Earth Unity Stones Conglomerate Agate

Earth Unity Stones

Conglomerate Agate

I could not figure out for the life of me why I was supposed to get these stones. I picked them up put them down and picked them up again. Now I know exactly what these stones come to teach us and gift us in a time of great fear ad separation. These powerful earth stones are grounding especially during times of upheaval. Called ‘guardian stones“ by the old ones, they embody all the elemental powers of water, fire, air and earth, blending together all aspects of life.

Each stone within the Conglomerate Agate has their own unique healing ability.  The one lesson these stones teach us is how to come together, without losing our identity.  They clear negative patterns from the emotional body and assist in clearing all forms of deep anger and confusion. Conglomerate stones shed light on the karmic aspects of your life. These stones alleviate feelings of aloneness, immediate danger and distress. They bring forth a sense of family and unity amongst all the separation.

These stones also foster protection, group/planeatery/ cooperation, purification, harmony, and to break up collective negative energy. Folk medicine tells us that conglomerate agates have been used for healing and clearing blockages for eons of time. Conglomerate agate was used by the Ancients as breastplate armor to give warriors strength and victory in battle. This stone is perfect for world affairs as we all stand right now.  The many types of stones banded together trying to become one, while still being them-selves.

Each one of these Earth Unity Stones weigh approx 4 oz. /4″ long/  Cost $22 includes shipping USA extra for international and Canada



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