Soul of a Phoenix Stones ‘Rise above’

Soul of a Phoenix Stones

‘Rise above’

Legend says the phoenix existed when the universe was first created. The Phoenix is a symbol of rebirth making it immortal and invincible. The Phoenix never dies permanently he is always reborn. Within this lives a lesson for all the people of earth.  The phoenix is a mythical firebird with beautiful feathers of gold and red, purple and blue. A phoenix lives for 500-1,000 years. Belief says that the Phoenix fed only on air, harming no other creature. It lived a solitary life in a far-away land, coming to human-inhabited land only when it was ready to die and resurrect. 

When the Phoenix knew its time had come, it flew to Arabia where it gathered myrrh, laudanum, nard, and cassia. Carrying a great load of these fragrances in its wings, the Phoenix flew on to Phoenicia. There, it chose the tallest palm tree and built a nest from all the substances it had brought. At the next dawn, the great bird faced the rising Sun and sang in a beautiful voice. The heat of the Sun ignited the fragrant spices in the nest of myrrh and the great Phoenix burned with the knowing of resurrection. After nine days, a new fledgling Phoenix rose out of the sacred ashes. A few days later, when its wings were strong enough, the young Phoenix gathered the ashes of its parent putting them in an egg and flew them to Heliopolis the city of the Sun in Egypt. There, the Phoenix put the ashes of its parent in the solar egg on the altar in the Sun temple

These powerful pieces of Mother Earth come radiating a very powerful life force and heart. They are rare earth indeed and hold a deep healing space for all who choose to enter. These stones bring an activation to all that touch and look at them. A very ancient encoding is activated just with a touch. These stones come to clear the conduits of your thinking, opening new successions of truth that do not fit into the old paradigm. They ask you to burn away the dross and extra emotional baggage that keeps you from shining as the star you are. They teach that all Creation is made of the same stuff. They teach us how to rewrite our stories from the inside out.

Phoenix stones are perfect crystal tools for channeling cosmic energy in a very earthy way.  They create harmony and teach us how to keep our connection between heaven and earth.  They carry within them the memory of being created and can potentially teach us to time travel back to the beginning rewriting and understanding our codes. The blueprint of earth’s heart is held within these beautiful stones.  They are here to unite us with the source from which we sprang. They carry within them the memory of being transported here and can potentially teach us to time travel.

This unique mineral shimmers and shines with gorgeous rainbows held in the arms of golden hues. The Phoenix Stone is a powerful crystal that assists in the spiritual evolution of the entire human race. The Phoenix Stone helps keep feelings such as hate and anger far away. It is a highly spiritual stone that elevates you to a place of Light where you can speak with Spirit. It then inspires you to communicate that same wisdom to those on earth. It has strong feminine energy from the ‘Goddess that stimulates forgiveness’ and heals karmic wounds. This crystal is ideal for self-emotional-healing in all realms. It links one’s soul with the soul of the Universe and assists in the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Phoenix pyrite in a crystal matrix is a recent discovery. Phoenix pyrite is known for its rainbow-like iridescence, caused by differential refraction and diffraction of light shimmering, these stones are coated in pyrite gold, and covered in brilliant color filled sparkles.  Phoenix pyrite is a stone of sunshine and rainbows.  It keeps its owner free from feelings of frustration, anxiety, and negativity. This stone is a good shielding talisman and perfect ‘manifestation stone’. Use it to clear any blocks surrounding prosperity and abundance

Soul of a Phoenix Stones for Sale

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