Tucson 2022 Crystal Investors


Please have all crystal investments in by 1/19/2022

Hey Ya’ll I finally get to go to the Tucson show it has been a couple of years and I truly miss the energy. This is the largest crystal/mineral show in the world and a powerful crystal vortex. An estimated 100,000 people flock to Tucson each year to look for minerals, fossils, gems and jewelry, and everything in-between. The show consists of 1000’s of exhibiting companies and crystal stores fronts, both retail and wholesale. The Dealers come from all over the world and sell from motel rooms, lobbies, parking lots, lawns and vacant lots.

Almost every country in the world is represented at this massive Crystalline event. the crystals and stones from all over the world gather in this power. The show runs for several weeks through January and February.  I always try to shop and support the little guy. We have a wonderful relationship with these dealers and every year we find another crystal heart connection.

The way it works with the Quantum Crystal Investors is you send investment money ($222 minimum investment which should cover most shipping costs ) and when I go to the show in Tucson Arizona, I look for what you have asked me to find or Allow Spirit to pick the best crystals /stones etc, that are perfect for you. If you are looking for a crystal power piece for your home or sacred sanctuary this is the perfect time to invest. The crystal power pieces only show up at the Denver and Tucson Crystal shows when the entire world of crystals is gathered in one vortex.

Of course, there is a shipping charge to mail your items when I get back. If your investment $$ does not cover shipping costs I will let you know. If for some reason I do not find what you want, I will refund your money no worries.

The crystals at Tucson are collective of light and magnified in energy.  The entire city of Tucson turns into a crystal city. If you are looking for the purest and most powerful crystalline energies this is the place to find them.  It is all about trusting little ole me and the universe… it is a win/ win investment.

Please have all crystal investments to me by 1/19/2022

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