‘Remembering Lemuria’ Healing Bracelets

‘Remembering Lemuria’ Healing Bracelets

Between the sky and the sea

is where these beautiful  bracelets take you!

My memories of Lemuria are unique of purpose and Design they run strong within me and I do not question them. Like Atlantis, Lemuria was in a multi-dimensional of flux, time and place, it was simultaneous of definition.  Like a kilted Highlander stretched through Time, the print was always the same but the energy and its colors differed in purpose and plan. The Lemuria I remember was vastly Light of nature, ethereal, celestial, not wanting to touch down totally onto Earth. Circling and circling, knowing that once one’s feet touched the Earth there was a karmic bond.  The borrowing of light and body, knowledge and wisdom, Karma and Dharma was initiated. The waters of time were muddied and took several cycles to clear.

A great respect existed between our lemurian form and Earth and in time a bridge of light and heart was built connecting the two levels of light. Like a vesica Pisces we met in-between here and there, making promises like new lovers. The universal prime directive was always honored as we were two different species blending our light in the space between us. Getting to know one another, like virtual lovers we caused a great confusion like mixing and matching stripes and plaid while on Holiday. A great remembrance of Lemuria arises at this time on earth, showing her beautiful spectral light, announcing a new level of recollection, of abilities that house new pathways and understandings.

As I spent time getting to know  these beautiful bracelets a great outpouring of Lemuria came forth into my heart-space. A softness, a cleansing, a healing, a beauty beyond words; A remembrance of time in the form of living light with complete Conscious awareness. In the time of Lemuria we beheld many of earths bounties before our consciousness stepped fully into earth. The gift of the healing winds, that spoke in many tongues, the gift of the land and sea that would kiss all day, every day.  Our light would embrace the floral spirit from the flowers as they gave of their healing scent.  Our light would receive the wisdoms of the animals and fish and birds of Earth, for we had never experienced such unusual types of conscious life.

The livingness of earth always sang to our soul, like a siren on a rock. Singing to our souls so sweetly we did not realize at the time that was the beginning of the karmic ties to Earth. That we were to generationally marinate and incarnate on Earth, to sup upon her bounty, blessings and karmic teachings. These bracelets come as a memory on the winds of Lemuria past, before conflict was birthed. A peace filled time that needs to be remembered and called upon to enter this timeslot of earth.

This beautiful Caribbean blue stone has a strong connection to Lemuria; its soft energy opens the third eye, throat and soul-star chakra allowing for communication with the Masters of light, Spirit Guides and the Angels. This is a powerful ‘Ascension stone’ that adds Light to your auric field which then charges the light-body, upping your light-quotient and creating a clear spiritual connection.  This stone ‘wakes up’ as it is handled; the energy becomes stronger and stronger with use.

Hemimorphite enables one to communicate as a medium or a channel with those who have passed to the other side. This is a stone of light-activation, assisting one in integrating more light into the body and enhances the natural abilities of healers and channels. This is also an extremely protective stone especially against malicious thoughts and manipulation. It gently relieves anguish promoting inner peace, reducing anger, jealousy, blending joy and sorrow into a single stream of compassion and empathy, for yourself and others.

Hemimorphite is a stone of transformation that blends joy and sorrow into compassion and empathy for others, transforming grief into joy.  Hemimorphite allows one to be responsible for their own state of ‘happiness or unhappiness’. This stone lifts emotional baggage, strengthens assurance, balances inner male-female energy and warms the cockles of the human Heart. This stone allows you to be present with your emotions in a loving way. It is a powerful stone for forgiveness and the healing of karmic ties between people and places. Blue hemimorphite carries a frequency that builds bridges between hearts. It helps soften your words allowing you to communicate your true feelings.

Hemimorphite connects us to our Angels and spirit guides providing higher knowledge and messages from other realms and dimensions. This beautiful blue stone helps in the decoding of these messages.  This is an ascension stone with powerful protective, healing and cleansing properties. It holds a powerful Buddha energy and can be a great help on the path to enlightenment.  It helps one to stop resisting old emotion allowing for them to be healed and released.

‘Remembering Lemuria’ Healing Bracelets

Each Lemurian Healing bracelet is made of 8 mm stones/ fits wrist up to 7″.  Each bracelet costs $19 includes packing and shipping in USA extra for international postage.


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