Pleiades Star Stones



I have worked with the Pleiadian energies since 1992 when they invited me to join their light.. I have always found them to be honorable, up front, holding the best and highest light for Humanity. Throughout the years sometimes their presence is strong and in your face and other times they’re like a fleeting scent of a Christmas cookie baking a block away. I was very happy to see their shine and energy in these stones. They are a part of my heart and light.

Within these starry starry stones lives a Pleiadian Light that aligns itself with the vibratory essence of those who seek it.  When one aligns with the sacred song within this Stargate repository, a stellar remembrance is triggered.  These wonderful starlit stones allow you entrance into a Star and Time sequence within the Pleiadian Portals. These brilliant Pleiades Star stones are a reflection of solid starry light that has found its way to Earth. These stones come to  guide us into the secret places of celestial knowledge.

The Bible contains three direct references to the Pleiades in Job 9:9 and 38:31, Amos 5:8, and a single reference in Revelation 1:16 which describes a vision of the coming of the Messiah – who holds, in his right hand, seven stars.  In Greek mythology, the Pleiades were seven sisters: Maia, Electra, Taygeta Alcyone, Asterope, Merope Celaeno. Their parents were Atlas, who held up the sky, and the Pleione, the protectress of sailing.  According to myth, the hunter Orion was in love with the seven sisters and pursued them until the gods took them to safety, transforming them first into doves, and then into stars. Maia, the eldest of the seven Pleiades, gave birth to Hermes (Thoth).

The Seven Sisters

Maia – `the great one’ (Latin) – Eldest and most beautiful of the sisters;

Electra – `amber’, `shining’, `bright’ `to flow, run’, as a liquid.

Taygeta, `long-necked’ – one who speaks truth

Alcyone – `queen who wards off evil & storms (guardian of the winds)

Asterope – `lightning’, `twinkling’, `sun-face’, `

Merope – `eloquent’, `mortal’ – All of the Pleiades except Merope consorted with gods.

Celæno – `swarthy’ deep, earthy “a dark-skinned beauty”


“Welcome we are The Pleiadians, your star-sisters of Light. We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but light.  We are your likeness. We live within an entrance of light in the Pleiadian Star System. These starry structures allow you entrance into our place of space and time where light can bend and ageless knowledge is given  to all who enter. We are a vortex that houses encryptions of light that have been held secret and seek to be seen and embraced. 

We are referred to throughout text as the Great Beings from the Pleiades. We come forth to reflect Light hidden within your own human shadow. We come to reflect to you your beauty and of your capabilities that you see not, as you are caught up in the whirlwind of fixing, deleting, and walking thru the quagmire of your Life. You each represent a universe, a universe that has forgotten it’s self. 

You are galactic beings of unimagined proportion. As the universe that you are and were birthed to become, it is time to tie up the loose ends and cut away the frills of being human.  The seven sisters reaches down and gently gathers you. they gather every iota of you that is fractured. They gather DNA that is thin and frail and outdated making it strong enough to help humanity to the next level of safe light.  They gather cells of lifetimes of sadness and infuse them with joy.  they gather all parts of you into a point of love. 

You are a complete unified field of light. You are each here as Emissaries of Light, as Ambassadors of the Stars. You are not here to putt about, to grow frail and old and diseased.  You are an ageless timeless being of Light. You are here to embrace completion. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish.  There is nothing that you cannot create.  There is nothing that you cannot heal.  You effect and affect everything. 

You are beautiful beings that have forgotten their vastness.  If you are to save earth,  as you have so incarnated to do, you must begin with yourself.  You are not a victim to anything or anyone unless you decree it is so.  There is nothing that can harm you, there is nothing that can destroy you, there is nothing that can take from you – for you are the center of the universe in the living flesh.  You have forgotten the totality of your being.  Wake up to who you are.  Speak as a God.  Think as a God.  Become as a God.  Allow not the distractions of your day, of your humanness, of your body to own you and enslave you in such a fashion that it belittles the very magnificent creation you are. 

Step outside of the body and observe it as a vehicle that you instruct, a vehicle that transports you through space and time. Where your thoughts live is your ‘creational address’. This address then becomes your quantified universe and defined field of light, your light. Do not take that lightly, for where you stand in your thinking in your construction of circular circumstances,  affects your past and present and your future, for all is One stream of living energy.

This beautiful starry stone is called Specular Hematite, it has a rich metallic luster on a sparkling silvery surface. It houses a silver blue sparkle, like a full moon shining on the ocean or like stars in the Milky Way. This stone brings both a grounding and high energy connection simultaneously. It allows you to see the events of everyday life, and also multiple levels of reality concurrently. Specular Hematite allows you to reach for the stars, without being limited by what you think is conceivable or allowed on earth. This powerful crystal can regulate the effects of electromagnetic fields so is great to use near computers or electrical systems.

This high vibrational stone both grounds and raises awareness, fueling the Root and Crown chakras simultaneously.Specular Hematite awakens one to their true authentic spirit. The vibrations of this stone take one beyond any standards of what a spiritual path is, allowing one to freely form their own path. This stone reminds us that we have all come into this life with our own gifts and talents, and encourages us to express them freely. This beautiful stone is a cosmic anchor, as well as a Stargate, connecting Earth with the Pleiades. These beautiful sparkly reflective Pleiades Star stones allow one entrance into the secret places of cosmic knowledge, allowing a deep physical connection between the star system Pleiades and Earth. Use these beautiful stones wisely and with great love as you reconnect with your Star Family.

I had a real hard time trying to take pix of these starry stones, the camera just could not capture their brilliance.

Each one of these sparkle stones weigh approx. 5-6 oz/ approx 3+” wide/ Cost $27 includes shipping USA, extra for Canada and International



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