Orca Stones



‘Becoming Fluid Again’

As we all seek Oneness without the close proximity of the past, our very human pod seeks to connect with that which is fluid, flowing, Free, moving forward with love. We wish to connect with our beautiful watery powerful Fluid self’s that can adjust more easily to the shifting dunes of time.  These powerful stones from Brazil call themselves Orca stones. They ask one to step into the sacred place in-between the cracks of time, in-between dark and light and in-between the now and the future. The black and the white echoes of the Orcas can be heard in these powerful beauties. Like holding a sea shell to your ear the sound of the orcas is palpable. Like a watery monument secreted thru time these very rare stones come to share their teachings and secrets.

The Orca whale belongs to the dolphin family. They are apex predators, weighing between 5 and 10 tons. Orcas live like wolves in pods of matriarchal lineages. Orca teaches us the Light and dark of it all and how to swim in-between. As humans we all carry within us a dark aspect and a luminous, shiny, aspect. Who you become in life depends on what you chose, not what choses you!  That my friend is the message of Orca! The whale is earth’s record keeper a swimming Protector. The whale teaches you to listen to your inner sound and the voice of your soul.  Whale teaches every sound uttered to self or others counts. When whale enters your life it is time for a life review. Who are you now, who have you been, and who do you seek to become?

Whales are in touch with the present and all others places of time simultaneously. Like ripples on the sea whales ride the energy waves thru all dimensions.  Whale sees with the inner eye and asks you to do the same.  Whales are psychic animals on every level from sensing, tasting and feeling everything for miles and miles. The whale asks us to sing our soul song and to communicate clearly our hearts desire.

Humans and Whales are endlessly connected like a lattice of liquid heart, all is one and one is all, no matter how one swims!  The whale helps us bridge gaps in our heart and relationships, near and far, past and present. Using the rhythm and patterns of sound, the whale teaches us to hear with our inner ear, listen with our inner heart, and know we are Loved.  Let the whales healing song play through your heart and bring you peace without fear!

These Orca stones are made of Black Tourmaline and Quartz they come from Brazil.  Black tourmaline is one heck of a powerful electromagnetic mineral, it is a teller stone, always pointing one towards what is causing distress. This is a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, while forming an energetic barrier of protection. Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for psychic protection and EMF protection.  It sucks up any negativity it encounters. Black Tourmaline actually transmutes negative energy into positive light.

This is a stone that can be used, worn or carried when going into negative environments or when expecting to come into contact with dense energies. This stone is an excellent aura cleanser as it repels and transforms negative energies and Shields against unwanted energies. Tourmaline is said to amplify psychic energies, dis-spell fear and sorrow and break up any energy blockages.  Tourmaline helps us to move beyond limited ways of being and thinking.   Black Tourmaline is great for psychic attack, victims of bullying or those just too sensitive to life/everything


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