Sacred Sexuality Zoom Workshop

SACRED Sexuality ZOOM WORKSHOP “Goddess style”
Zoom workshop with Gillian MacBeth

February 12, 2023 $33.00 includes video

Sunday 1:00 to 3:00+ pm (Eastern standard time USA)

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So many beautiful women hold a vibrant shining goddess light in all of its goodness and glory, but do not allow it to be a full body experience while on earth. Sometimes it is much easier to be a lighthouse than a lighthouse keeper. It is much easier to be light and airy fairy spiritually than it is to be human with all of its weaknesses. It is easy to open the higher chakra points that shine so bright than the lower chakra points that need some scrubbing bubbles.  Just like in catholic school,  good girls allowed nothing below the waist. To be fully the master of light we came here to be, we have to totally embrace all aspects of our humanness.  Seeing it for the miracle it is, not alone, but as a piece of the cosmos in a microscopic form

Remember “We can only love another to the degree we Love ourselves!! Enough said!

So basically this workshop is first about clearing the closets of our minds, then doing the floors of our lower chakra points, then the windows of our soul, finally making way for a cosmic orgasm of great proportion!!  (no promises) Remember it does not matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home, this goddess intends to show you some interesting access points into these truths thru a series of meditations  visualizations and energy work  we will meet aspects of our sexual sacred selves that have been hiding behind the bush. Expect a big sexual healing that touches all of earth.