Upcoming Zoom Virtual Workshops with Gillian MacBeth


Star-People Zoom Workshop

With Gillian MacBeth

Sunday APRIL 16, 2023

 12:45 to 3:00+ pm (Eastern standard time USA)

Cost $33.00 for class and video.

To reserve your space Email thequantumawakening@gmail.com

Look up to the night sky and feel all of the high frequencies of information and light being downloaded through the crown chakra and the soul star. In this workshop expect to connect with your star frequency. By using a series of meditations, energy work, and Channelings your star connections, (past present and future) will connect with you in order to receive, attune, upgrade, and download you with ancient galactic truths that will reveal to you all that has been hidden until the year 2002. Reconnect with the 144 star-seeds within your genetic structure; receive truths, healing, and understandings from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, and other star systems that are part of your star-heritage.

***Reunion with your star family meditation

***Stargate meditation

***Star Walker meditation

***Contact with Star woman

*** star priestess dendara tmeple

***Download 144 Starseeds meditation

***Working with the dolphins and whales Sirius B

***Download the light from each star in the Pleiades for healing

***Triangulate higher chakra energy with Sirius A, B, C