The Healed Heart Crystals

 ‘The Healed Heart’ Crystals

When I first saw these very interesting stones I knew they were powerful and I was to buy all of them, but I did not know just how healing they actually were. To me they looked like the heart had been melted and reformed kind of like a fluid Salvador Dali painting. The heart was Stretched and liquefied while trying so hard to hold its original heartfelt divine form. These beautiful rose quartz stones call themselves ‘the Healed Heart’!

Within these healed heart rose quartz crystals live the sound of love. A sound that seeks to be heard within the heart of all of God’s creations. Within the human heart lives the past present and future, all merging together asking to be forgiven, asking to be loved, and asking to be acknowledged. Within these healed hearts is a liquid pink light that seeks to form effortlessly in the soul of each individual that touches them. This is a beautiful soft Rosy Master Crystal.

Love has many tastes and colors, sounds and forms. The tidal pool of un-forgiveness gathers on the shorelines of self, as it fills with what one seeks to heal. Memories awaken during this time of thankfulness and love. To me this time of year is all about holiness and the birth of a new light which releases a holy hope that has been caged too long. It is a doorway of healing that opens and all are asked to enter if they are truly ready to heal.

The healed heart is all about forgiveness of self. In any existence we did the best we knew how to survive to stand up for justice, to love that which was unrequited.  These hand-carved Rose Quartz Hearts, ask you to give yourself the ‘gift of a Healed Heart this Holy season’. These beauties are a simple and inexpensive way to give love and forgiveness in a form that can be easily received. These crystals are soft of energy and filled with a heart healing vibration that heals softly thru time. These beauties are all about the strong loving heart of the universe. As you hold these beauties call upon the Love of the ‘Healed Heart’

 Rose Quartz is a master teacher stone that gives of itself totally without limit or remorse. This stone is a beautiful energy that reflects a pink healing ray. Rose Quartz is a good stone for anyone who has trouble loving themselves or accepting love from another. You can only love another to the degree you love yourself.  Rose Quartz is the most powerful instrument for healing matters of the heart. It opens up the heart for both giving and receiving love.  Rose quartz balances the emotions, thus giving inner peace and harmony. Rose quartz is said to help treat depression and to assist in weight loss. It is said to give a clear soft complexion and prevent wrinkles. A stone from the heart and for the heart, rose quartz is also good for helping to release childhood traumas, neglect, or lack of love. Whenever you feel the need for forgiveness use Rose Quartz   

 Each Healed Heart weighs 2 oz/ 3″ high/ Cost $19 for one Healed Heart or $29 for 2 Healed Hearts includes shipping in USA extra for International and Canada


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Thanks so much for your Light and honoring this crystalline transaction.  I have handpicked and love every crystal and stone I have for sale so it is important to me that you honor every crystal transaction.  When you promise to purchase a stone you and the stone merge heart to heart, light to light and a great healing journey begins.


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