‘Candle in the Wind’ Quartz


‘Candle in the Wind’ Quartz

As we all try to keep our light High above The Changing Winds of this time we find that so much and so many try to blow out our bright light. We hold tight to our little flame of hope shielding it from stormy thoughts, becoming like a Candle in the Wind ourselves. As we hold tight to the Embers of Hope that live in our core like the first flicker of fire on Earth, we come to realize that our light is a priceless treasure that must stay lit.

In 2020 We have not been allowed to make a wish upon very much, even the falling stars themselves run the other way. Our cakes of Celebration once taken for granted, hold no future candles to wish upon. How many wishes have we missed this year?  have we just stopped wishing all together?

We are all Heavenly Candles trying to stay lit in Earthly chaos.  These crystals are called candle quartz and call themselves ‘candle in the wind crystals’. They come to remind us that our canceled celebrations and forgotten wishes have been stored in Gods heart and held for another day. When you get your ‘candle in the wind crystal’ hold it lovingly. See your own beautiful light shining from within it igniting your Heart Flame. Make a wish upon your Candle in the Wind crystal and let that wish touch Gods heart.

Candle Quartz is an ancient crystal. The wisdom of the ancients can be felt and heard within the wick of each candle crystal.  This timeless stone lends itself to this time and place and circumstance. It has a pitched hexagonal structure that is often seen as “dripping wax”. This stone can be found worldwide, but these specimens came from Madagascar. Candle Quartz crystals are said to be bringers of pure Light and are an essential tool for those who have chosen the path of Healer, Teacher or Channel.   this stone can also be used to enhance one’s personal inner illumination. The more time someone spends with this crystal, the easier it is to see our true nature as spiritual beings. The stone reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

As Earth raises her healing frequency, light codes begin to bombard the collective. Candle Quartz allows us to make sense of information so that we can interpret it correctly. It wants us to be able to comprehend the process of earthly ascension without leaving the planet. Candle Quartz is literally a light-bringer for Earth. This stone that pushes us face to face with our fears. It brings hope, highlights your soul purpose, enhances intuition, and attracts abundance.  This crystal opens one spiritually and actively to abundance and prosperity.

Candle Quartz brings healing to the ‘hurt inner child’, helping to heal ancestral lines and karmic inheritance. It dissipates feelings of depression and despair. These sweet crystals teach you that you are never truly alone, when you connect to the core of light within you will always have access to Gods Love.


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