Tower ‘Crystal’ Portals

Tower ‘Crystal’ Portals

Each one of these Timeless crystalline portals offers their self-up as ‘A-Gate’way to all that is possible, to all that is crystal clear, yet unseen. This is the first time I’ve had a group of Druze Agate Tower crystals and I find them mesmerizing as they escort your eyes into places that have been unseen until now. They show you the crystal doorways that your soul yearns to walk through. The Druze crystals beckon the eyes like a Siren in the ocean beckons a Sailor.

This stone is like a sparkling ticket to a Crystalline Disneyland; A place where all points of orientation shine brilliantly into your future. Which Prismatic reflection of yourself are you going to embrace? They literally show how one can shine in hidden places. These Crystal portals are hidden within the arms of a great loving A-gate Stone. Like a protective teddy bear a child clings to when they are afraid in the night, these powerful agate Sentinels hold our hand while we gain insight into more of our authentic selves.  They escort your Soul into a place of Glitter and Hope. Like magical fortress that secrets away a great castle that is filled with Timeless treasures, the essence of Agate wraps itself around what is magical and crystalline of nature.

Druze is made of thousands of tiny perfect crystals pointing outward, toward all of your dreams. Druzy is believed to be associated with peace, intuition, and unconditional love. They amplify the body’s natural healing properties and strengthen the spirit. They also provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or feelings of fear or dread. These powerful little crystals act as a mirror reflection of the soul, helping to release lingering negative emotions, experiences or trauma stuck within your heart space. Druzy boosts creativity, imagination, It helps awaken positive self-love. The stone is thought to help reduce stress and uplift you emotionally. Druzy Crystal opens up blocked energies and helps you to find your inner light.

Each of these crystals is completely unique unto itself, no two are alike. They are ancient beyond time and hold deep encoded data that seeks to be seen by those that are ready for a new level of crystalline intelligence. They house a complementary blend of frequencies. they were designed to collect and record data from a multitude of cosmic sources. They house a seeable energy different from other crystals. Within these crystal pieces are primary portals that await your attention to start the seamless integration of information.

Agate is a stone of strength. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle. Agate enhances creativity and strengthens the intellect, making it a beneficial stone for students and artists. One of the things agate does is balance yin/yang energy. Agate is a very protective stone especially for children/ grandchildren and makes an excellent stone for a child’s amulet, medicine bags, or just to carry around in a pocket.

Emotionally, agate gives courage, emotional strength, self-confidence, and dispels fears. It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions. Because of the harmonizing qualities of agate it is excellent for removing and releasing resentments and bitterness. Agate can strengthen the body and the body’s connection to the earth. It enhances healing of all kinds by bringing the elements of the healed into harmony. Agate is believed to help discern truth from lies.  This stone shows one how to accept present circumstances. It is believed to prevent insomnia and create pleasant dreams. This is a stone of great strength and courage. It was used by the Ancients on the breastplates of armor to give warriors strength and make them victorious in battle.

Tower Portal Crystals

1. Tower Portal Crystal 15 oz. /4.5″/ Cost $ 50 includes shipping USA extra for international postage (below) This crystal does not have concave portal but still is portal crystal



7. Tower Portal Crystal 10 oz. /3.5″/ Cost $ 44 includes shipping USA extra for international postage (below)


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