Daughters of the Grail ‘Lady Templar Crystals’


Daughters of the Grail

Lady Templar Crystals

The Ladies Templars were the powerful women who shared the same heavenly agreement and mission as the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar could not function properly if not for their Ladies. These women provided the wind beneath their wings, and held the light for them while they were in battle.  Because there was such a very close connection between each knight and his protectress many fell deeply in love and had children that were brought up in the same sacred school of thought.  These children were known as the Sons Templar and the Daughters Templar.

These particular beautiful green-citrine crystals are aligned with the Daughters of the Grail. The Daughters Templar were females that housed a seeded encoding to be the guardians of the holy treasures, the sacred texts, and the hidden secrets passed down genetically through time.  The daughters Templar were strong, forthright, and courageous especially for those less fortunate. They Believed Strongly in a God that assigned them the task of forever sealing the fate of earth in a place of favor.

The Templar men and the woman met on power days to perform ceremony and recite ancient text and secret mantras. The difference between the Ladies Templar and the Knights Templar was pure gender. The warrior knights would go into battle while the ladies Templar would stay on the edge of the battlefield and support them forcefully with their Holy magic. The ladies Templar provided important support through powerful protective prayers that they sung. They spent many days blessing the weapons, armor, food and drink of the Knights, before they went into battle and spiritually shielded them when they were in battle.

Each one of these green-citrine crystals is freshly picked and bursting with a New Light.  they come to help you in your battles of right and wrong/ good vs. evil, dark vs. Light. They are crystal tools of light.  Hold them, and feel all the power and prayers that are behind your every heart felt movement forward.  See them as a safety net keeping you from harm in your day-to-day battles. They will help you stand up for what you believe in!

GREEN-GOLD CITRINE holds the gift of allowing your human heart to make a connection with the Earth- Heart. Green-gold Citrine has a strong healing capacity and is especially helpful for deep cellular self and earth healing. Green-gold Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. Yjhis crystal clears and protects the body mind and spirit allowing a deep cellular healing. The stone is believed to dissipate, transform and transmute ALL negative energy. It has the ability to cleanse the body of toxins and regenerate body tissue. Citrine itself has the ability to stimulate the body’s own healing energies.   Green-gold Citrine is a good stone for clearing the aura it does not absorb any negative energy and never needs clearing. It is a stone of protection, removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream work

Green-Citrine is a stone of abundance, is a unique and powerful crystal known for its high vibrational energy. This crystal is believed to bring forth what the heart desires, acting as a potent cleanser and energizer for both the mind and body. The green tinge of the stone assists with connection to the Heart Chakra.  These crystals are of a very high vibration an allow us to see through to what our heart truly desires. Citrine helps teach us how to manifest prosperity in our lives, by showing us all that is good and how we can share the wealth.   Citrine helps us to rebuild our self-confidence and overcome fear, then to relax and go with the flow of the situation. Green-Gold Citrine holds within it the power of the sun. Gold is the color of wealth and Light.  Citrine is a stone of good fortune, bringing good fortune in unexpected ways. It is a stone of true- manifestation.. Along with prosperity and good fortune, citrine imparts generosity, to share the wealth.

Double Terminated Citrine Points can absorb, amplify and emit energy from both ends at the same time. Use Double Terminated crystals as a bridge between any two things. ( two energy points, two chakras, two people, two places, or between Spirit and Matter.)  By simultaneously absorbing and emitting energy in both directions, Double Terminated crystals help you to  “flow” with life, always moving forward,  avoiding stagnation. Double Terminated crystals can be used to amplify energy and intention, and protect against negative invasive energy.  Use Double Terminated Crystals with the Third Eye to increase telepathic abilities and enhance psychic abilities, visualization, and lucid dreaming


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