‘Spirit Speaks’ Stones


This stone is so beautiful it takes your breath away in awe, like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. This stone is a favorite of mine and these gorgeous pieces can be put to good use as a spiritual platform or a powerful spiritual talisman in jewelry form.  New beginnings are birthed thru this stone, as it creates an opening in your thought process allowing what is truly needed to enter.

When I first touched these stones I immediately started to quiet down and settle in to a place of receiving, (as a multidimensional multitasking gimpy goddess that is not easy). As I worked with these touchstones, shifting my breathing, focusing, on becoming a clear and perfect channel, I felt the presence of Spirit, or Great Mystery whatever you want to call it. A living light that wanted to spend time with a truth seeking human, opening up internal intuitive doorways, filled with advanced truths. These beautiful pieces of Chryscolla call themselves ‘Spirit Speaks Stone’ use them as a cosmic microphone and a touchstone.

This is a teaching stone, encouraging us to reveal what is still hidden within. This very powerful and peaceful stone brings about a gentle and powerful release. It gently lures negative energies away from the energy field, doing the ‘psychic weekly wash’ so to speak.  It is wonderful for clearing past life loves and heart losses from incarnations upon earth, helping the heart to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Each one of these exquisite pieces of rare Peruvian chryscolla comes to help us heal our own soul choices, thru the Beauty of Heaven upon Earth.  This is a ‘Touchstone’ that guides you into a place of peace showing one what is absolutely possible.

Chrysocolla is a ‘wise women’s stone’. Worn or carried, it helps women to express their inner power and ancient knowledge through writing, painting, music, crafts etc. This is a wonderful gift for first-time grandmothers and great-grandmothers as they open their heart chakra to a higher level. This is a good protection stone for those who feel nervous living alone.

This stoney beauty teaches sphinx medicine’ the value of speaking a truth and the virtue of keeping silent. You can speak and say nothing or remain silent and say everything. This stone dispels highly charged emotions and angry hidden words allowing the truth to surface gently. In ancient Egypt, it was called the “wise stone” because it shielded and encouraged the mind to expand.  If you’ve been resisting a long overdue change, or have been hesitant to initiate a shift, this is the perfect stone to push you gently into welcome change.


Use these stones as you would any touchstone

18. SPIRIT SPEAKS STONE weighs approx 2 oz./ 2.5″ wide Cost $22 includes shipping USA extra for International postage (below)


28. SPIRIT SPEAKS STONE weighs approx 2 oz./ 3″ wide Cost $24 includes shipping USA extra for International postage (below)


31. SPIRIT SPEAKS STONE weighs approx 2 oz./ 3″ wide Cost $24 includes shipping USA extra for International postage (below)


41. SPIRIT SPEAKS STONE weighs approx 1.5 oz./ 2.5″ wide Cost $22 includes shipping USA extra for International postage (below)


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