‘Reiki Symbols’ on Shungite


Reiki Symbols on Shungite

Reiki is a powerful spiritually guided life force chi-energy. Developed by Mikao Usui, Reiki is not a religion as it is not taught in the usual sense – rather it is transferred from the master to the student during an “attunement.”  These power healing symbols have been placed upon shungite which is a great detoxifier and healing stone.

Shungite is ancient stone older than dirt itself, about 2 billion years old. Shungite is an extraordinarily & hopeful stone.  It is the only known natural material known on earth to contain fullerenes, which are powerful anti-oxidants. Fullerenes, (also called buckyballs) look like soccer balls. They are molecular hexagons and pentagons bound together in a hollow cage or tube.  Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants. Shungite has strong healing qualities and will help neutralize any organism within your body that is harmful to you. This is a remarkable stone and valuable for a healthy existence. It aids those who read the future and will accentuate the gift of prophecy. The only other known natural source for Fullerenes is in meteorites. It is said to infuse the auric field with light, providing psychic protection. Shungite allows only positive and beneficial energy into the energy field. Shungite exhibits unique shielding effect for harmful electromagnetic radiation. The energy embodied within this ancient stone absorbs and eliminates anything that is a health hazard.  Shungite is known to eradicate bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, pesticides and volatile organics, it has the unique structure that it possesses catalytic, bactericide properties, and the ability to absorb and neutralize high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Japanese Name: Cho Ku Rei Intention: Light Switch
Purpose: Manifestation, Increased Power, accelerated healing, healing catalyst, protection

Cho Ku Rei, means “Place the power of the universe here.” This symbol can be used at any time during a treatment but is especially effective at the beginning or end of a session. It is most often related to a light switch as its intention is to instantly boost your abilities.The coil-like structure of this symbol is incredibly telling. The coil can expand and contract to regulate the “ki” energies and can also be used as a funnel of sorts to intensify and focus power. The coil can also be used to close a space  or an area in order to block out negative energies and to keep energies received from leaving.

Japanese Name: Sei Hei Ki Intention: Balance

Purposes: Improve memory, Emotional Healing, Mental Balance

Known as the Harmony symbol, Sei Hei Ki (pronounced “Say-Hay-Key”) brings together the brain and the body. translated to “God and man become one,” Sei Hei Ki releases deep-rooted emotional negativity from the body and into the universe. Making this symbol your ally is an investment that will repay you over the course of your life. Sei Hei Ki is “loyal friend,” especially whenever you are facing difficulty.

Japanese Name: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Intention: Timelessness
Purposes: Distant healing, past/present/future, healing karma, and spiritual connection

Also known as the “Distance Symbol,” Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (pronounced “Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen”) means “No past, no present, no future” and is to extend powers and send Reiki energies over a long distance. It symbolizes a shape shifter that can slip through time and space, do not focus it on a specific problem – rather you send its energies ‘Without Limitations’ and they will go where they are needed. This symbol gives access to the “Akashic Records” thus it can be used to dispel trauma from past lives allowing a deep deep karmic healing.

Japanese Name: Dai Ko Myo
Intention: Enlightenment
Purposes: Empowerment, soul healing, oneness

This is of the most powerful symbol as it combines the power of the first three symbols, Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. The symbol means “Great Enlightenment” or “Bright Shining Light.” It represents all that is believed to be the heart of Reiki.  It enhances the healing effects of Reiki and is a reminder that Reiki is love. Dai ko myo, the master symbol, represents all that is reiki. this symbol is used by reiki masters only when attuning initiates. It is the symbol that heals the healers by combining the power of the harmony, power, and distance symbols.


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