Druzy Rainbow Pyrite from Russia

Druzy Rainbow Pyrite from Russia

Druzy Rainbow pyrite is the name for this iridescent form of ‘pyrite with druzy’. Druzy is a term used to describe minute crystal clusters coating a matrix. Rainbow pyrite is a recent discovery found only in one place in the world, Russia.  Druzy Rainbow pyrite is famed for its rainbow-like iridescence, caused by differential refraction and diffraction of light (rainbow pyrite is not the same as peacock ore) These pieces are coated in gold, and covered in brilliant sparkles. The colors are healing, natural and unique.

My Dragon collection all seemed to like these powerful shimmering stones. I put a piece with each dragon I have and they all seemed to be happy, settling down with a deep sign. We all know that dragons love gold, treasure and all that glitters. 

They guard said treasures with all of their Heart.

Russian rainbow pyrite is a stone of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.  It keeps its owner free from feelings of frustration, anxiety, and negativity. This stone is a good shielding talisman.  The Russians are great believers that this is a  powerful ‘manifestation stone’.

Use it to clear any blocks surrounding prosperity and abundance. Use it also as prosperity grid for your sacred space or altar.  

Druzy Rainbow Pyrite is an excellent shield from negative energy. This unique mineral shimmers and shines with gorgeous golden hues which reflect like a mirror showing our true underlying colors.

Druzy Rainbow Pyrite from Russia

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