Lemurian Aquatine Stones



This dreamy stone is a magnificent Caribbean Blue-Green Calcite from a remote region in western Argentina on the Pacific Ocean. Its name comes from its affinity to the element of water and the civilization of Lemuria. This beauty holds a realm of watery-qualities, the very essence of Lemuria invites in awareness, intuition, dreaming, and remembering. This stone asks us to embrace our lemurian side, our empathetic, heart-centered beautiful nature, allowing the lemurian connection within us to gently unfold.

Lumerian Aquatine stones are here to help us feel secure in our exploration of the higher ethereal realms. All humans have an innate need to feel, a need to be free in their emotional expression of their authentic selves, while honoring and strengthening their connection to Source. This beautiful blue stone is here to aid us in re-collecting past memories and deeply held experiences related to our soul and Lemuria.

These Lumerian Aquatine stones sooth frayed nerves and lessen anxieties about life on this present earth. This is a perfect and gentle stone to use when recuperating on any level (like one going to the seashore to heal). This watery beauty facilitates healing (body, mind, and spirit) by clearing negative emotions and encouraging one to rest in the arms of the creator.

This stone is a natural sedative soothing nerves after emotional trauma (past and present) Lumerian Aquatine stones are excellent during times of adjustments and disagreements. This stone can show a new way to look at a situation or conflict, easing us away from old, outdated thought patterns that are in the way of new healing ideas.

Lumerian Aquatine stones are excellent third eye stones that help improve all psychic gifts. They help to stimulate meaningful dreams and to assist in recall.  This stone chills your hot headed fear when emotions are running raw and rampant. It helps you to voice your stuck feelings thru beauty whether in the form of art, song or writings; changing the way in which you communicate your stuck inner feelings.

This blue beauty makes you more aware of how you say things and the power within those words, especially the verbs and adverbs!  As you move away from negative words to a more positive aspect of verbal creation, you will find that things in your life change to match your more positive attitude. This celestial blue energy establishes connection with the teachers and way showers of ancient Lemuria.

This stone brings divine truth and honesty. It amplifies energy, particularly in the realms of inter-dimensional communication and thought manifestation. It eases conflict between people with opposing views, helps you see more clearly what path will lead you to true happiness. The energy in all stones associated with Lemuria contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient and advanced civilizations, especially Lemuria.

These stones come to us for the purpose of being “activated via our very human Heart”. They can be used to open and expand the Heart into a place of other- timely healing. They allow us to go within to our inner sanctum and view a time we were fully empowered. Those who wish to tune into the frequencies of whales and dolphins can also use these blue beauties as a method of communication, solidifying their telepathic skills in the ethereal realms. This stone enhances the connection to the Etheric Chakras above the head, outside the field of inquiry.

Each one of these aqua-blue beauties is both polished and raw with crevices and hidden places of energy seen and unseen. they show the very erosion of time and the power of the ocean within their exterior and interior, as what was washed away exposes what was once hidden. I find these energies to be very powerful and intriguing. The sun was in and out with these pix, the stones are actually more vibrant than they appear.


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