Goddess Portal Crystals


Platinum infused Lace-quartz

The Goddess Portal is a mirrored magical light filled place that reflects all of your fractured rainbow aspects, bringing them full circle into a place of monumental soul healing. The Goddess Portal gives you the gift of deep feminine healing.  Within the landscape of your soul lives a dynamically carved beautiful framework of all you have been and all you have experienced. Even with all of your craggy cliffs and hidden chambers, what has broken and fractured thru time is now given a sacred place to heal. What has been disconnected in heart and soul grows into a place of great restorative beauty. These quartz beauties call themselves Goddess Portal Crystals. The Goddess Portal allows you entrance into the sacred place between time and deed. All you have hidden from yourself and others, everything you have held hostage for too many years, all of that floats to the surface gently allowing you to breathe with the reed of the past.

Just like magic all of the many aspects of you come together like the bluebirds of happiness on the first day of spring singing their heart out. Allow these magnificent crystals to escort you into the Goddess Portal like a Princess on a red carpet. A safe place, a sanctuary of self, is infused into these Goddess Portal crystals. Allow these reflective beauties to create a hall of mirrors, a hall of healing within self and soul. These beautiful crystals seem to be so delicate and lace-like; however they are fortress-like, strong of purpose and dedicated. (like most woman)

Each one of these beautiful light-filled Goddess Portal Crystals is Platinum infused Lace Quartz. Platinum represents the future; it enables new growth, change, innovative ideas and profound wisdom. Platinum is the hardest of the precious metals, it never tarnishes. It does not wear, and its extreme level of durability offers a guarantee of strength and longevity. Platinum is a metal of transformation. It allows one to break unbending boundaries and achieve determined success in any given endeavor. Platinum is powerful when used in conjunction with high vibrational crystals. It absorbs those higher vibrations at a molecular level bringing one creative visions.


#8 ‘GODDESS PORTAL’ Crystals weigh 3 oz./ 3″ tall/ Cost $30.00 includes packing and shipping USA only (pix below)


#14 ‘GODDESS PORTAL’ Crystals weigh 4 oz./ 2″ tall/ Cost $ 30.00 includes packing and shipping USA only (pix below)


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