The Tempest Stone: Pietersite

The Tempest Stone


(the Marriage of tigers eye, hawks eye & jasper)

This is a beautiful and powerful stone, I just love  Pietersite and am so glad to finally have found some of these unique pieces. Pietersite is known as the ‘Tempest Stone’ because the swirling colors that  look like a storm, its highly charged energy is tangible.  Just as lightning clears the air, Pietersite discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, cleanses the aura, restoring the body, mind spirit to calm.

Pietersite is very protective when driving in bad weather and calms the nerves of people and animals during storms. It guards homes & businesses against storm damage and acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology.

Pietersite is naturally composed of Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye and Jasper. The beauty and essence of a Storm is captured in this powerful stone with its brilliant flashes of golden light amid rolling clouds of deep blue.Pietersite activates the Third Eye, creating a powerful surge in intuitive abilities. It grounds the body’s energy, not to the earth, but to the etheric realms. This rare ability increases and enhances perception, visionary and telepathic powers. This stone is for those working with deeply buried past life issues that are creating a conflict in the present.  This stone can release emotions that have been previously repressed.

Like a ‘Tempest in a teapot’ these stones come to announce a deep stormy cellular heart healing. Breaking out of old heart expectations, into a place that has been rewritten and restructured, embracing a higher light pattern of doing and being.

These are really unusual pieces, to even find this stone at all is a miracle. These would make really nice jewelry pieces; they are light about 1.5 oz. and about 2” long.

The Tempest Stone

#5 The Tempest Stone weighs approx 1.5 oz./ 2″ long Cost $19 includes shipping USA extra for International Postage. (below)


#10 The Tempest Stone weighs approx 1.5 oz./ 2″ long Cost $19 includes shipping USA extra for International Postage. (below)



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