Guardian Angel Crystals


These beautiful hand-carved Guardian Angels come from Brazil. They are vast of light and powerful of presence.  Most of the world’s religions have teachings about angels – Guardian Angels and angels that shine like the Sun; angels that protect, lead, and inspire. Each of us has our own Guardian Angel, who protects and guides us.  

Guardian angels, are mentioned numerous times in the Scriptures; angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve him, and sent by God to watch over the human race, to deliver his message, to guard and protect us from danger, to do battle with other spiritual beings on our behalf. Since the beginning of time, angels have delivered God’s messages to mankind. Sometimes the messages are warnings of impending danger, sometimes instructions as to what to do in a particular situation, sometimes they are simply “there” as protection from enemy forces.

The word ‘Angel’ is taken from the Greek word ‘Angelos’ which means ‘Messenger’. Angels are those souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with the Creator, never had physical lives, and seek only to fulfill the will of God. Angels can vary in form, depending on the needs and expectations of those requesting help. They may appear as male or female, but are neither. They are beings of light energy, a link between the Creator and humanity.

These beautiful hand carved angels come to give the gift of a miracle. They hold within their heart an undying love for humanity. They give the gift of hope in a soft non-intrusive way. They come to open our hearts so that the true meaning of miracles lands upon us like a white dove. If you are worried about someone in your life this little angel is the perfect way to let them know you care.

Invite in the presence of your Guardian Angel. Imagine the Angel standing in front of you, heart to heart, light to light. Start to breathe in the Angels Presence and Light deeply. On the exhale allow the Angel to breathe you in. Exchange sacred breaths with each other until you feel filled to the rim with Angel Love.  Allow your Guardian Angel into your heart and mind fully, (an angel needs to be invited) Feel the deep soul healing as it begins its dance thru every one of your cells feel the Love as it heals every aspect of you.


#4 Guardian Angel weighs 8 oz./ 4 “tall / Cost $ 39.00 includes packing and shipping costs USA. (pix below)


#5 Guardian Angel weighs 7 oz./  3.5 “tall / Cost $36 .00 includes packing and shipping costs USA. (pix below)


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