Chrysocolla Earth Orbs ‘As above so below’


Chrysocolla Earth Orbs

‘As above so below’

Each one of these precious orbs of rare chryscolla have named themselves ‘earth orbs’’, As above so below”. These little beauties come to help us heal the earth, the planet herself as well as her peoples. Chrysocolla is a captivating and exceptional blue-green stone often mistaken for turquoise. This pretty stone has within it some very interesting mineral companions, one of them being copper. For thousands of years chrysocolla has been known as a stone of ‘soothing, healing and comfort’.

This very powerful and  peaceful stone brings about a gentle release. It gently lures negative energies away from ones energy field,  doing the psychic energy wash so to speak.  It is wonderful for breakups and any kind of heart loss helping to calm errratic emotions. Use Chrysocolla at home to guard against obnoxious neighbors, unwanted phone calls/ emails, texts, negative social media experiences. It is also helpful to ease feelings of fear when living alone.  In ancient Egypt, it was called the “wise stone” because it shielded and encouraged the mind during discussions. Chrysocolla is a good choice to work with when you have difficulty expressing your feelings or your creativity is blocked.

How to use your Earth Orb

Right now Mother Earth needs as much help as she can possibly get from her inhabitants. The stress lines of the planet grow wide into fractures that can be seen in her body and people. Hold your beautiful earth orb in both hands, imagine the earth as it presently is, today, this minute.

Call forth a Great Love from your Earthen Heart, that part of you that is biologically connected to earth, the deepest part of your heart that knows how important planet earth is to the survival of the species and the universes. Take a deep breathe and Then visualize it in pristine condition healed of past soul scars. See Earth Aura shining bright extending outward and inward. Radiating a divine healing holy light, as if earth has become a star. Hold the thought and image in your body, mind, and soul anchoring it deep within the heart of earth.

Each orbs weighs approx.  4 oz/ 3″ diameter

Cost $23 includes shipping in USA. extra for international and Canada

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