The Apprentice Pillar DNA Spirals thru Time

The Apprentice Pillar DNA Spirals thru Time

As soon as I touched these selenite spirals I went back to the time I spent in ‘Rosalyn chapel’ outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. I was there on a trip to visit my cousins, still have the coffee cup. The stories are many about the spiral DNA column found in Rosalyn chapel called the ‘apprentice column’. The Apprentice Pillar is living proof that from our genetic code to the Spiral galaxies  nature employs this DNA shape as an expression of the ‘perfect building blocks of life’. Within it lives the unwrapping of code and information that is compacted into a quantum structure inherent within the geometry of reality. DNA is more than just the secret of life. The double helix of DNA is in the shape of a three dimensional spiral. The double comes from the fact that the helix is made of two long strands of DNA that are intertwined like a twisted ladder.

We come to a time and place of unwrapping our DNA/RNA known and unknown to see between the lines of time for the answers we have all been seeking for over a year. Deep within in we know we can call upon the DNA for the restructuring of our biology to go beyond the changes that are needed to jump to the next wrung of the DNA ladder if we are to live on earth. It has been written in ancient text and proven in modern time that the DNA responds to the voice of its human. It has been proven the living truth within the voice that seeks healing, will find its mark in time and biology. These ‘apprentice pillar’ selenite wands come to remind us that the magic we seek is inherent within us; we just need focus within and use our voice to call upon it. Use this ‘2 pack of Apprentice Pillars’ to open new portals of truth, healing and remembrance. Your DNA/RNA is your personal and planetary code of life, it I your living records in biology form, it is your divine right to go within and untangle that which has gone askew as divinely guided.

 ‘If thoust can comprehend these things, thoust know enough’ – William St Clair
In Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland  stands one of the most exquisitely crafted stone pillars, It is called The Prince’s Pillar or The Apprentice Pillar. The Pillar was always ‘Key’ to the elements involved in the decoding process, simply because the elaboration and decorative style of the pillar looks like a starting point to find lost truth. Rosslyn Chapel was founded by William St. Clair in 1446 although the family’s connection with this part of Scotland extends back further to 1070. The family are descendants of Rognvald ‘the Mighty’, Jarl of Orkney and Romsdahal in Norway, who was born in 835AD. His son, Rollo, signed a peace treaty in 912 with King Charles of France in the town of St Clair-sur-Epte, from where the family takes its name. The family was given land in Scotland by King William Canmore and the barony of Rosslyn was established.

One of the most common theories about Sinclair is that he was one of the first Europeans to visit North America in a voyage pre-dating Columbus. Some supporters of the theory contend that there are stone carvings of American plants in Roslyn chapel. The Chapel was built by Henry Sinclair’s grandson William Sinclair and was completed in 1486. Columbus made his first voyage in 1492. Intertwined with the Sinclair voyage story is the claim that Henry Sinclair was a Knight Templar and that the voyage either was sponsored by or conducted on the behalf of the Templars.  The theory also makes use of the Templar connection to explain the name Nova Scotia (“New Scotland” in Latin). It is based on the 18th-century tale that some Templars escaped the suppression by fleeing to New Scotland. Claims persist that Rosslyn Chapel contains activation Templar imagery. Andrew Sinclair speculates that the grave slab in the crypt is that of a Templar knight.  According to author Robert Lomas, the chapel also has an engraving depicting a knight templar holding the sword over a head of an initiate, supposedly to protect the secrets.

This Selenite comes from Morocco and has an ethereal quality, it is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.  Selenite clears confusion and is a good stone for erratic emotions. Selenite exists at the doorway between spirit and matter. It is the crystal fiber holding these two worlds in communication with each other. It provides one with the ability to reach higher planes and dimensions consciously allowing one to communicate with the light masters. Selenite has the power to conduct light rays like fiber optics into high frequency light radiations that are above what the human eye can visibly see. Selenite can record information written on light rays as well as disperse info on those same rays. Selenite can be used to send messages and images. Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills peace.  It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.  Selenite clears confusion and is a powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions.

Selenite exists at the doorway between spirit and nature. It is the fiber holding these two worlds in communication with each other and is a receiver for information from the causal plane. Selenite comes originally from ancient oceans and seas it is a water element just as the emotions are associated with water.  It has been found that Selenite has a direct effect upon balancing the emotions. Selenite brings Light into the subtlest of things manifested. It bends pure white light to manifest on the earth planes, it is a catalyst of manifestation.  it becomes a bridge between the spiritual and physical. It can create new electrical synapses with your own physical body allowing your light body to manifest more clearly for you in this physical world. Selenite light transmission will eventually strengthen and change your nervous system and other organs to allow the messages of non physical planes to manifest in the third dimension. In doing this work you become part of the recreation and enlighten of the world.

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