Black Swan: Mystical Black Moonstone


Mystical Black Moonstone

When I look at these very powerful stones I see a beautiful ‘black swan gliding on a shimmering lake under a full moon.’The light reflecting off its pristine plumages like silver sparkles on a fairy’s wings, shining light on the darkness. This stone holds New Moon energy, the dark of the moon, is auspicious for ‘new Beginnings’ and a perfect time to cut hair and plant all that flowers. It asks us to allow new beginnings even if we cannot see them clearly. ‘To believe in the Magic of it all.’

Black Moonstone is very much a seductive silky smooth stone with a silver flash that dances across its surface like a dragonfly over a pond. This Black Moonstone comes from Madagascar. The name Moonstone is derived from a sheen caused by light diffraction within its crystalline matrix. Black Moonstone screens out the uninvited effects of electromagnetic emanations and also blocks radiation and X-rays.

Black moonstone is perfect for those who are overly-sensitive. It acts like a Coffee filter sifting out psychic debris and energetic overload from the places and people around you. Place the Black Moonstone around your home to attract abundance and create a place of peace. Like the black swan on the dark of the moon, paddle with a knowing, fearlessly knowing your silver flash will keep away all that means you harm in the dark of night.

The black swan represents the healing powers of love and passion. Most people have been touched at least once by the miracles of love.  Like a fairytale come true with the first kiss. Swan provides us with a path to access this place of ‘fairy tales’. Black swan, like all swans, teaches us how to protect our loved ones. Everyone has instincts within them to love and protect who they love. The ability to protect those we care for is a gift.  Black Swan teaches us how to be close to others and enjoy the journey. Black swan is about romance, fairy tale endings, true love stories. Black swans are monogamous and pair for life; with both the male and the female caring for the young. If you have ever seen a swan preen another swan, you will know how effortlessly these birds show tenderness to one another.

These Black Swan Moonstones come in 3 sizes….

 Black Moonstone weighs 3 oz./ 2″ wide/ Cost $15 includes shipping in USA


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