Black Mountain Pyramid Stones


These powerhouse  stones come in a 2-pack giving us a glance into the past and a peek into the future. These very interesting stones come from the Black Desert in West Egypt; they were found in the Black Mountains which are made of ancient volcanic layers, approx. 180 million years old, (the mountains themselves are shaped like pyramids.) This group calls themselves ‘Black Mountain Pyramid Stones’ and they are composed of two different types of Egyptian black mountain hematite. This group comes as a 2-pack one for each hand.

The black desert is linked with the vibration of the Sahara since all sands of time eventually intermingle. So many sand storms move thru all deserts revealing and unveiling many of its hidden secrets. Every once in a while a powerful haboob (sand storm) is sent from the elementals giving gifts of what is buried below. 

These stones are also affiliated with the black stone of mecca which is a meteorite found in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. As I touched each one of these very interesting stones I felt myself slipping back in time, unwinding and just kind of free-falling, landing in a place of ancient beginnings and future endings. These are actually the most unusual hematite structures I have ever seen they are dense and powerfully lifting at the same time. They almost seem to be like transporter energies.

The ‘Order of the Black Pyramid’ and its secrets comes to the surface once again to reveal what has been obscured. Within the Order of the Black Pyramid are living codes of virtue that are still held strong within the DNA and bloodline of those that once served its truths. The ‘Order of the Black Pyramid’ was aligned with the black meteorite that fell from the sky in Mesopotamia. Many pieces scattered about the land when local people polished the pieces sparks ignited. The stone of Mecca is made of the same star substance.  

Use these black mountain pyramid stones to redirect the current and rewrite the expected and theoretical outcome.  These stones are all about the process of change. They can help with emotional, physical and mental burn-out. They reduce fatigue on the body. Being ancient and wise they remind you of your true capacity.

Hematite in all of its forms helps to sort-out things in one’s mind, it is used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, and Re-membering. Hematite helps you realize the only limitations are self-limiting concepts, & reruns of past failures. This stone balances the meridians and provides symmetry between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It Dissolves negativity and prevents you from absorbing the negativity of others. 

As soon as Hematite touches the skin, you’ll feel more centered and calm, it connects to the root chakra, the very center of security and survival. Hematite was used during battles as it was said help heal wounds and make one courageous. This is a good choice for protective from all forms of danger; it deflects negative energy. This stone escorts your thoughts and actions into those that matter most. Hematite keeps our attention on the job at hand. Meditate with Hematite in your palms for 20 minutes, twice a week, to unlock new levels of awareness.


This 2-pack consists of Two different types of Egyptian Black Mountain Hematite. each 2 pack weigh approx. 5+ oz./ Cost $22.00 includes shipping in USA. (SPIRITS PICK)


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