witnessed by thousands of people. The supposed suppression of this Third Secret fueled rumors that its contents were regarding the destruction of earth.

It is Home to a Time Machine Believed to have been built by an Italian scientist and priest, Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti, the Chronovisor is a device that allows people to view the future and past.

About Vatican City

It’s the Smallest Country in the World. …

There’s an ATM with instructions in Latin. …

It owns a telescope in Arizona, USA. 

It has its own army. … It has its own football team. …

It has the world’s shortest railway. …

It drinks more wine than anywhere else in the world.

Vatican City operates on its own time zone

The Red Shoes: The Pope’s traditional red shoes hold a hidden meaning – they symbolize the willingness of the Pontiff to be ready to shed blood in defense of the faith.

The Sistine Chapel’s Hidden Inscriptions: Michelangelo added cryptic inscriptions to his iconic frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, including names of pagan prophets and subtle references to ancient mythology.

The Obelisk Exorcism: When the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square was moved to its current location in the 16th century, it was believed to be exorcised to cleanse it of evil spirits.

The Secret Messages in Artwork: Some Renaissance artists incorporated hidden messages and codes within their Vatican-commissioned artworks, expressing their political and personal views.

The Vatican Observatory: Nestled within Vatican City is an astronomical research institute, the Vatican Observatory, which continues to conduct cutting-edge research in astronomy and astrophysics.


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