‘Pillars of Cloud’ Towers of Light

‘Pillar of Cloud’

Towers of Light

When I first unpacked these crystals after my husband came back from Quartzsite in 2020 I looked at them and thought those look like handles, maybe they come to give us a handle on life. (Wishful thinking) The next time I sat down to work with them I visualized myself inside a craft of light with one of these selenite tower crystals in each hand like controls on a plane or helicopter or a virtual game. (A crystal joystick) It felt like I was guiding a drone of light over a valley of possibilities.  These stones definitely had a lot more going on than I had first realized. Like Superman in his Fortress of Crystals these Towers of Light anticipated one’s needs and next move, extending themselves to be part of one’s light field.

These power pieces have remained silent for some time; they must have been gathering power and waiting for the exact moment to be birthed with several new truths flying behind them like flags on an oversized truck. These crystals pulled out all the stops as they continued to teach this goddess new understandings and words of power that came to explain and express who and what they were.

Finally these crystals decided it was time to tell their tale, so I listened with an open mind. They spoke of ancient manifestations of God that has been recorded biblically. They talked about Pillars of Cloud during the day and Pillars of Fire by night that were the dual manifestations of God during the time of Moses and the birth of the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai. Whenever Moses conversed with God a Pillar of Cloud (also called Clouds of Glory) would appear as a guardian energy standing as a protector close by. This phenomenon was documented many times in the ancient text.  Another example of the appearance of the Pillar of Cloud was in Solomon’s Temple when the Arc of the Convent was first brought to the Temple.

Finally these powerful beauties wrapped up their crystal story with a big ole ribbon. They call themselves  ‘PILLAR OF CLOUD’ Towers of Light.

Selenite is an ancient stone, a calm stone that instills a deep living peace.  It has an ethereal quality and is said to inhabit the place between light and matter.  Selenite clears confusion and is a good stone for erratic emotions. Selenite exists at the doorway between spirit and matter. It is the crystal fiber holding these two worlds in communication with each other. It provides one with the ability to reach higher planes and dimensions consciously allowing one to communicate with the light masters.

Selenite vibrates at a very high frequency  too high to be seen. Selenite transports Light into all things. It can bend  pure white light. Selenite can increase the frequency of physical matter as well as lower the frequency of light in a physical plane.  It is a ‘bridge between the spiritual and physical’. It creates new electrical synapses with the physical body allowing your light body to be seen more clearly.  Selenite crystals help to remove all energy blockages in the body. This stone originally comes from ancient oceans and seas, it is a water element. It has been found that Selenite has a direct effect on balancing the emotions.

How to use this Crystal First off please be clear in your intention before you begin to work with this stone. This is a powerful device and it is important that you honor its abilities.  When you are holding this stone you are spontaneously transmitting please be aware of your thoughts and energies.  Hold the Selenite crystal pointing outward. Do some deep circular breathing full body breathes, visualize breathing thru the crystal each breath, clear your head and intention using your breath. It’s important to know your intention before using this crystal, don’t change horses midstream or mid thought.  Imagine the universe is taking a snapshot of your thoughts… be clear when you use this powerful crystalline tool.

 See the crystal and you becoming one thru your breath. Inhale- exhale keeping your eyes closed until you reach a place of peace.  On the next deep inhale imagine your intention, creation, manifestation, etc., filling your body then being released thru the outbreath.  Let go fully and completely. Let go of all needs, wants, worries etc. See yourself and the inner chalice of worry empty. Let go and become one with all!  Allow a  pure loving clearing light and living peace to enter your body mind and soul, filling every atom with a great light that holds  a powerful love and knowing that speaks directly to your heart.  

These Pillar of Cloud Crystals come in two sizes and shapes.

GROUP A Pillar of Cloud Crystals approx. 11 oz./ 5″ tall/ flat top round bottom Cost $29 includes shipping in USA extra for international 

GROUP B Pillar of Cloud Crystals approx. 8 oz./ 4″ tall/ point at top, bottom hexagram Cost $24 includes shipping in USA extra for international 



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