Denver 2022 Crystal Investors


Please have all crystal investments in by 9/2/2022

Its time for the Big Fall Crystal Extravaganza in Denver, goddess willing it will be cool and user friendly for this woman. The energy of Denver is very very intense and was way before they legalized pot. It is filled with 100’s of government secrets that energetically show themselves on occasion especially to those who have ‘eyes to see’.

This is one of the really big crystal/mineral shows in the world  which creates a powerful crystal vortex. 100,000’s of people flock to this show each year to look for minerals, fossils, gems and jewelry, and everything in-between. The Dealers come from all over the world.

As per the crystal investor opportunity, it is for all the people that cannot get to the big crystal shows across the country. (About 30 years ago I was one of those people and sent my crystal list with friends of mine that were already vendors)

When you send Crystal investment money  ($225 minimum) I become your crystalline representative on the crystal journey across country I will do my best to find what your heart seeks as per special crystals and healing stones.

The way it works with the Quantum Crystal Investors is you send investment money ($225 minimum investment which should cover most shipping costs of about $25.00 ) and when I go to the show in Denver I look for what you have requested.  Allow Me & Spirit to pick the best crystals /stones etc, that are perfect for you.

If you are looking for a crystal power piece for your home or sacred sanctuary this is the perfect time to invest. The crystal power pieces only show up at the Denver and Tucson Crystal shows when the entire world of crystals is gathered in one vortex.

Of course, there is a shipping charge to mail your items when I get back. If your investment $$ does not cover shipping costs I will let you know.

If for some reason I do not find what you want, I will refund your money no worries.

The crystals are collective in light and magnified in energy.  If you are looking for the purest and most powerful crystalline energies this is the place to find them.  It is all about trusting little ole me and the universe… it is a win/ win investment.

Please have all crystal investments to me by 9/2/2022

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