High Priestess Lapis & Tera-Hertz Bracelets


High Priestess Lapis & Terahertz Bracelet

As the energies and info increases in propulsion I found my electrical and energy field to be off. I felt a lot of energy pulsing out my right arm and hand, so alive I could almost see its heat signature. Like a super hero who did not know what to do with their powers I asked the universe to send me something that would explain what the heck was going on. My hand and arm was pulsing and I knew it was not biological but energy overload, whose and what energy I do not know. But I felt like a kid holding the rabbit ears on a 50’s TV so the dad could get good reception during the news. This energy like the magnetic anomaly came from places unknown even with all the eyes in the sky and on earth. Since we are all learning to surf these time waves and dimensional riptides, I say to the Universe show me the tools to get thru this part of the tunnel of one by one. I came across the perfect tool to use during these times of shifting quicksand.

All the crystal shows have been canceled since I came back from Tucson in February so all buying has to be done online without touching and seeing in real time. This opens new doors of inter-dimensional touching of energy via the spidey senses, not as easy as it sounds. Anyway that is how these wonderful healing tools were birthed. The universe led me to a new energy called tera-hertz, which I researched and found to be very interesting, then the universe supplied these powerful ‘perfect healing for this time Bracelets’  made of Lapis and Tera-hertz. I loved the way they looked and even better felt on my wrist.  I could see and feel my electrical system lining up in a healing pattern. Like a laser beam that is harnessed, this healing tool allows you a directional healing to the body’s electrical system which has been in planetary overload for months now. .

Terahertz is a man-made stone developed by Japanese scientists mainly to protect the body from harmful radiation and electromagnetic haze when worn. Terahertz is reputed to be a very powerful healing stone that has very high thermal conductivity and oscillating frequency – 1 trillion times per second! Terahertz energy stone emits far infrared (Far infrared (FIR) radiation is a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum that has been investigated for biological healing effects. this waveband has been observed in both in vitro and in vivo studies, to stimulate cells and tissue, and is considered a promising treatment for certain medical conditions. Technological advances have provided new techniques for delivering FIR radiation to the human body. Specialty lamps and saunas, using pure FIR radiation are safe, effective, and widely used to generate Healing effects) and negative ion energy.

Studies prove that ‘far infrared’ helps promote metabolism, improving blood circulation, modulate sleep, ease pain and fatigue, relieve muscle pain and stiffness, protect against oxidative stress, and relieve inflammation. Negative ions purify and cleanse the air from harmful radiation, pollutants and allergens. Because it revitalizes inner energy flow and enhances circulation in the skin, Terahertz stone is said to slow down the aging process and helps one look more youthful and healthy. People with cold hands and feet problem will find this stone useful too. Terahertz stone is a metamaterial made to vibrate at frequencies that lie between infrared and microwaves on the electromagnetic spectrum. These quantum waves can aid in blood circulation, regulation of body temperature and pain management.

To me Lapis is always a High Priestess stone and helps us get our act energetically together. On days when my emotions and energies are dragging tail, the universe forces me to put on my lapis bracelet. Instantly it gets my butt out of the psychic emotional trenches and up and about ‘taking care of business’. Lapis Lazuli is a power stone of great protection. This ancient stone works as a shield from negativity and psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace, harmony and self-knowledge, revealing inner truths that have been locked away. Lapis Lazuli assists one to speak their truth and inspires confidence.  It is believed to relieve insomnia and anxieties. During ancient times lapis was ground up and used for medicinal/ cosmetic purposes. This stone is connected with Jupiter and expands wisdom and leadership qualities.  This is an excellent stone for executives, journalists, and psychologists as it stimulates latent wisdom and good judgment. This stone stimulates the desire for wisdom, real truth and understanding of it all. A stone of truth this stone encourages honesty in the spoken and written word. It reveals inner truth in all of its glory without holding back or compromising.

Please remember this is a powerful light tool; consider it like a plug in to realign your circuitry. You do not have to wear it constantly to see results. Your body will let you know when you need to wear this powerful bracelet. I hope it helps you as much as it did me, blessings Gillian

Each High Priestess lapis-terahertz bracelet will fit about a 7″ wrist. Cost per bracelet is $22.00 which includes shipping in USA extra for other.


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