Holy Mother Crystals


Holy Mother Crystals

As soon as you look into the heavenly blue eyes of these crystal beauties your soul will sing a prayer of peace. Remembering an ancient time where the musings of sacred words and blessings held a great province and power. These celestial blue crystal beauties all themselves ‘Holy Mother Crystals’ they are made of Blue Onyx from Brazil. They are gorgeous and powerful and totally loving of intent.

These ‘Holy Mary Crystals’ yearn to be adored, loved and touched. They seek to be understood in a time when so many pay homage to that which does not hold nor serve love. As you touch these blue beauties call upon the Presence of the Holy Mother in all of her heavenly and earthly forms. On bended knee and heart, ask the Holy Mother to grace and bless your life and those you love with healing and miracles.

Dedicate your own light to holding the Holy Mother Light of Miracles on Earth. Humbly request that her blue healing light of Love be poured onto the earth and her people.  These ‘celestial blue healers’ are aligned with the throat chakra and all the words of faith you have spoken thru time.

Blue onyx is the perfect stone to sooth todays frayed nerves and expectations. This stone is the bringer of truth and honesty. It can help you to be at the right place at the right time. It has a great ability to help you see your destiny more clearly. This stone can help one to connect to higher realms with angels and spirit guides, while bringing clarity in the form of psychic visions and lucid dream work.

This stone is filled with waves of light. It provides support in difficult and perplexing circumstances, Becoming a rescuer during times of enormous mental and physical stress. It infuses your energy allowing you to swim into the future seeing outcomes yet formed. This powerful stone helps you to be the master of your destiny it is excellent for visualization, imagination, dream-work, and guided energy. It enhances and mirrors feelings allowing for divine communications.

This stone is perfect for past life work, healing old injuries and physical traumas that are still affecting you. Blue Onyx is a stone of peace and peace-making, it encourages tranquility and calm. This stone is ethereal yet solid. It has a soft blue transparency that encourages a silent reverence. It speaks of Spirit and trust. Blue Onyx, helps us feel confident in our exploration of the ethereal realms.

These powerful stones heal an ancient grief, a grief that has no mercy or memory of itself. They promote the awareness there is no death, helping one to see the ‘wheel of life’ birth, death and rebirth. This  beautiful crystal promotes the feeling of being protected by the Light, a feeling of being watched over by the Angels, feeling that you are worthy of love, easing a long unfathomable loneliness.

This crystal can absorb negative energy and dissipate it before it can be passed on. It promotes planetary brotherhood and good will. It can be used for telepathy and psychic transmission. It sends feelings of generosity and benevolence removing unwanted feelings of anger and sadness.  This beautiful blue stone asks you to ‘measure your words’. It encourages us to hold back words we will ‘regret saying’ that will be etched in time.


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