Red Dragon Stones


Red Dragon Stones

I have never seen stones like these very vibrant Red Dragon stones. They are from Brazil and are ½ polished & ½ raw filled with the magical power of a dragon’s claw or tooth, both enchanted and very rare in their own right. I hand-picked all of these beautiful stones while at the Denver crystal show. It took a while for them to reveal themselves but all is a divine time code nowadays. I hope you love them for all of their beauty and teachings.

Dragons are very powerful, magical, spiritual beings that command and sometimes demand respect. Dragons come to you when you are ready to handle their energy and messages. The Dragons at this time are trying to wake people up to the power and healing of divine alchemy, the ancient art of changing something from one vibrational state to another.

The Dragon serves as a powerful guardian. They are keepers of great treasures and protectors of paths to realms beyond our understanding. Dragon shows us strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are also messengers showing us the fine line in-between the light and the dark. Dragon’s power is that of shedding its skin and coming out anew. The dragon provides us with fierce protection and possesses natural magic. Dragon represents the supernatural self. Theses guardians can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem.

Dragons as mystical, wise and clairvoyant beings that are able to see into the future. Red dragon especially symbolize good fortune; the symbol is popular at weddings and celebrations in many countries

**dragon teaches the ability to become one with the environment
**Dragon teaches the ability to enter the Dreamtime as participant and director
**The eyes of the dragon can see through time and space
**The dragon DNA is intertwined within our own human DNA
**Dragon teachings are about embracing your power
**Dragon teachings are about honoring your promises and vows
**All dragons are masters of all elements within the universes
**Dragons are not dinosaurs, Dragons are Master teachers from another Realm

 Red-Tigers-Eye also known as Dragon’s Eye it is a reflective stone for both the light and dark. Red Tiger Eye is a stimulating stone creating inspiration, sparking passion and activating your drive. Red dragons eye permits self-love to activate. This stone says get your butt in gear, it’s now or never. It provides motivation on every level merging the earth with the sun creating a high vibrational frequency.

Carrying the stone allegedly makes you irresistible to the opposite sex(if it works let me know). Red Dragons eye increases visualization skills, psychic vision & future vision. A very protective stone it can ward off the effects of curses and ill-wishes while protecting you especially in the dream states. Red Tiger’s Eye in all of her forms is an ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared – an All-seeing All-knowing Eye.  This stone is said to grant the wearer the ability to ‘SEE everything’ even thru closed doors.


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