Transmission Sessions with Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Transmission Sessions with Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

About the Transmission Sessions

The word transmission means “across, beyond, through” and that is exactly how these sessions can be defined. They are not just your vanilla box session of truth, they are an experience that seeks your soul filling it with truth you may or may not be aware of or even want to hear. Each healing sound and expression, each mantra, each channeled word,will heal your body, mind and soul.

Your ‘Transmission session’ will be recorded  and then I will email you a link to access voice files.

the voice files can then be downloaded easily to your computer/ usb/cd etc.

This is not a phone reading


Each Session about 1.5+ hours long  

Each transmission session will consist of what is listed below.

Part 1 thru part 6 is included in your $144 cost transmission session.  

Your Transmission session is done remotely and recorded. This is not a phone reading.


Total session cost $144 includes everything listed below

*** PART 1 and 2  First off we will clear the energy field to release blocks.

We will do this thru healing sound. Clearing with Peruvian Healing vessels and crystal bowls / 

*** PART 3 karma release and clearing technique

*** PART 4 DNA healing / clearing bloodline

*** PART 5 Psychic insights and truths from Gillian

*** PART 6 Channeled message from Gillian and your Teachers of Light


What people are saying about the transmission sessions

***OMG is all I can say, thank you Gillian! SG from Georgia
***I could feel the energy shift as soon as I signed up for one of these sessions, like a refreshing breeze had entered my heart. MP from Virginia
***The transmission session was timeless it just kept going and going and going you get more than you pay for! SB from Washington

***I didn’t know what to expect. I laughed I cried I loved and I remembered Thank you thank you thank you DH from Maryland

***Wow I don’t know what to say I am blown away I felt this clearing and healing before Gillian ever began,  a great peace and healing entered my soul! MT from Ohio

***Having the USB makes it so much easier to keep track of these sessions and not worry about losing the files on the computer. BW from Wisconsin

***Gillian’s voice soothes my soul as did all the clearing techniques, thank you! SP from TN

***I feel so much lighter, and my soul is happier DH from Texas

*** the effects of the transmission session are felt immediately.  Last night I was so exhausted I couldn’t do a single thing.  Had to just rest.  Today – my field is still feeling very clear.  I feel centered and calm.  My head is draining.  I guess that means the backup whatever is clearing out.   My eyes seem like they are more wide open.  I seem to be able to speak more openly to people in whatever issue I’m dealing with.  And they are responding equally.  It’s very interesting.  Just want you to know –R.V. Alaska


 Please send payment  of $144 via  to

***please let me know you have sent payment, I do not always get notice from paypal, thx


or send  $144 USA check/ MO  (Sorry no Canadian checks or MO/ or international checks/MO)

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

PO box 217

Dandridge, TN 37725

****(please please send your email address along with your check)

Please email me at  to let me know you are sending for a Session