Dream Stele Crystals


I was thrilled to no end to get these stones. The miners in Australis call them ‘dream super seven’ they are a new find and perfect for all we are experiencing at this time. I could only find 5-6 elements of  super seven and did not see all 7 elements as defined by the original super seven crystals. However these are some powerful points of time. These new crystals call themselves ‘DREAM STELE CRYSTALS. They are dreaming stones birthed for a world that has given up on many of their dreams.

A stele is a carved or inscribed stone slab or pillar used for commemorative purposes. The most famous of the ancient steles is The Dream Stele is also known as the Sphinx Stele. It tells the story of the young Prince Tuthmosis who falls asleep near the Great Sphinx of Giza and dreams that the Sphinx promises him the throne of Egypt in return for him to clear the sand away from around the sphinx. The Dream Stele was set up between the great paws of the Great Sphinx in 1401 BCE to commemorate the Pharaoh Tuthmosis clearing of the sand from around the Sphinx. 


 The Dreaming world was the old creation of the Original Ancestor Beings. They emerged from the earth at the time of original creation. Time began the very instant these mystical beings were “born out of their own Eternity”. In the beginning the Earth was a flat dark surface, a dead, silent world. Unknown forms of life were asleep, below the surface of the land. Then the supernatural Ancestor Beings broke through the crust of the earth from below. The sun rose out of the ground. The land received light for the first time.

These powerful dreaming stones come from Australia. They come to remind us that every day is ‘a walk about’. They come to teach us how to move freely and safely in the dreamtime. They teach us to ‘To dream our future’ and then walk into it without fear. These dreaming stones are aligned with the human heart and the healing energies of the conscious and unconscious. These stones are full of pathways of information and automatically take one on a picturesque walkabout just by looking at the stones secret teachings. This dreaming stone is a survivor stone and protects one as they travel in other realms.

Dreaming stones have been used by shamans for protection during astral travel and walkabouts in the dream-time. They are considered a sacred stone that can access the “old ways” of spiritual communication. This dreaming stone calms the aura, smoothing the energies and eliminating harmful thoughts.  Use your dreaming stone as a sleep companion as you enter the many dimensional highways and byways of the dreamtime. Like a true ally and protector it will keep you safe and help you learn the language of dreamtime, as you enter and exit many time doors.

Even though these crystals are not 100% of what we consider Super 7 they are still powerful in their own right and deserve to be used accordingly. Super Seven is a very potent healing stone that brings protection, release of negative emotions/ past patterns, and purification of our soul. Super Seven has a vibration that links all of humanity together. It raises the vibration of each individual in order to change the vibratory level of the whole planet. Super 7’s are relentless, they don’t give up.  They are here to awaken the Soul and will push and push until the Soul surrenders to transformation.  Super Seven aids personal ascension by assisting one in developing their own psychic gifts and knowings. These crystals take you directly to any core belief that maybe holding you back from fully embracing your life mission. You have the power to transcend pain, and live each breath in humble gratitude for your time on earth.

Super 7 has the unique ability to connect us to Higher Realms while grounding us in this reality. It is an important stone for stimulating and developing all types of psychic abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, channeling, and telekinesis. These stones hold the key to unlock and release outdated patterns.  What does not serve the Light in thoughts, deeds, and actions, is effectively released to the ethers to be recycled. These crystals allow one to see between the folds of time and peek into your future shifting the outcome.

All of these beauties are self-healed crystals which I did not notice before and found amazing and very interesting. You can tell they are almost as old as time. You can actually feel the ancestors within them.


#3 DREAM STELE CRYSTAL weighs 5 oz./ 3.5″ tall/ Cost $33 includes shipping in USA extra for International postage (below)


#9 DREAM STELE CRYSTAL weighs 5 oz./ 3″ tall/ Cost $33 includes shipping in USA extra for International postage (below)


#15 DREAM STELE CRYSTAL weighs 4 oz./ 3″ tall/ Cost $29 includes shipping in USA extra for International postage (below)


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