Galactic Grid


Galactic Grid

(18 carat gold plated Geometries )

These power pulsing grids hold within them a plethora of sacred energies, sounds, encodings and geometries. Sacred geometry unites science and spirituality, self and brain.  Sacred Geometry is a process of aligning one’s heart, mind and spirit with Source light. It is the gateway between the etheric and physical realms. Sacred geometry is a mirror to the soul.

 As you can see by the pictures, these powerful grids are pretty animated.  I brought them with me on the plane as the plane to Tucson had such bad turbulence with so many deep drops I was doing some pretty loud praying. I was moved to bring these sacred grids on the plane home.


In 2020 we are entering a noticeable dimensional drift (moving in and out of multiple dimensions) where overlapping light fields communicate with one another to create a grand platform of Light. Space-Time is under renovation within its very pliable self. While the cosmic waves of light energy flow through and around our planet, it’s recalibrating and raising its frequencies at the same time, triggering the activation of cellular restructuring and quantum makeover.

These powerful galactic grids help us to connect and reconnect with cosmic truths and understandings that are asking for landing places on earth. We are all being changed forever and learning to ride the waves of light during high tides and low tides. We are unwrapping parts of our selves we had not realized until now. We have blended thru time and now come to a place of collection and new placement.

2020 is the Promised Land if one just believes, one last time. These 18 carat gold galactic grids are holographic of nature as they allow one to see between here and there.  Seeing into their mirror reflected truths, you are gifted a remembering of yourself, your times on earth and your times to come.

These golden grids will escort you into hallways that appear dark and unknown, yet recognize it is your own inner light of illumination that ignites the torches on this sacred journey.

Use this golden grid for any and all energy work; as a healing grid, as an activation grid, accumulation grid, connecting to the higher realms, connecting with the past to view it for healing purposes.  Let your imagination be the guide!

Each one of these  Galactic Grids is 4″ wide and cost $29 which includes shipping USA. Extra for International and Canada


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