Crystal Concierge Service

Crystal Concierge Service Provided by Gillian

I have been a ‘Crystal Whisperer’ since I was a little girl always seeing something special in the stoney gifts of earth. Each one had a story to tell and a gift to give to those who could hear with the heart. The universe has been bugging me for some time now to offer a ‘Crystal Concierge service’. A personalized crystal service that would help people that are open to receiving  beautiful  crystals that come to speak softly to their ‘souls’. I have watched in awe for years and years as the universe supplied exactly the perfect stone or crystal we needed as a planet at the exact moment we all needed it.

Each and every one of us travels with soul scars lifetime to lifetime. We cover them pretty good with clothes, wine and makeup but still they show themselves in the morning sun and demand our undivided attention.

Earth is a Karmic College (or collage?) a school for Masters. We incarnate on Earth using her body to house our Spiritual Light, we cannot exist without her!  

All crystals on Earth are here for a specific reason, every one of them has a mission. They are the beauty, the bounty and the very bones of Earth; they choose to remain silent until asked to reveal their ancient truths.  Every inch of crystal takes approx. 10,000 years to grow; it is wise beyond its years just in observation.

I have been a crystal clearinghouse for the last 25 years. Every crystal I have ever received or ever sold or given away has always given me a gift.  A gift I didn’t even know that I Needed. Throughout the years I have gifted most of you with crystals and stones each one meaning something to you and you alone. The universe always picked out the exact healing stones and crystals you personally needed and I was pleased to gift each of you. 

Each crystal and healing stone on earth has been infused with a great treasure that seeks a heart to reveal its inner bounty. 

With this ‘Crystal Concierge service’ I will intuitively, with the help of the Universe, of course, pick the perfect crystals, stones and sacred items that will assist you in healing on a personal and soul level.

I will give you written insight into the reason for picking said crystals etc/ and information about their healing abilities and how to use them. I will include any clearing processes as directed by Spirit.

This is a unique service and I think it will open doorways of healing and love for all of us on every level. Be aware however these crystal and stones will be chosen for their healing power not necessarily their outer beauty. They will often reflect parts of our self that need healed. They hold wrinkles in time that mirror our own needs.

Crystal Concierge Service Costs

***COPPER SERVICE cost $33 for 3 handpicked crystals/stones/sacred objects/  includes shipping USA

***SILVER SERVICE cost $44 for 4 handpicked crystals/stones/sacred objects/  includes shipping USA

 ***GOLD SERVICE cost $55 for 5 handpicked crystals/stones/sacred objects/  includes shipping USA

***PLATINUM SERVICE cost $77 for 7 handpicked crystals/stones/ sacred objects/ includes shipping USA

***DIAMOND SERVICE cost $88 for 8 handpicked crystals/stones/ sacred objects/  includes shipping USA

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