Sacred Blue Lotus Stones

Sacred Blue Lotus Stones

This beautiful blue pillar crystal calls itself ‘Sacred Blue Lotus’. It asks us to heal and honor our humanness and all of its needs. Blue lotus is an ancient plant ally that has coexisted with us since the days of the Great Pharaohs. Its effects are largely calming as it will deepen your sleep and relieve stress. This strong plant medicine also provides powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, and creates a euphoric state of being. Its fragrance deepens spiritual connections and elevates moods.

Blue Lotus energy is a wonderful meditation aid, that opens the Third Eye and dispells negative emotions and thoughts. Blue Lotus was the most important cultivated (ritual) plant of ancient Egypt. The blue lotus grew wild all over the Nile River area.  This water lily was used in many types of ceremonies. The blue lotus became very popular for its enchanting beauty and its psychoactive effects.

The Sacred Blue Lotus is an authentic aphrodisiac used to promote sexual desire, relieve pain, create a feeling of euphoria and ecstasy. The Blue Lotus was also a symbol of sexuality as it stimulates sexual drive and body circulation.  The flower has a sort of Viagra effect.  The history of this species says that is appears to be the Cannabis of ancient Egypt. It has long been used as a tea, alcohol mixer, and smoking blend. Blue lotus can be part of a therapeutic regime to alleviate depression and gives a calm sense of peace.

Dumortierite (Sacred Blue Lotus Stone) This powerful blue beauty activates ones hidden powers, and helps you to connect to the Universe and all of its secrets.  It can help those who feel like outsiders to feel more connected to Source. It helps one to overcome life’s so-called limitations, giving courage to move through struggle and emerge in the Light.

Dumortierite helps you access cellular memory removing negative patterns, addictions, and old karmic family ties allowing a reprogramming at the DNA level.   This stone increases confidence encouraging you to speak truth. ​This stone promotes clarity and verbal skills for inner and outer communication. This is a stone that teaches you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, helping you to take control of your own life.

This blue beauty promotes an understanding of the natural order of the Universe. It assists you in seeing the true value of each person and situation. This stones job is to highlight one’s life, shining light on why you have chosen to learn through difficulties, the hard way. This blue stone beauty assists one in thanking everything and everyone for their role in your karmic clearing process.  This stone ‘grounds your goodness’ to Earth.  This very high vibrational stone unlocks your third eye, and activates dormant psychic abilities. These abilities can range from remembering one’s dreams, active lucid dreaming, astral projection, connection with other star systems and higher realms, future-scaping, and channeling. One indication that Dumortierite has gifted you is the noticeable increase in your memory, as well as your mind/brain being able to retain and understand new ideas and information.

This stone alleviates fear and has the effect of balancing the throat chakra,  assisting in verbal and psychic communications. It is an uplifting stone which can lift depression and restore hope, happiness and peace.  It assists in spiritual communication with angels and spirit guides.  It is the bringer of truth and honesty. It can help you change from being at the wrong place and the wrong time to the right place at the right time! This blue stone absorbs negative energy and dissipates it before it can be passed on. It promotes brotherhood and good will, opening the mind to new ideas, instilling a feeling of love and Hope. It can be used for telepathy and psychic transmission.


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