Oracle of the Heart Crystals


Oracle of the Heart Crystals

As I get ready to go to the Colorado gem mineral show these beauties popped up and said ’what about me? Have you forgotten us?” And yes they had hidden themselves under boxes I thought were empty. Dimensional flux always leaves souvenirs upon the shores. Just when you thought your tea cup was empty voila it fills again and the cosmos reads your tea leaves, interesting times as we learn the new rules of the universal road trip.

Lately my heart is filled with so much sadness at the losses of others on every level, my own losses  and the World losses. I do what I can to clear heal and integrate these energies on a daily basis but like tooth paste in the sink, blockage is a possibility. These new stones call themselves ‘Oracle of the Heart’ crystals, they come to give us new options for big time heart healing filling the empty room in our heart with Love , allowing us to Believe and to have Hope again.

These ‘oracle of the heart’ crystals are Pink lavender amethyst. This is a fairly new stone discovered in 2019. There is only one deposit in the world which is Patagonia, Argentina. Amethyst becomes pink /lavender as a result of inclusions of Hematite within the crystals structure.  Pink lavender Amethyst is the softer and more feminine version of regular amethyst.

This stone is a healer, a womb-warmer, comforter and emotional shaman. This stone asks you to let go and trust, surrendering all, so that you may see beyond what consumes your immediate attention.  Pink Lavender Amethyst connects to the high heart, third eye and crown chakras, stimulating these chakras so they open to the love and guidance from one’s own soul-light. These beauties lift troubling thoughts, feelings, and energies in oneself and the world, to a higher level of light casting away shadows and negative spirits.

This crystal helps one to view one’s life situations from the higher heart chakras perspective allowing one to interact with living spark of love. Pink lavender amethyst strengthens the health of 7th chakra; this is a stone of deep heart healing and unfathomable love.  It bestows peace, that peace being the ‘perfect peace’.  Any kind of amethyst enhances psychic and imaginative abilities. Amethyst has long been used to open the psychic centers.  The stone allows dream recall and is mind quieting. Amethyst is a Master Healer in all of its colors, it is an extremely powerful protective stone. It guards against psychic attack transmuting negativity  into love. Pink Amethyst has a strong healing and deep cleansing power from the heart inside out, broadcasting into every cell of the body mind, and soul.

This pink lavender amethyst crystal is an oracle; a doorway to healing what still lives as sadness or pain within your-self or others. This stone is to be used as a clearing device for personal and planetary heartaches, losses and sadness’s.  It is willing and able to remove the pressure of living in today’s world allowing one precious moments of Peace.

This ‘Oracle of the heart’ crystal comes with a crystal pendulum. It is with this crystal device that you will activate the crystals ability to open portals and pathways of heart healing, Like starting a crystal lawnmower.

How to Use your Oracle of the Heart Crystal

Hold the pendulum in hand over the pink lavender amethyst allow it to blend with the crystals energy, allow it move in whatever direction it wants in order to connect with the stone below it.  Feel a connection between crystal and pendulum like they are becoming best buds fast.  Now think about a current ‘top shelve emotional heart issue’ you are dealing with, start with the clearing and healing of Self-first.

Clear your head  use your breathe conscious breathing to center yourself hold your thought of release and then hold pendulum over pink lavender crystal, see the connection in your mind’s eye.  Allow the pendulum to move over the amethyst effortlessly in any direction, see the pink love within the crystal begin to consume the heartache/ sad thought/ fear etc and transmute it into pure formless living love.  Allowing the harsh memory of the heartache to be placed gently in a pink pillow of sweet healing love, like a soft cloud, see it taking wing and flying toward the universal heart in search of all that is Holy of Light.

The heartache / person etc/ is not forgotten it is lifted  from your heart into a place of holiness, placed on the top shelf of love in God’s favorite room in the Heavens.  this action allows your very human heart to be lifted to a place of seeing above all the confusion and turmoil around you. Whenever your heart is heavy with the worlds sadness use this timeless pink lavender crystal chalice as a device and doorway of Release and Healing  

Oracle of the Heart Crystals

Each one of theses Pink lavender Amethyst Crystals comes with a simple crystal pendulum. Crystals themselves weigh approx 3 oz/3 ” Cost $23 includes shipping USA extra for international 



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