Metatron’s Cube Power Grid


I was thrilled to find these powerful pieces of geometry Metatron cube one of my favorite sacred geometries I have them all over the house and they contributes greatly to the amount of light I hold and channel. (The presence of Metatron is always palpable).

Metatron represents time and the center point of existence. The symbol of Metatron’s Cube explains ‘birth’ and the infinite expanding field of creation in all directions of time and space. This high vibrational geometry resonates thru all levels of light creating color, sound, and physical matter. Metatron emphasizes the significance of the masculine and the feminine energies in balance both weaving together in a divine DNA design. In sacred geometry, Archangel Metatron, the angel of Empowerment, oversees the flow of energy in a mystical light cube known as a Metatron’s Cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God’s creation.  This shape serves as a vehicle for the etheric body to transport into other realms, dimensions and to explore the deeper meanings of life in all of its forms. The complex Sacred Geometry structure of Metatron’s Cube derives from the ancient structure of the Flower of Life.

The myths of Metatron are complicated, with polarity versions. The first version states he came into being when God created the world, and immediately assumed his many responsibilities as above so below. The second claims that he was first a human named Enoch who had ascended to Heaven.  Sitting next to God, Enoch was instructed in wisdom, and using his skills as a scribe, primed three hundred and sixty-six books. When he learned everything, God revealed to him great secrets, some of which are even still kept secret from the angels. These included the secrets of Creation, the duration of time the world will survive, and what will happen after its demise.

After spending time with God, Enoch returned to earth to instruct everyone, including his sons, in all he learned. After thirty days, the angels returned him to Heaven and then the divine transformation took place. All of this Additional wisdom and spiritual qualities caused Enoch’s height and breadth to become equal to the height and breadth of the earth. God attached thirty-six wings to his body, and gave him three hundred and sixty-five eyes, each as bright as the sun. His body turned into celestial fire — flesh, veins, bones, hair, transmuted to glorious flame. Sparks emanated from him, and storms, whirlwind, and thunder encircled his form. The angels dressed him in magnificent garments, including a crown, and arranged his throne. A heavenly herald proclaimed that from then on his name would no longer be Enoch, but Metatron, and that all angels must obey him, as second only to God.

Metatron is one of the most important angels in the heavenly hierarchy. He is a member of a special group that is permitted to look at God’s countenance, an honor most angels do not share. It is believed that he brought to the Jewish mystics the teachings of Kabala as well as the science of Creation through Sacred Geometry. Metatron is One of the only two Archangels whose name does not end in “el” (“EL” meaning “in God” ) and one of the only two Archangels who were humans before becoming Angels (his brother Elijah/ Sandalphon being the other).  The meaning of Metatron means “he who occupies the throne next to the Divine throne”. Another of Metatron’s gifts is that of an ultra-high vibrational frequency. When you choose to work with Metatron, prepare for a serious dose of intense vibrational ascension. Through light work and energy cleansing, he can assist you in releasing what no longer serves you – physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.

In Jewish legends and myths, it’s said that this angel created the cube out of his soul. Metatron’s cube represents all the geometric shapes found in all creations and is associated with the belief that the God is the living sacred geometry of the universe. Metatrons cube is made up of all the Platonic Solids, and has thirteen circles to represent the thirteen archangels (with Metatron’s circle at the center). All of the circles are connected by straight lines, which represent the feminine and masculine connecting at a higher heart and level.

Metatron’s Cube is a geometric cleansing device. To activate it, Imagine the symbol moving clockwise, creating a great centrifugal force as it castoffs and dissolves negative energy. This centrifugal force, allows you to shake off the negativity of a difficult day or the negative thoughts of others. Metatron is also an angel of creation and inspiration. Whether you’re an artist and need inspired, or someone that paints by numbers, keeping an image of Metatron’s Cube in your creative space is a good way to open up to the energy of Metatron and the universal flow he represents.  hang the symbol on the wall in your work space (at home) as it will be the first thing you see when glancing up. Metatron’s Cube is also powerful symbol of protection against negative energy. Putting it on your doors or windows will keep out unwanted influences, while allowing positive energy to flow into your home.

This powerful METATRONS GRID is well-made out of brass, it is 6″ wide Cost $33.00 includes shipping USA


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