Flower of Life Cycle of Creation Stones


Cycle of creation stones

It has been a long while since the flower of life has raised her head for all to know of her treasures, she got lost in all the other sacred geometries and now awakens. I did not realize how much I needed to see that energy until these little beauties arrived. They are like ‘baby flower of life’s’ so sweet and pure and waiting to be put to good use. They are mighty and powerful and a little pushy.

The flower of life is a symbol of sacred geometry, which contains all the essential building blocks of the universe called the Platonic solids. This symbol has been found all over the world appearing  in all religions and ancient civilizations. It is a universal symbol depicting the creation of all existence.

‘The human body or a galaxy is formed on the same basis as a flower of life. new spheres are created. 19 spheres are done and within them blooms the Flower of Life. This pattern takes the form of a flower, and it is an endless process. It includes musical harmony, the range of lights, and the growth pattern of all living tissues. Each sphere has the same opportunity to develop as the original sphere.

Therefore, the Flower of Life creates the Fruit of Life, which can fold its own flower. Within each sphere five Platonic solids, the union of male and female energy, direct or curved lines, two geometric matrices, which are the basis for everything real, are included. the meaning depicts the cycle of creation. There are deep and fascinating symbols hidden within the Flower of Life pattern. The Flower of life is said to hold within it the necessary information of all living things to continue. It is the visual expression of the interconnectedness of all life forms.

The ways to use this little flower of life are endless, I have been using them in prayer grids, and placing them upon bills that are due, as well as just letting their little patterns of healing geometries radiate in the house. Enjoy your new stone ally.

These stones are sold in a two pack,  total weight approx. 6 oz./ 3″ wide. Costs $20 for 2 pack includes shipping USA extra for other.


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