‘Lady Lepidolite’


Lady Lepidolite

I just love these beautiful twinkly stones; they have a strong living presence and hold a very unique healing light. They are made of lepedolite a powerful lavender feminine healing stone. As soon as you touch them they wrap their beautiful healing energies around you soothing, like a warm bubble bath, they allow you to breathe a deep sigh of relieve and just let go of all you have held in burden. These striking stones call themselves ‘Lady Lepidolite’.

Lady Lepidolite is a powerful living lavender healing presence covered in downy light-fibers soothing to the eyes, healing to the touch. This beautiful energy shows herself in the many shades, use and reflections of Lavender healing. She reflects deeply the inner soul scars but in that reflection there is a softening, a shade of Grace that dissolves the scars. She stands solid like a watchful knight in full regalia holding her posture of Lavender Light as she stands Queenly with a deep knowing.

Lady Lepidolite stands tireless by a deep timeless healing well, she asks you to drink from. She asks to allow her to soothe your soul like a Divine balm, a Divine Salve of healing. Aloe this healing To soften the calluses of your heart that you’ve collected as Treasures along the incarnational way. She asks you to enter her lavender kingdom of deep healing and receive the many shades of lavender light.

Lepidolite is a “stone of transition and rebirth’. Lepidolite assists in the release of old patterns, gently inducing change.  It brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression.  Lepidolite dissipates negativity and insists on being used for the highest good.  Lepidolite facilitates astral travel and accesses the Akashic Record.  It helps to take you forward into the future, tuning you in to thoughts and feelings from other lives that are creating a blockage in your life now.

Lepidolite aids in overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency, supporting in the release of excuses.  Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution, strengthens the immune system, soothes the nervous system.  This powerful healer relieves exhaustion and tension.  Lepidolite stabilizes mood swings and is excellent for menopause.  It treats illnesses caused by computer stress.

Lepidolite allows one to cope with changes. It promotes openness and honesty. It is especially good for birth and rebirthing. It dispels negativity and depression. If you are, one of those people who find it difficult to sleep because your mind constantly thinks too much this is the healing stone for you. Lepidolite is a lithium-mica stone. It is high in lithium and was originally mined for the mineral. As soon as you touch the stones you immediately have there undivided attention.


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