Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs

Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs

I only have a few of these powerful blue beauties but am thrilled to have found any at all. They are monumental forces of healing within themselves.  The mighty orb aspect of this already powerful stone increases its clout and display of light; each Orb has a 360 degrees light projection, stretching itself in a fibbernocci spiral, giving completely of itself thus creating a ‘New blue-print of Earth-healing’ from a higher light source. This stone calls itself ‘Earth-Shine’. This is a reserved stone, subtle, mystical, calm and serene, ethereal yet solid. It has an inviting, soft blue translucence, almost imperceptible movement of light lives within the stone that invokes a silent reverence, and speaks of spirit and trust.

This Earth-Shine Orb represents the whole world; all that it has become and all that it has lost of its sense of self and purpose. For those lucky few that will get these beautiful power pieces.  When you hold this orb see yourself as the outer extended aspect of the universe, a higher aspect of light and wisdom.  Asif you are ‘Holding the whole world in your holy hands’. The question is dear one…’If you had the whole world in your hands how would you apply that power, how would apply the healing light?’ As you have now become a steward for this powerful piece do not take this job lightly. Whenever you hold this stone hold it with reverence, love and power knowing that every thought counts.

Peruvian Blue Opal is quite rare it can only be found in the Andes Mountains, close to San Patricio, Peru. It resembles the healing soothing colors of the Caribbean Sea. Blue Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru, it is also known as Blue Andean opal. This stone is an excellent companion stone it has a soft and soothing energy. It will help you get the tension out of your body and clear the unnecessary thoughts in your heart and head. This stone will help you to  speak out from the heart calming and soothing the emotional body, clearing and calming the heart  bringing a sense of internal love, peace and hope. It will encourage you to do what you need to do to keep balance and harmony in your life.  Blue Peruvian Opal will also help you release your old wounds brought about by emotional trauma. Allowing you to regain the balance that you have lost in your life. This stone is thought to be a gift from the earliest Inca goddess of Earth, Pachamama. Blue Peruvian Opal is believed to eliminate stress and trauma, allowing those who carry it to relax. Blue Peruvian Opal is believed to promote good sleep patterns and cycles.

Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs

3. Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs weighs 1 pound 8 oz. /  4.5 ” diameter/  9 ” circumference / Cost $67 includes priority shipping USA only (below)  


4. Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs weighs 1 pound 5 oz. /  4.5 ” diameter/  9″ circumference / Cost $62 includes priority shipping USA only (below)  


5. Earth-Shine Peruvian Blue Opal Orbs weighs 13 oz. / 3.5  diameter/  7″ circumference / Cost $45 includes priority shipping USA only (below)  


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