Dream-Weaver ‘Aztec Lace Agate’

Dream-Weaver Aztec Lace Agate

Throughout the world the vibration of dream-weaving and all-woven creations has always held a living magic within it. These Aztec lace agates are dream-weavers in their own right. They weave open-eyed dreams; dreams of what is to come, dreams of Better as it becomes Best.  Dreams you seek to weave into reality. These stones ask you to take back your powers, your abilities your knowings, into the fullness of your human body. They ask you to weave and shape the Daydreams of your life into a place of instant creation.

Dream Weavers are those that weave the vibration of manifestation and creation into the Now. A dream Weaver’s mind wanders as their fingers and hands do the work like one that’s playing a harp, they come to weave music, magic and hopes and dreams. They come to weave what seems impossible Unstoppable and impenetrable. They come to ignite  a passion about living, seeing the fun and the laughter and pure joy within all things.

This stone has a very unique personality, like one of those people that smiles from the Heart at everyone and everything. It feels like a good friend, a companion stone, and advisor, a reminder of the teachings secreted within.

This beautiful stone is a master teacher in focusing and refocusing; it makes it a great stone for those with any type of mental confusion, mental fog or dimensional distortion. This stone is about balancing (inner and outer) and absorbing fluid emotional pain.

Aztec lace agate is believed to ward off the “evil eye and bad thoughts by others. (like the car behind you not thinking sweet thoughts) This beautiful stone” brings inner joy, moving it outward where it belongs and can actually be seen on your human face. Aztec lace’s protective properties encourage security, refuge and assurance in an uncertain future.

Within this stone lives a weave of light and color, a weave of knowing and not knowing, a weave of heaven and earth. It asks you to take your internal happy pill. This stone is commonly known as the “laughter stone,” or some call it “happy lace.”  What a great visual that is. Aztec lace agate is used for allergies and the immune system; it can strengthen the sense of smell (also clairsentience). Aztec lace agate is a great universal healing stone as it absorbs lingering emotional pain, encouraging us to flip the page and look on the bright side of life. it promotes fun and eases tensions at home and the workplace.

Lace is defined as a delicate fabric made from yarn or thread, characterized by open designs and patterns created through a variety of different weaving methods.

The Aztec energy comes in all of its colorfulness to show you all the beautiful earthy aspects of yourself yet to be seen and birthed. Like the sounds and smells of a Fiesta it comes to birth what needs Awakening.

A little about our Aztec connection: Aztecs believed there was a Sun God and a Moon God, and also a God of Rain, a God of Fertility, and a God of War. The Aztecs built temples on the top of pyramids to worship their gods. The Aztecs were famous for their agriculture, land, art, and architecture. They developed writing skills, a calendar system and also built temples and places of worship. They were a powerful people that were driven to their knees.

Dream-Weaver Aztec Lace Agate

This stone weighs approx. 3 oz. / 3″ tall / Cost $19.00 includes shipping USA


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