‘Sixth Dimensional’ Gateway Grids


Sixth Dimensional Gateway Grids

18 carat gold infused Grids

Sacred geometry unites science and spirituality, self and right-left brain. Sacred Geometry is a process of aligning one’s heart, mind and spirit with Source. It is the gateway between the etheric and physical realms. Sacred geometry is a mirror to the soul.

 We are all entering a trans-dimensional time (moving in and out of various dimensions) within space and time, where overlapping light fields interrelate with one another to create a grand platform of Light. Space-Time is under transformation within its very pliable self. While the cosmic waves of light energy flow through and around our planet, it’s recalibrating and raising its frequencies at the same time, triggering the activation of cellular restructuring and quantum makeover.

In the sixth dimension the notion of possible worlds arises. In the sixth dimension we see a plane of conceivable worlds. It is in this place we can compare all the imaginable universes that started with the same initial conditions as our own. We are moving from a linear existence into a hyper-dimensional reality where time exists simultaneously; in the past, the present, and the future, allowing us to obtain a deep level soul and cellular healing of earthy body mind and spirit.

The 6th chakra is the doorway that we use to enter these worlds of the future.  It demands that you develop your intuition and innermost wisdom without any thought limitations.  The 6th chakra encourages you to devote time to your personal spiritual awakening as it affects the planetary awakeneing.  The 6th dimension exists beyond the vibration of karma. Awakening the sixth chakra and seeking its sister sixth dimension awakens a holy interest in serving the universes.

The sixth dimension is highly populated by Masters of Light, Avatars from many other dimensions, as well as Light Beings and living light forms.  There are grand cities of Light with very high consciousness in this dimension. This is more than a portal or Vortex or a sacred geometric entry point.  It is a place of Holiness Beyond religion, beyond time and space, beyond what we as humans perceive as truth.

How to use this grid:

Place the grid on your third eye close your eyes and relax immediately into your breath.  Begin to change breathe consciously and in a circular pattern (in and out slowly without pause. Breathe deeply In and out, ebb & flow creating a healing rhythm. Ask for your angels, light teachers and guides to help you open your 6th-chakra- third eye.  Your 6th chakra point connects with the 6th dimension and allows you to dimensionally travel through time and space into a perspective and knowing that holds the future. See the Grid on your third eye pulsating and connecting to the 6th dimensional aspect of itself. Begin to tone out loud the sound of NU, until the sound becomes one elongated tone.

As your Earthly Consciousness connects with this 6th dimensional awareness let it envelop you into its heart chamber. This energy is living pulsing conscious, it is love coming from the heart of all that is. It expands past Earthly understandings into a place of all-encompassing completion. This is a place where worlds meet when all time is simultaneous and beats to the pulse of every thought and word. This is a place of Holiness of love and of wholeness that the human soul seeks on every incarnation. It is the place where all that is Holy goes to refresh itself to drink from a stream of light that’s supersedes what we know as certainty. This is a place that welcomes you no matter how many Shields you have up around your heart, no matter how prickly your aura is or how dark your expectations are. It sees the truth of you in all the colors of the human rainbow.

This Dimension asks you to just be the best that you can be in your thoughts, in your heart and in your soul, and from that Stitch in Time it will create a masterpiece, a living light tapestry of Source, of God, of Monad. This powerful teaching six dimensional grid ask you to look at every iota of your Earthly experience past present and future and see it for what it was, a seed of Hope, a seed of life, a seed of knowledge, Seeing the bigger picture in living color.

in this place lives all outcomes and possibilities.  You can walk upon the waters, exhume the past,  breathe love into it as you can walk Between the Worlds,  wine and dine with your multi-dimensional and parallel selves and embrace the magic of this knowledge. There is no black and white there is no gray, there is just a unification of all living colors into an expression of divine Light. The 6th dimensional frequency is but a baby step, a single toe into the ocean of all that is light.

Each one of these 18 carat gold  Sixth dimensional  Grids is alive with power.

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