Upcoming Zoom Virtual Workshops with Gillian MacBeth

 PAST LIVES Zoom Workshop (Remembering & Releasing)

With Gillian MacBeth

Sunday October 8, 2023   12:45 to 3:00 pm EST USA


Cost $29.00 includes video

Email me at thequantumawakening@gmail.com to be put on Class list

We each exist in our own personal time-space continuum. The past present and future exists differently for each of us even if we wear the same set of circumstances. We change probabilities as well as memories with a thought. Energy, translated into feeling and emotions causes all experiences. In this Workshop you will experience several past life encounters through meditation/ regression and empowered -connected breathing: bringing those memories to the surface to heal, understand and release using simple self-empowering techniques.

In the safety of divine light we will walk down the paths of remembrance into a gazebo of healing and forgiving of self and circumstance, allowing us to come into a place of inner peace as what was is washed from our souls forever and ever.  In this eye-opening workshop the eyes of your soul will awaken from a long sleep revealing deep truths that will heal your soul. In this on hands workshop  we will be using deep rebirthing breathing, visualization and a light-hypnosis technique to go back to our time of birth and even before birth. Connect with our star family in a past/ future life, and several other healing regressions.