Solar Goddess Vessels of Gold

Solar Goddess Vessels of Gold

 The Solar Goddess awakens and  brings the warmth and healing of the sun to parts of the earth that have been held frozen in time. She promises to awaken the sleeping solar light within the cells and the thoughts of Earth. Opening doorways of massive healing.

The Solar Goddess symbolizes the power and life force of the sun. She is ‘keeper of the light that illuminates all life’. Solar Goddesses oversee the realm of personal power — they invite one to step into their own ‘True Light’ and personal power. Solar Goddesses help us to illuminate the areas of our lives where shadows need to be dispersed. They ask what lights us from the inside out… What gives us joy and stimulates our imagination…

The Solar Goddess serves as a beacon for all that is good and all that is golden in nature. Gold symbolizes the monad, the heavens, “All That Is”. It allows one to both attain and maintain communion with Source. Gold is used in the refinement and harmonizing of the heart chakra. Gold can also be used to open and activate the third-eye and crown chakras. It clears negativity from the chakras and the energy fields.  Gold increases one’s self-worth physically financially and emotionally.

Ancient texts show that the Pharaohs were fed “sho-bread” containing monatomic gold.  The sho-bread was thought to be too significant to be given to “ordinary” humans. This golden food delivered heightened awareness and increased life span to those that received it. Priestly scientists were well-aware of the enhancements, monatomic elements made to the human body and DNA.

The Sumerians recorded that the Annunaki, came down from heaven and seeded mankind and only a few selected humans to be “representatives” of the gods. These chosen ones were given monatonic gold to ingest (also called Starfire) which made them more intelligent.

The early records of the use of gold for medicinal and healing purposes come from Alexandria, Egypt. Over 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians ingested gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification. The ancients believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the life force and raising the level of light vibration. The Alchemists of Alexandria developed an “elixir” made of liquid gold. They believed that gold was a mystical metal that represented matter in its perfect form.  They believed its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, and cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health.

Gold stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Many spa treatments are based on the beauty benefit of gold. Powder-fine gold can help absorb pollutants, regulate the skin’s ionic balance allowing what is youthful thru time to be revealed. Gold has anti-bacterial properties. It is anti-inflammatory and fights UV damage, fading sunspots, age spots while slowing down the depletion of collagen and elastin, keeping skin younger longer. It stimulates cellular growth at the base level, tightens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin, helping to revitalize it and keep it looking youthful. In fact, pure gold actually helps to reverse oxidation damage that results from our daily exposure to pollutants and toxins.

These 24 karat gold infused crystal vessels ask to be placed in the center of your home or life as a central point of light and prosperity. Golds job is to hold original blueprint and thought intention of Source. Like a maestro these 24 carat gold filled vessels conduct the sound and intentions of your life. Look into them and touch them with your imagination. Let the golden sparkle within them reflect your own light, beauty and worth.   See the prosperity that you so desire and need in your life filling them to the rim, overflowing like a powerful waterfall of gold, filling your body mind and soul with healing and remembrance of your True reason for being on Earth. 


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