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The Teachings of Dolphin: Atlantis and Beyond

Zoom Workshop with Gillian MacBeth

Sunday, June 2, 2024

12:45 pm est to 3:00 pm est

Class cost $29.00 includes Video

To Register email Gillian thequantumawakening@gmail.com  

Come feel the Healing Magic of what is Dolphin of Heart.

The Dolphins have always been a part of my Soul, since I was a little girl in Hawaii; I always hear their song in my heart. Even though I live in the mountains of Tennessee now, I did live in Cape Canaveral Florida for 30 years. The dolphins were part of everyday life, whether in the ocean or river or inlets; the dolphins have continued encircling my life to this day. I continue to invite in the Presence of the Dolphins for wisdom  and healing breathes. In this fun learning dolphin workshop we will literally interact with our dolphin guides and teachers on several levels via remote viewing, meditation and energy work.

This workshop will allow you to swim into the ancient past and reconnect with your original Dolphin spirit.  Each of us has real dolphins that we once connected to on earth, one we looked eye to eye and heart to heart with, at some time in our life, one that recognized us. All dolphins are here to guide us, whether real or ethereal, dolphins live within our DNA and Star History. In this Workshop we will reunite with our Atlantis dolphin connection, our Lemurian (Hawaiian) dolphin connection, Star-Sirius B Dolphin connection, plus much more!


STAR-KNOWLEDGE Zoom Class With Gillian MacBeth

Part 1 Sunday, June 23rd 2024

Part 2 Sunday July 7th 7:7-2024

Cost $25.00 per class includes video


To register email Gillian thequantumawakening@gmail.com

In this workshop expect to connect with your Star frequency. By using a series of meditations, energy work, and Channelings your star connections, (past present and future) will re-connect with you in order to receive, attune, upgrade, and download you with ancient galactic truths that will reveal to you all that has been hidden. Reconnect with the 144 star-seeds within your genetic structure; receive truths, healing, and understandings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, and other star systems that are part of your star-heritage. In this 2 part workshop we will be connecting with the Teachings of the Annunaki, Nibiru, Pleiades, Sirius A-B-C, Arcturus, Orions-belt; as we Access our Galactic history and remember our stellar connections.