‘Selenite Bracelets’ Liquid Light

Selenite Bracelets & Earrings


When I saw this bracelet at the NC gem show it pulsed with light like a neon sign the light went around and around. I had never seen rounded selenite beads and these spoke to my own light system. Like a cosmic extension cord they reached out to touch me creating a bridge of light.

This stone got its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This connection is easy to see as selenite reflects light like a stone fallen directly from the moon. The selenite crystal forms in clay beds, or around hot springs. Due to its classification as an evaporate, selenite healing properties have a tendency to flow in a way similar to water.

Selenite is like no other crystal. This beaming white stone plays with light in the most magical way.it absorbs and purifies light making it a great healing stone. When you hold a piece of selenite, it is like holding a piece of Pure White Light.  This stone denotes cleansing, purity, mental clarity and emotional renewal. Selenite has the power to conduct light rays like fiber optics into high frequency light. these  radiations are above what the human eye can visibly see. Selenite can record information written on light rays as well as disperse info on those same rays. Selenite can also be used to send messages and images.

Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills peace.  It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.  Selenite clears confusion and is a powerful stabilizer for erratic emotions. Selenite exists at the doorway between spirit and nature. It is the fiber holding these two worlds in communication with each other.  This powerful stone is a receiver of information from other dimensions and angels and light masters.  It allows one to  communicate with higher beings of light,, masters and teachers.

Selenite can increase the frequency of physical matter to a higher spiritual plane; it also lowers the frequency of light into a more physical plane becoming a bridge between the spiritual and physical world. It can create new electrical synapses with your own physical body. it allows your light body to manifest more clearly for you. Selenite light transmission will eventually strengthen and change your nervous system and other organs to allow the messages of light to manifest. Selenite round beads radiate energy smoothly and evenly in all directions. They can also slow down and neutralize harmful or unbalanced energies.

Selenite bracelets and earrings

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Earrings only $18 includes shipping USA


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