With Gillian MacBeth

October 8, 2022

Saturday 1:00 pm -3:00 pm EST USA

$33.00 includes video

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The Karmic Board dispenses justice to many worlds, adjudicating karma, mercy and judgment on behalf of every life form. All life forms pass before the Karmic Board after each incarnation on earth to receive their assignment and karmic allotment for that life. They also pass before the Karmic Board again at the end of each life to review their experience and performance.

The world of Karma is a complex and challenging subject. Karmic Retribution is not about bringing “suffering”, but bringing “realization”, and the job of the Karmic board is not to dish out punishment, but to show us how to avoid the karmic lessons to begin with. All karmic learning’s are the most powerful and efficient means to release the old and relinquish antiquated thought and energy patterns and blocks. Karma is the impetus for change and soul growth. The karmic board is the same as the lords of karma, spiritual masters and avatars that assist us in realizing what is karmically over and needs to be fully released. Many times we continue in karmic patterns with people, place, and things that have outlived their usefulness in our soul’s evolution.

The Lords of Karma love to share their wisdom and guidance of The Cosmic Laws of Cause and Effect and how those laws interplay with humanity’s evolution. The Lords of Karma are Celestial beings who are the Recorders of karmic actions. The “Lords of Karma.” are a body of ascended masters who are assigned the responsibility to dispense karmic justice to mankind and to adjudicate karma in all of its forms with a large helping of soft mercy spread with non-judgment. All souls must pass before the Karmic Board before and after each incarnation on earth, prior to any embodiment. It is important that you treat the Lords of Karma with great respect, never argue with them and always say thank you I assure you ‘they do not have a sense of humor.’

Are you ready to get your soul memory clean and your hands dirty, digging deep into the old programs that you still sit with and serve tea too! Are you ready to let go in a place of amplified light sitting with the higher aspects of your self and soul and releasing from that point of power. The karmic weight of the past sticks to the bottom of our shoes and souls like bubble gum tossed aside randomly.  Within the word random lives the unforeseen, the lucky, and the fortunate.

In numerology  ‘Random’ is a 29/11 vibration, one of the many layers of 11:11. (Watching ones words lives within the structure of 29/11. There is a great power within the number and how one chooses to use it. Speaking problems and solutions in and out of existence is a 29/11 doorway of learning. Balancing positive thought with negative self-talk; Wanting to finish but sometimes ‘afraid to start’ shows the teaching within this place. The lungs the heart and the throat hold the vibrations of 29/11 stresses and strains in creation is seen in these areas. The volcano holds her tongue until it is ready to fully let go. 11/29 is about Learning to hold ones power via the spoken word, knowing that all words count.

Collectively we can clear more as a group,

on this zoom Platform of Light

In this zoom class we will cover as much karmic ground as we can via the use of meditation, empowerment and ‘all hands on deck karmic releases.’ If you are one of the lucky ones and have done all of your karmic wash then this class can assist your family members and children etc to move into a higher place of light and wisdom as you assist them with their karma clearing via the permission of their soul light.

I am sure there are many techniques for karma clearing but my most favorite is the Lords of Karma and a handy dandy pendulum. Many people need physical proof via the pendulum that they are being heard loud and clear. Also the physical action of the pendulum in clearing the karma is really soothing to the soul.

Please test your pendulum before class for a YES AND A NO, and a holding clearing pattern.

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